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Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Leviticus 2

Verse 1

any = soul. Hebrew. nephesh, as in Leviticus 4:2 . See App-13 .

offer. Hebrew. karab. See App-43 . [ bring near , or, to draw near ]

a = an approach offering of. Hebrew. korban. See App-43 . [ a gift , or an admittance-offering ].

meat offering. Better, "an oblation of a meal offering". Hebrew. minchah. See App-43 .

his offering. Hebrew his korban. See App-43 .

fine flour. Not merely ground, but perfect and ready, no unevenness. So with the life of the Antitype, "the Man Christ Jesus". Flour is to the wheat what blood is to the body; and pneuma is to the resurrection body.

oil. Flour mixed with oil, and then oil poured on it. So Christ's life permeated and actuated by the Holy Spirit.

frankincense. This ascended to God as a sweet savour.

Verse 2

Aaron's sons. See on Leviticus 1:5 .

burn. Hebrew. katar. See App-43 .

memorial: i.e. to remind. Compare Psalms 20:3 .Acts 10:4 .

offering. Hebrew. 'ishsheh. App-43 .

sweet savour. See note on Leviticus 1:9 .

Verse 3

most holy. Two classes of seven holy things: three holy, four most holy. (1) Holy = thank offerings, Leviticus 23:20 . Numbers 6:20 . Firstborn, Numbers 18:17 . Firstfruits, Leviticus 2:12 . (2) The most holy = The incense, Exodus 30:36 . Shew-bread, Leviticus 24:9 . Sin and trespass offering, Leviticus 6:25-29 ; Leviticus 7:1 , Leviticus 7:6 ; Leviticus 14:13 , &c. And the Meal offering, here.

Verse 4

oblation = present. Hebrew. korban. See App-43 . The only word rendered oblation, except Isaiah 40:20 . Ezekiel 44:30 ; Ezekiel 45:1 , Ezekiel 45:6 , Ezekiel 45:7 , Ezekiel 45:13 , Ezekiel 45:16 ; Ezekiel 48:9 , Ezekiel 48:10 , Ezekiel 48:12 , Ezekiel 48:18 , Ezekiel 48:20 , Ezekiel 48:21 , where it is Hebrew. terumah (heave offering). See App-43 and Daniel 2:46 ; Daniel 9:21 , Daniel 9:27 , where it is Hebrew. minchah. App-43 .

baken. Type of the sufferings and trials of the Antitype, "tried as by fire".

Verse 5

pan = a flat plate or griddle. Compare Ezekiel 4:3 .

Verse 11

leaven. See App-38 .

honey. Leaven is fermentation, and honey or any sweet liquor is the cause of it. These two things forbidden because there was no error or corruption in the Antitype. All was Divine perfection. Nothing therefore which answers to leaven may be in our sacrifice of praise now.

Verse 12

burnt. Hebrew. 'alah = ascend. See App-43 .

Verse 13

salt. First occurrence. Salt was, and is, the great antiseptic, preventing fermentation. As leaven and honey were forbidden in sacrifices, so salt is prescribed, because, when partaken of by the two parties, it made the covenant inviolable.

salt of the covenant. See note on Numbers 18:19 . 2 Chronicles 13:5 . Salt denotes an indissoluble alliance. In Ezra 4:14 = obligations of loyalty.

God. Hebrew. Elohim. App-4 .

offerings. Hebrew. minchah. App-43 .

Verse 14

beaten. Same type as baken, Leviticus 2:4 .

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