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Entry for Strong's #5750 - עֹד

‛ôd, ‛ôd
ode, ode  
Word Origin
from (05749)
Parts of Speech
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) a going round, continuance (substantive)

2) still, yet, again, besides (adverb)

2a) still, yet (of continuance or persistence)

2b) still, yet, more (of addition or repetition)

2c) again

2d) still, moreover, besides

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 165 ‑ αἰών (ahee‑ohn');  243 ‑ ἄλλος (al'‑los);  2087 ‑ ἕτερος (het'‑er‑os);  3503 ‑ νεότης (neh‑ot'‑ace);  3765 ‑ οὐκέτι (ook‑et'‑ee);  3825 ‑ πάλιν (pal'‑in);  
Frequency Lists  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (30) NAS (244) HCS (456)
Genesis 12
Exodus 4
Leviticus 1
Numbers 1
Deuteronomy 2
Judges 1
2 Samuel 1
1 Kings 1
2 Kings 1
Esther 1
Job 1
Psalms 2
Jeremiah 1
Ezekiel 1
Genesis 48
Exodus 12
Leviticus 4
Numbers 9
Deuteronomy 12
Joshua 5
Judges 12
Ruth 2
1 Samuel 16
2 Samuel 29
1 Kings 11
2 Kings 11
1 Chronicles 10
2 Chronicles 13
Nehemiah 1
Esther 3
Job 17
Psalms 20
Proverbs 5
Ecclesiastes 6
Isaiah 44
Jeremiah 49
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 51
Daniel 6
Hosea 9
Joel 3
Amos 7
Jonah 1
Micah 4
Nahum 4
Habakkuk 1
Zephaniah 3
Haggai 2
Zechariah 12
Malachi 1
Genesis 50
Exodus 11
Leviticus 4
Numbers 9
Deuteronomy 14
Joshua 4
Judges 10
Ruth 2
1 Samuel 16
2 Samuel 32
1 Kings 12
2 Kings 13
1 Chronicles 11
2 Chronicles 13
Nehemiah 1
Esther 3
Job 18
Psalms 18
Proverbs 6
Ecclesiastes 6
Isaiah 43
Jeremiah 52
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 52
Daniel 5
Hosea 10
Joel 3
Amos 7
Jonah 1
Micah 4
Nahum 3
Habakkuk 1
Zephaniah 3
Haggai 2
Zechariah 15
Malachi 1
P-d 21
P-d 22
P-d 22

Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1349) do (אהד AhD) AC: Repeat CO: ? AB: Witness: The pictograph o is a picture of the eye, the d is a picture of the door. Combined these mean "see the door". As coming to a tent a tent of meeting and entering in. A place, time or event that is repeated again and again.

A) do (אהד AhD) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Witness: An event or persons testimony recounting another event or person.

Nf) do (אהד AhD) - I. Witness: II. Again:A repetition of time either definite or indefinite. [Hebrew and Aramaic] III. Until:A determinate period of time. KJV (269): witness, ever, everlasting, end, evermore, old, perpetually, by, as, when, how, yet, till, until, unto, for, to, but, on, within, filthy - Strongs: H1157 (בַּעַד), H5703 (עַד), H5704 (עַד), H5705 (עַד), H5707 (עֵד), H5708 (עִדָּה)

Nf1) edo (אהדה AhDH) - I. Company:A group with a common testimony. II. Witness:KJV (175): congregation, company, assembly, multitude, people, swarm, testimony, witness - Strongs: H5712 (עֵדָה), H5713 (עֵדָה)

Nf3) tfdo (אהדות AhDWT) - Witness: KJV (59): testimony, witness - Strongs: H5715 (עֵדוּת)

fm) ido (אהדי AhDY) - Trappings: Articles of dress or adornment that often witness to a persons position or rank. KJV (13): ornament, mouth - Strongs: H5716 (עֲדִי)

H) edo (אהדה AhDH) AC: Adorn CO: Trappings AB: ?: An adornment for testifying to ones position, rank or authority.

