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2 Samuel 7

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-29

  1. INTRO:
    1. So besides the island of Japan moving 8’ from where it was; the earths axis moving 4-8”; a nuclear meltdown happening...how was your week? Crazy Times! End Times?
    2. Show Keynote: Freedom Sunday!
    3. Prayer: 1st Read Ps.103:1-5.
      1. Pray for Japan; Thailand Trip.
    4. Quick overview of the rest of the book:
      1. Next 4 chapters David is involved in 4 important activities: Ch.7 Accepting God’s will; Ch.8 Fighting God’s battles; Ch.9 Sharing God’s Kindness; Ch.10 Defending God’s honor.
      2. Then, David goes “Chapter 11” on us! He starts disobeying God & suffers the painful consequences of his sins.
      3. Andrew Bonar rightly said, We must be as watchful after the victory as before the battle!
  2. How To Handle The Disappointments Of Life!
    1. DAVID DREAMS! (1-4)
    2. (1) What do you do while kicking back in your home? [some get holy, some get into sin]
      1. Nebuchadnezzar when he had no wars to fight boasted, “Is not great Babylon, thatI have built?”(Dan.4:30).
      2. Solomon collected wealth & wives & entertained foreign guests & wrote books during his down time.
      3. Hezekiah supervised scholars who copied & preserved the Scriptures (Prov25:1)
      4. It appears that in David’s leisure hours, he thought about the Lord.
        1. Gratitude prompted him to make some return to the Lord.
        2. Prosperity tests the sincerity of a man’s devotion to God.
          1. It is not all men that can carry a full cup w/a steady hand!
      5. Have you rested lately? Remember, The tranquil lake reflects more of the solemn beauty of the stars than the brawling stream.
        1. Remember the lesson of the violin! (my teacher at FJC) Aesop explained, “If you keep a bow always bent, it will break eventually; but if you let it go slack, it will be more fit for use when you want it.” [axe analogy; young man vs. Old man - Eccl.10:10]
    3. (3) Meet Nathan the prophet (1st mentioned)
      1. Davids 1st prophet during his exile was was Gad. [He’s still around]
    4. GOD SPEAKS! (5-17)
    5. (5) No, but thanks for asking! (my kids)
      1. Just because your hearts in the right place; Just because your plan is a noble one; just because your friends applaud it; didn’t mean it was God’s will!
      2. See, every plan we design for God isn’t necessarily of God!
    6. (8) Right now they don’t need a Temple but a shepherd...So, Shepherd My people!
    7. (10-16) The Davidic covenant!
      1. We learn the foundation of God’s purposes & dealings w/Israel in His covenant w/Abraham. [Promised him: a land; a great name; to multiply descendants; & his blessing & protection]
      2. So now David’s covenant builds on Abraham’s, for it speaks about the nation, the land, & the Messiah.
    8. (11) House is used 15 x’s in this chapter alone. [& in 3 different ways]
      1. Refers to David’s palace(1,2); the Temple(5,7,13); David’s dynasty(11,13,16,18-29).
      2. So, God turns the tables...you want to build Me a house? I’ll build you one!
    9. God’s 1st announcement of the coming of the Savior was given in Gen.3:15, informing us the Savior would be a human being not an angel(her seed). Next, in Gen.12:3 He tells us He would be Jewish. Then in Gen.49:10 He would come through the tribe of Judah.
      1. Now we learn here that Messiah would come through David’s family.
      2. Then Micah would add(in ch.5:2) His birth place would be in Bethlehem, so He’d be able to fill out His Passport. :)
      3. No wonder David was gets elated(in 18-29) when he learned that Messiah would be known as “the Son of David.” (Mt.1:1)
    10. Lessons #1 - God’s servants must learn to accept the disappointments of life.
      1. A.T.Pierson used to say, “Disappointments are His appointments.”
    11. Lessons #2 - When God says no, it means He has a better way, & He expects me to support it!
    12. Lessons #3 - My very best reaction is cooperation & humility!
      1. He doesn’t call everybody to build temples! But He does call everyone to be faithful & obedient.
        1. Some of you live with broken dreams. Sometime in the past you had high hopes that your life would go in a certain direction; but for some mysterious reason God said, No!
        2. And you moved along, & now years have gone by, & others younger have taken your place. How quickly age takes over!
        3. As James Dobson said, “About the time our face clears up, our mind gets fuzzy!”
    13. Great Poem: (anonymous)
      1. One by one God took them from me All the things I valued most; Until I was empty-handed, Every glittering toy was lost. And I walked earth's highways, Grieving, in my rags and poverty. Until I heard His voice inviting, "Lift those empty hands to Me!"Then I turned my hands to heaven, And He filled them with His riches, Until they could contain no more.And at last I comprehended With my stupid mind, and dull, That God cannot pour His riches Into hands already full.
    14. DAVID SPEAKS! (18-29)
    15. THE PRESENT! (18-21)
    16. The way David responded to this great Word from God is a good example for us to follow today:
      1. He sat before the Lord(18). [did not try to change Gods mind!]
      2. And he humbled himself(at least 10 x’s called himself the servant of God); & then refers himself as simply David(20) not the King!
      3. Then, he praised God for His Greatness & Grace!
    17. In verses 18-20 & 28,29 David addresses God as Lord God, which in Hebrew is Jehovah Adonai, the Sovereign Lord. In verses 22,25 it’s Jehovah Elohim, the God of Power.
    18. THE PAST! (22-24)
    19. David just expresses profound wonder at God’s greatness!
    20. (24) Note we’ve had a number of “forevers”.
      1. A forever throne(13); A forever kingdom(16); A forever nation(24); A forever promise(25); A forever blessing(29).
    21. THE FUTURE! (25-29)
      1. The thrust of vs.27 is thy Kingdom come.
      2. The thrust of vs.28 is thy will be done.
    22. There is a church today because God used David’s family to bring thew Savior into the world. There is a future for Israel today because God gave David a throne forever!
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