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2 Samuel 7

Bridgeway Bible CommentaryBridgeway Bible Commentary

Verses 1-29

God’s promise and David’s prayer (7:1-29)

When David expressed his desire to build God a permanent symbolic dwelling place, God reminded him through the prophet Nathan that Israel’s God, Yahweh, was not limited to one land or one place. For that reason his symbolic dwelling place had been a tent, something that was movable and could be set up in any place at all (7:1-7).
Nevertheless, because the people of Israel were not spiritually in a condition where the ideal for them could work, God would allow them to build the temple (just as he had allowed them to set up the monarchy). But the building of the temple was not of immediate importance. God was more concerned that David’s house be firmly established - referring not to his palace but to his dynasty (8-11). David would have a line of royal descendants who would rule for generation after generation in Israel. One of these would build God’s temple. Even if some kings proved unworthy of his blessings, God would not alter his purposes. He had chosen the dynasty of David as the means of bringing the Messiah, the Saviour of the world (12-17; cf. Psalms 2:7-9; Psalms 89:19-37; Matthew 22:42; Acts 13:22-23).

God’s establishment of David as king of Israel was amazing enough, but even that seemed a small thing compared with the permanent dynasty God now promised him. Deeply humbled, David hardly knew what to say. He could only praise God for all he had done, both for David personally and for the people of Israel as a whole (18-24). David prayed that God would fulfil his promise and that his people would never cease to praise him (25-29).

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