V) edo (אהדה AhDH) - I. Adorn:To put on trappings which usually identify position or rank. II. Remove:[Unknown connection to root; Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (19): (vf: Paal, Hiphil) deck, adorn, take, pass, depart, alter, took, pass, remove - Strongs: H5709 (עֲדָה), H5710 (עָדָה)

J) dfo (אהוד AhWD) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Witness: The repeating of an account.

V) dfo (אהוד AhWD) - Witness: KJV (45): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Hophal, Piel) testify, protest, witness, record, charge, take, admonish - Strongs: H5749 (עוּד)

Nm) dfo (אהוד AhWD) - Again: A repeating of something. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (31): again, more, while, longer, else, since, yet, still - Strongs: H5750 (עֹד), H5751 (עוֹד)

if1) edfot (תאהודה TAhWDH) - Witness: KJV (3): testimony - Strongs: H8584 (תְּעוּדָה)

L) doi (יאהד YAhD) AC: Meet CO: Appointment AB: ?: An appointed place, time or event that is repeated such as the monthly and yearly feasts.

V) doi (יאהד YAhD) - Meet: A coming together as two or an assembly. KJV (1): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil, Hophal) meet, together, assemble, appoint, set, time, betroth, agree, gather - Strongs: H3259 (יָעַד)

am) dofm (מואהד MWAhD) - I. Appointment:A time that is repeated time after time. II. Company:A group that meet at specific times. KJV (224): congregation, feast, season, appointed, time, assembly, solemnity, solemn, days, sign, synagogue - Strongs: H4150 (מוֹעָדָה), H4151 (מוֹעָד)

af1) edofm (מואהדה MWAhDH) - Appointed: A place appointed for as a witness. KJV (1): appointed - Strongs: H4152 (מוּעָדָה)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2019
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 עוֺד and (14t.: Fr MM 256) עֹד,

substantive a going round, continuance, but used mostly as

adverb accusative still, yet, again, besides: with suffix עוֺדֶנִּי (with apparently verbal form, like ׃אֵינֶנִּי Ol§ 222 g Sta§ 352 b ii. 444, iii. 360 Ges§ 100. 5), Deuteronomy 31:27; Joshua 14:11; 1 Samuel 20:14, עוֺדִי Genesis 48:15; Psalm 104:33; Psalm 139:18; Psalm 146:2; עוֺדְךָ Genesis 46:30 4t., feminine עוֺדָךְ 1 Kings 1:14; עוֺדֶנּוּ Genesis 18:22 20t. (never עוֺדוֺ), עוֺדֶנָּה 1 Kings 1:22, עוֺדָהּ Isaiah 28:4; עוֺדָם Isaiah 4:18; Esther 6:14,3feminine plural עוֺדֶינָה Lamentations 4:17 Kt (Qr 1 plural עוֺדֵינוּ); there occur also עוֺד אֲנִי 2 Samuel 14:32; Daniel 9:20,21, and עוֺד הֵם Isaiah 65:24: —

1 as adverb:

a. (a) expressing continuance, persistence, usually of the past or present, still, yet, Genesis 18:22 ואברהם עודנו עמֵד and A., he was still standing before ׳י (note often so עוֺדֶנּוּ after cas. pend., Genesis 44:14; 1 Samuel 13:7; 1 Kings 12:2; Jeremiah 33:1; 2 Chronicles 34:3), 2 Chronicles 29:7 הן עוד היום גדול the day is still high, 2 Chronicles 31:14; 43:7 הַעוֺד אֲבִיכֶם חַי, 2 Chronicles 43:27; 2 Chronicles 45:3; Exodus 4:18; Exodus 9:2; Numbers 19:13; Judges 6:24; Judges 8:20; 1 Kings 20:32 הַעוֺדֶנּוּ חַי 2 Samuel 14:32 (but Kö iii. 558 עַד), 2 Samuel 18:14; Isaiah 5:25 ועור יָדוֺ נְטוּיָה; Isaiah 10:32 עוֺד הַיּוֺם בְּנֹב לַעֲמֹד still to-day (such is his haste) will he tarry in Nob; 1 Kings 22:44 עוד חעם מְזַכְּחִים the people were still sacrificing, etc. ( Song of Solomon 2Kings 12:4 +); 2 Samuel 1:9 כיכֿלעֿוד נפשׁי בי Job 27:3 (see כֹּל 1 f; Micah 6:10 (see הֲ

