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the Week of Proper 10 / Ordinary 15
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Ephesians 6

Concordant Commentary of the New TestamentConcordant NT Commentary

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Verses 1-22

The Joint Body-In the Lord

32 There are three secrets in Ephesians: the secret of Christ ( Eph_1:9 ), the secret administration ( Eph_3:9 ) and the secret of marriage, here referred to. The physical fact that the marriage union makes husband and wife a physical unit is used as one premise in the argument that husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. The secret of the evangel is also referred to ( Eph_6:19 ). There is no such expression as "the bride of Christ" in Scripture. It is of principal importance that we distinguish the double relationship which we sustain to Christ and to the Lord. In Christ all physical distinctions vanish. There are no slaves and masters, even the sexes are not distinguished "in Christ" ( Gal_3:28 ). But "in the Lord" these physical distinctions are recognized and made the basis of our conduct toward one another.

Wives are subject, children are obedient, slaves are subservient "in the Lord". The key to all correct conduct lies in the recognition of our heavenly Master. The true slave seeks to please Him; the master acknowledges Him in his behavior toward his slave. Children obey their parents "in the Lord", for such is His wish. Fathers train them "in the Lord", conforming to His gracious methods.

The slave is especially encouraged by the fact that he will receive his due from his heavenly Master even though he receives nothing from his earthly one.




10 Israel's warfare is with flesh and blood on the earth. Ours is with wicked spirits in the celestial realms. We should always remember that those who oppose us are merely the intermediaries used by the spiritual forces and treat them accordingly. It is not our place to wrestle with blood and flesh but to look beyond the human instrument to the real adversary in the spirit world. Material weapons are worse than useless. Our attitude toward men should be one of purest conciliation , not strife ( Eph_6:15 ).

The Joint Allotment in Heaven

14 The spiritual armor here given covers the whole body and is for defense only. Truth will give us strength to withstand the attacks of error. Righteousness will preserve us from the wounds of wickedness. The evangel of peace, wherewith we go, will conciliate the human weapons used by the spirit powers which are directing human affairs.

16 An ancient mode of warfare was to fasten fire to arrows which would not only wound but burn. It was especially used against elephants to cause them to stampede. When the adversary sends some burning dart in the direction of the believer it is his privilege to shield himself by means of the faith which this epistle affords. This will effectually stop the arrows and quench their fire.

17 When all this has been done then we receive (not take) the helmet of salvation. And then we are entrusted with the sword of the spirit-a divine declaration. We have no offensive power at all except an explicit statement of God. The Scriptures contain many statements of men, such as the assertions of Job's friends, which are false. Hence only the declarations which proceed out of the mouth of God constitute the spirit's sword.


18 What a marvelous picture Paul presents of the ministry of conciliation! God's ambassador in a chain! Could anything show more clearly God's attitude towards mankind? Nothing is surer to provoke war than the maltreatment of an ambassador. God's ambassador goes to Rome, the greatest of earth's governments, and he gets a chain. Yet, instead of declaring war, he proclaims peace. This is the true spirit of the evangel for the present economy. It calls for conciliation notwithstanding everything which should provoke hostilities. The answer to this prayer is found in Php_1:12 .


21 Tychicus means "Fortunate", and such he was, for no fortune could compare with the riches which this epistle was to him and to those to whom he brought it.

Verses 23-24


23 What a balm this benediction brings! Peace, love, faith-may these be the portion of all who read these lines!


24 Here we have the true test-those who truly love our Lord. May favor, indeed, be theirs!

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