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Leviticus 2

Morgan's Exposition on the Whole BibleMorgan's Exposition

Verses 1-16

In the meal offering was presented another side of the great truth of personal dedication. In itself the offering was of the work of man's hands, the fruits of the ground, the result of civilization, manufacture, and preparation. Through it the people were ever reminded that their approach to God demanded that they offer to Him a perfect service as well as a perfect life. Dedication of life is a condition for service. Service is its true reason and finest expression. A man whose life is imperfect necessarily renders an imperfect service.

If by the burnt offering the truth of substitution for life is taught, in the meal offering the provision of a perfect service in place of an imperfect one is as clearly set forth. In a perfect life there would be no necessity for the sacrificial burnt offering because the life in itself is acceptable to God. That, of course, was the truth about the life of Christ. Moreover, such life has no need of the specific meal offering, for all the service which it renders is perfect. Where life has failed, it can approach only through sacrifice, and where service has failed through the imperfect life, the offering suggesting perfection is necessary.

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