1 b end, and Ke; but also We Now); Lamentations 4:17 the suffix is anticipatory, either of eyes (Kt) or our (Qr ᵐ5), in poetry for כָּלוֺת עוֺד עֵינֵינוּ; but Dy Löhr al. read עַד מָה for ׳עַ Bi1 Wild simply עוֺד 2 Chronicles 14:6 read either עוֺדֵנוּ (suffic 1 plural antic. of לפנינו), or עוֺד. Twice, peculiarly, עוֺד לֹא still not (German noch nicht) i.e. not yet (in class. Hebrew טֶרֶם), Jeremiah 40:5 עוֺדֶנּוּ לא ישׁוב, 2 Chronicles 20:23 ועוד העם לא הֵכִינוּ לבבם (the finite verb on accusative of לֹא). Sq. וְ Numbers 11:33 הבשׂר עודנו ביןחרה בעם ׳שׁנּיהם ֗֗֗ ואף י the flesh was still between their teeth ..., and ( = when) etc., (compare Psalm 78:30f.; Job 8:12); and often in the phrase (מְדַבְּרִים) מְדַבֵּר (׳עוֺדָם וגו) עוֺדֶנּוּ he (they, etc.) was (were) still speaking, and (= when) etc., Genesis 29:9 עודנו מְדַבֵּר עמם ורחל באה, 1 Kings 1:22,42; 2 Kings 6:33; Esther 6:14; Daniel 9:20,21, so עוֺד זֶה ֗֗֗ Job 1:16,17 (+ Job 1:18 for עַד): and of the future, 1 Kings 1:14; Isaiah 65:24 עוֺדהֵם מְדַבְּרִים ואני אשִׁמע); compare Exodus 9:17. ( b) Expressing addition or repetition, still, yet, more, Genesis 7:4 כי לימים עוד שׁבעה after yet seven days, Genesis 8:10,12; Genesis 29:27,30 עוד שׁבע שׁנים אחרות, Genesis 45:6; 2 Kings 6:33; Isaiah 1:5; Habakkuk 2:3 כִּי עוֺד חָזוֺן לַמּוֺעֵד (compare Daniel 10:14; Daniel 11:2,27,35), Jeremiah 13:27 אַחֲרֵי מָתַי עוֺד after how long still ? with stress on the idea of continuance, Genesis 46:29 וַיֵּבְךְעַל צַוָּארָיו עוֺד still going on (AV. a good while), Ruth 1:14; Psalm 84:5 עוד יהללוך they will be still praising thee, Job 34:23; with עוֺד prefixed for emphasis, Exodus 11:1 ׳עוד נגע אחד אביא על פ, Isaiah 49:20; Isaiah 56:8 עוֺד׳אֲקַבֵּץ וגו, Ezekiel 8:13,15; Psalm 42:6; Psalm 92:15 +; in the phrase עוֺד מְעַט וְ followed by perfect consecutive, Exodus 17:4 עוד מעט וּסְקָלֻנִי yet a little, and they will stone me, Hosea 1:4; Jeremiah 51:33, compare Psalm 37:10; Isaiah 10:25; Isaiah 29:17; simil. Jonah 3:4 (compare בְּעוֺד Isaiah 21:16), 2 Chronicles 10:5 (but see ᵐ5 and "" 1 Kings 12:5); לא ֗֗֗ עוד no more, both of the past, as Exodus 2:3; Joshua 5:1,12; 1 Kings 10:5, and of the future, as Genesis 17:5 ׳לא יִקָּרֵא עוד שׁמך א, Genesis 32:29; Deuteronomy 31:2; Isaiah 2:4; Isaiah 30:20; Isaiah 62:4; Jeremiah 3:16 + often, עוד ֗֗֗ לא Genesis 8:22; so with אֵין Isaiah 23:10; Jeremiah 10:20; Jeremiah 48:2; Psalm 74:9 al.

