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Entry for Strong's #3360 - μέχρι

mekh'-ree, mekh-ris'  
Word Origin
from (3372)
Parts of Speech
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Thayer's Definition
  1. as far as, until
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Verse Results
KJV (17) NAS (14) HCS (17)
Matthew 3
Mark 1
Acts 2
Romans 2
Ephesians 1
Philippians 2
1 Timothy 1
2 Timothy 1
Hebrews 4
Mark 1
Luke 1
Acts 1
Romans 2
Galatians 1
Ephesians 1
Philippians 1
1 Timothy 1
2 Timothy 1
Hebrews 4
Matthew 2
Mark 1
Luke 1
Acts 2
Romans 2
Galatians 1
Ephesians 1
Philippians 2
1 Timothy 1
2 Timothy 1
Hebrews 3
ADV 17
ADV 18
ADV 17
ADV 18

Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

μέχρῐ, and μέχρῐς,

I Adv. as far as, so used chiefly in Prose and before a Pr, μέχρι πρός.. Pl. Ti. 25b, Criti. 118a; μ. εἰς X. An. 6.4.26; ἐς γόνυ μ. χιτῶνα ζώννυσθαι Call. Dian. 11: before Advs. of Place or Time, μ. ἐνταῦθα Pl. Sph. 222a, al.; μ. δεῦρο τοῦ λόγου Id. Smp. 217e; μ. ὅποι.. Id. Grg. 487c; μ. ὅπου.. Call. Del. 169; οὕτω μέχρι πόρρω D. 18.163; μ. τότε Th. 8.24; μ. τὰ νῦν Pl. Lg. 686b; μ. νῦν (v.l. τοῦ νῦν) D.S. 17.110; μ. καὶ νῦν Str. 16.2.13; μέχρι πότε χηρεύομεν; Ach.Tat. 4.1.

II Pr c. gen., even to, as far as,

1. of Place, μέχρι θαλάσσης Il. 13.143; μ. τοῦ γούνατος Hdt. 2.80; μ. τῆς πόλεως Th. 6.96, cf. X. An. 1.7.6, al.: rarely following its case, ὀμφαλοῦ μ. Pl. Lg. 925a, cf. Supp.Epigr. 3.400.5 (Delph., iii B.C.).

2. of Time, τέο μέχρις; i.e. τίνος μέχρι χρόνου; how long ? Il. 24.128; μέχρις τεῦ; Callin. 1.1: in Prose, μέχρι τούτου Hdt. 1.4; μέχρι οὗ, μέχρι ὅσου, Pl. Mx. 245a, Hdt. 8.3, al.; μ. τοσούτου, ἕως ἂν.. Th. 1.90; μ. τούτου,.. μέχρις ἂν ῥηθῶσιν Din. 1.91, cf. Pl. Phd. 81d: with the Art., τὸ μ. ἐμεῦ up to my time, Hdt. 3.10, 5.115; μ. τῆς ἐκείνου ζόης till the end of his life, Id. 3.160; μ. ἡμερέων ἑπτά Id. 6.12; μέχρι Πυθίων Th. 5.1; μέχρι ἡλίου δύντος IG 12.188.4.

3. of Measure or Degree, μ. τοῦ δικαίου so far as consists with right, Th. 3.82; μ. τοῦ δυνατοῦ Pl. R. 498e; μ. ὑγιείας, μ. ἡδονῆς, ib. 559a, Grg. 500b; μ. θανάτου Philippians 2:8.

4. with Numbers to express a round sum, up to, about, nearly, μ. δώδεκα X. Smp. 2.8, etc.: sts. without altering the case of the Subst., τοὺς μ. τριάκοντα ἔτη γεγονότας Aeschin. 2.133; but πίνειν.. τοὺς μ. ἐτῶν τριάκοντα Apollod.Car. 5.19; μ. τινὸς πλήθους up to a certain number, Aen.Tact. 15.3: hence, just short of, μ. κόρου μετρεῖσθαι J. BJ 2.8.5.

5. in Hdt., μέχρι οὗ is sts. used like the simple μέχρι, μέχρι οὗ ὀκτὼ πύργων 1.181; μέχρι οὗ τροπέων τῶν θερινέων 2.19; μ. ὅτεν πληθώρης ἀγορῆς ib. 173.