b. When the continuance is limited by its nature to a single occurrence, עוֺד becomes = again, Genesis 4:25; Genesis 9:11 לא יִכָרֵת כל בשׂר עוד, Genesis 18:29 וַיֹּסֶף עוֺד לְדַבֵּר and he added still to speak, i.e. he spake yet again (so often with יָסַף; see √), Genesis 24:20 וַ֫תָּרָץ עוֺד and she ran again, Genesis 29:33 וַתַּ֫הַר עוֺד, Genesis 35:9; Genesis 37:9; Exodus 3:15; Exodus 4:6; Deuteronomy 3:26; 1 Samuel 10:22 + often; with עוֺד prefixed, Hosea 12:10; Jeremiah 31:4,5,23; Jeremiah 32:15; Jeremiah 33:12,13; לא ֗֗֗ עוֺד not again, no more, Deuteronomy 13:17; Deuteronomy 34:10.

c. Still, moreover, besides (not in temporal sense); Genesis 19:12 עוֺד מי לך פה whom hast thou here besides ? Genesis 43:6 הַעוֺד לָכֶם אָח Amos 6:10; 1 Samuel 10:22 הֲבָאעוֺד הֲלֹם אִישׁ is there still a man come hither ? (that Isaiah , besides ourselves: but ᵐ5 We and others הֲבָא הֲלֹםהָאִישׁ), 1 Samuel 16:11 עוֺד שָׁאַר הַקָּטָן, 1 Samuel 18:8 ועוד לו אך המלוכה, 1 Kings 22:7,8; 2 Kings 4:6 אֵין עוֺד כֶּ֑לִי, Isaiah 5:4; Jeremiah 36:32; Ezekiel 20:27; Ezekiel 23:38; Ezekiel 36:37; Proverbs 9:9; Ecclesiastes 12:9; 1 Chronicles 29:3; 2 Chronicles 17:6 +; וְאֵין עוֺד and there is none besides, Deuteronomy 4:39 (compare Deuteronomy 4:35), 1 Kings 8:60; Isaiah 45:5,6,14,18,22 (compare Isaiah 45:21), Isaiah 46:9; Joel 2:27; אֲנִי וְאַפְסִי עוֺד Isaiah 47:8,10; Zephaniah 2:15.

2 With prefixes:

a.בְּעוֺד, literally in the continuance of ..., i.e. ( a) while yet: Genesis 25:6 בְּעוֺדֶנּוּ חַי while he was yet alive, Deuteronomy 31:27; 2 Samuel 12:22 בְּעוֺד הַיֶּלֶד חַי, Isaiah 28:4; Psalm 39:2; Job 29:5; בְּעוֺדִי alone, = so long as I live, Psalm 104:33; Psalm 146:22 ("" בְּחַיַּי); 2 Samuel 3:35 בעוד היום, Jeremiah 15:9 בעוד יומם, Proverbs 31:15. ( b) within yet, usually of time, Genesis 40:13 ׳בְּעוֺד שְׁלשֶׁת יָמִים יִשָּׂא וגו within yet three days, etc., Genesis 40:19; Joshua 1:11; Isaiah 7:8; Isaiah 21:16 בְּעוֺד שָׁנָה (followed by perfect cons.), Jeremiah 28:3,11; Amos 4:7; but also of distance, Genesis 48:7 בְּעוֺד כִּבְרַת ארץ לבואאפרתה (compare Genesis 35:16 ׳ויהי עוד וגו); compare SI2 ובעוד שׁלשׁ [נָּקֵב]אמה לה.

b. מֵעוֺד, literally from the continuance of ..., only in the phrase (מֵעוֺדְךָ) מֵעוֺדִיעד היום הזה ever since I was ( thou wast) unto this day, Genesis 48:15; Numbers 22:30.

עוֺד adverb still (Biblical Hebrew; S-C K 13; ᵑ7 Onk Jon; Christian-Palestinian Aramaic; Schulth143f.), Daniel 4:28 עוֺד מִלְּתָא בְּפֻם מַלְכָּא (compare Biblical Hebrew

1 a a).

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Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

עֹד see עוֹד as yet.

These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available
List of Word Forms
בְּע֣וֹד בְּע֣וֹד ׀ בְּע֤וֹד בְּע֥וֹד בְּע֨וֹד בְּע֬וֹד בְּעֹ֥ד בְּעוֹד֙ בְּעוֹדִֽי׃ בְּעוֹדֶ֣נּוּ בְּעוֹדֶנִּי֩ בְּעוֹדָ֥הּ בעד בעוד בעודה בעודי׃ בעודנו בעודני הַֽעֽוֹד־ הַע֤וֹד הַע֥וֹד הַע֨וֹד הַעוֹדֶ֖נּוּ הַעוֹדֶ֥נּוּ הַעוֹדָ֣ם העוד העוד־ העודם העודנו וְע֖וֹד וְע֗וֹד וְע֛וֹד וְע֣וֹד וְע֤וֹד וְע֥וֹד וְע֨וֹד וְעֹדֶ֙נּוּ֙ וְעוֹד֙ וְעוֹדְךָ֖ וְעוֹדִ֥י וְעוֹדֶ֣נּוּ ועדנו ועוד ועודי ועודך ועודנו מֵעֽוֹדְךָ֙ מֵעוֹדִ֖י מעודי מעודך ע֑וֹד ע֔וֹד ע֖וֹד ע֗וֹד ע֚וֹד ע֛וֹד ע֜וֹד ע֝֗וֹד ע֝וֹד ע֞וֹד ע֣וֹד ע֣וֹד ׀ ע֤וֹד ע֥וֹד ע֧וֹד ע֨וֹד ע֨וֹד ׀ ע֭וֹד עֹ֖ד עֹ֗ד עֹ֚ד עֹ֛ד עֹ֣ד עֹ֤ד עֹ֥ד עֹֽד׃ עֹדְךָ֖ עֹדֶ֣נּוּ עֽוֹד׃ עד עד׃ עדך עדנו עוֹד֒ עוֹד֙ עוֹד֩ עוֹד֮ עוֹדְךָ֖ עוֹדֶ֕נּוּ עוֹדֶ֖נּוּ עוֹדֶ֙נּוּ֙ עוֹדֶ֣נִּי עוֹדֶ֣נּוּ עוֹדֶ֥נָּה עוֹדֶ֥נּוּ עוֹדֶ֨נִּי עוֹדֶ֨נּוּ עוֹדָ֛ךְ עוֹדָם֙ עוֹד־ עוד עוד־ עוד׃ עודך עודם עודנה עודנו עודני ‘ō·ḏə·ḵā ‘ō·ḏen·nū ‘ō·w·ḏāḵ ‘ō·w·ḏām ‘ō·w·ḏen·nāh ‘ō·w·ḏen·nî ‘ō·w·ḏen·nū ‘ō·wḏ ‘ō·wḏ- ‘ō·wḏ·ḵā ‘ōḏ ‘ōḏəḵā ‘ōḏennū ‘ōwḏ ‘ōwḏ- ‘ōwḏāḵ ‘ōwḏām ‘ōwḏennāh ‘ōwḏennî ‘ōwḏennū ‘ōwḏḵā bə‘ōḏ bə‘ōwḏ bə‘ōwḏāh bə‘ōwḏennî bə‘ōwḏennū bə‘ōwḏî bə·‘ō·w·ḏāh bə·‘ō·w·ḏen·nî bə·‘ō·w·ḏen·nū bə·‘ō·w·ḏî bə·‘ō·wḏ bə·‘ōḏ beod beoDah beodenNi beoDennu beoDi ha‘ōwḏ ha‘ōwḏ- ha‘ōwḏām ha‘ōwḏennū ha·‘ō·w·ḏām ha·‘ō·w·ḏen·nū ha·‘ō·wḏ ha·‘ō·wḏ- haod haoDam haoDennu mê‘ōwḏî mê‘ōwḏḵā mê·‘ō·w·ḏî mê·‘ō·wḏ·ḵā meodCha meoDi Od oDach oDam odCha odeCha oDennah oDenni oDennu veOd veodCha veoDennu veoDi wə‘ōḏennū wə‘ōwḏ wə‘ōwḏennū wə‘ōwḏî wə‘ōwḏḵā wə·‘ō·ḏen·nū wə·‘ō·w·ḏen·nū wə·‘ō·w·ḏî wə·‘ō·wḏ wə·‘ō·wḏ·ḵā
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