1. as a Conj., until, c. ind., μέχρι.. ὁρμὴ ἐνέπεσε Th. 4.4, cf. Pl. Smp. 220d; μ. σκότος ἐγένετο X. An. 4.2.4; μέχρι ἄν c. subj., ib. 1.4.13, 2.3.24; μέχρις ἂν ἥλιος δύῃ IG 12(5).647.17 (Ceos); μέχρις κε μένῃ Call. Song of Solomon 5:4 : rarely without ἄν, μ. τοῦτο ἴδωμεν Hdt. 4.119; μ. πλοῦς γένηται Th. 1.137; μ. οὗ τι δόξῃ Id. 3.28; μέχρι τέκῃ Call. Song of Solomon 5:5; μέχρις οὗ εἴπῃ Herod. 2.43; μ. καταντήσωμεν Ephesians 4:13; μέχρις ἵνα ψαύσειε Call. Dian. 28 (s.v.l.): c. inf., μ. σβεσθῆναι τὸ πῦρ App. Hisp. 75; μέχρις ἠῶ δῖαν ἱκέσθαι Q.S. 1.830; also μέχρι ἂν ἕξιν λαβεῖν Ceb. 35.

2. as long as, whilst, c. ind., Th. 3.10, 98, Plb. 1.62.4; μ. ἄν c. subj., μέχρις ἂν ζῶσιν πονεῖν Men. 633; μέχρις ἂν ἐνδημῶσιν οἱ πρέσβεις Aen.Tact. 10.11, cf. Epict. Ench. 11; Dor. μέχρι κα ζώη GDI 1807.7 (ii B.C.), al. The μετώπο-ι is elided in IG 12.115.15, Supp.Epigr. l.c. Cf. ἄχρι throughout and sub fin.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

μέχρι and μέχρις (the latter never stands in the N. T. before a consonant, but μέχρι stands also before a vowel in Luke 16:16 T Tr WH; see ἄχρι, at the beginning; and on the distinction between ἄχρι and μέχρι see ἄχρι, at the end), a particle indicating the terminus ad quem: as far as, unto, until;

1. it has the force of a preposition with the genitive ((so even in Homer) Winer's Grammar, § 54, 6), and is used a. of time: Matthew 13:30 R G T WH marginal reading; Luke 16:16 T Tr WH; Acts 20:7; 1 Timothy 6:14; Hebrews 9:10; μέχρι θανάτου, Philippians 2:30; μέχρι τῆς σήμερον namely, ἡμέρας, Matthew 11:23; Matthew 28:15; μέχρι τέλους, Hebrews 3:6 (here WH Tr marginal reading brackets the clause), 14; ἀπό ... μέχρι, Acts 10:30; Romans 5:14; μέχρις οὗ (see ἄχρι, 1 d.; (Buttmann, 230f (198f); Winer's Grammar, 296 (278f))) followed by an aorist subjunctive having the force of a future perfect in Latin: Mark 13:30; Galatians 4:19 T Tr WH.

b. of place: ἀπό ... μέχρι, Romans 15:19.

c. of measure and degree: μέχρι θανάτου, so that he did not shrink even from death, Philippians 2:8 (2 Macc. 13:14; Plato, de rep., p. 361 c. at the end; μέχρι φόνου, Clement. hom. 1, 11); κακοπάθειν μέχρι δεσμῶν, 2 Timothy 2:9; μέχρις αἵματος ἀντικατέστητε, Hebrews 12:4.

2. with the force of a conjunction: till, followed by the subjunctive, Ephesians 4:13.

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament


(bef. consonants, exc. Luke 16:16, μέχρι Ἰωάνου ) and μέχρις (bef. vowels, Mk, Ga, ll. c., Hebrews 12:4; v. Bl., § 5, 4),

1. as prep., c. gen., as far as, even to, until;

(a) of place: Romans 15:19;

(b) of time : Matthew 11:23; Matthew 13:30; Matthew 28:15, Luke 16:16, Acts 10:30; Acts 20:7, Romans 5:14, 1 Timothy 6:14, Hebrews 3:6; Hebrews 3:14; Hebrews 9:10;

(c) of measure or degree : Philippians 2:8; Philippians 2:30, 2 Timothy 2:9, Hebrews 12:4 (μ . αἵματος , cf. 2 Maccabees 13:14).

2. As conjunct. (as long as), until: Ephesians 4:13; μ . οὗ (Thuc., iii, 28, but more freq. μ . ἄν v. BI., § 65, 10), Mark 13:30, Galatians 4:19 (μ . is prop, an adv., cf. Lat. usgue, seq. prep. or adv.; LS, s.v., and cf. ἄχρι ).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

Μύρρα (neut. plur.) is read in Acts 27:5 B, but the cursive 81 reads Μύραν, a form which Ramsay (Paul, p. 129) supports from the modern name with acc. Μύραν and gen. Μύρων. The single liquid, as in Acts 21:1 D, is also attested in CIG III. 4288.3 διὰ τῶν ἐν Μύροις ἀρχείων : cf. Winer-Schmiedel Gr. p. 58, Moulton Gr. ii. p. 101.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
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