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Psalms 45

Bullinger's Companion Bible NotesBullinger's Companion Notes

Verse 1

Title. For the sons of Korah = By, &c. The third of nine so ascribed. See Title, Psalms 42:0 , and App-63 .

Maschil = giving instruction. The fourth of thirteen so named. See Title, Psalms 32:0 , and App-65 .

A Song. Hebrew shir, as in Psalms 18:0 . See App-65 . loves. Probably plural of majesty = significant love. If in connection with the marriage of Hezekiah (2 Kings 21:1 and Isaiah 62:4 ), its place here is accounted for between Psalms 4:0 4Â-48. Significant, because of its fulfilmentin Messiah (Revelation 19:7 . Compare Isaiah 54:5-8 ). Hephzi-bah (Isaiah 62:4 ) was the wife of Hezekiah.

inditing = bubbling up: i.e. running over, or overflowing with.

matter = theme.

is. Supply Ellipsis: "tongue [is like] the pen".

ready: i.e. with readiness of mind in respect of the subject treated of.

Verse 2

fairer: i.e. in His glory which follows the suffering described in Isaiah 52:14 ; Isaiah 53:2 .

children = sons.

men. Hebrew. 'adam. App-14 .

God. Hebrew. Elohim. App-4 .

Verse 3

most mighty = mighty One. Hebrew gibbor. With thy glory. Supply Ellipsis ( App-6 ), by repeating "[Gird thee] with Thy glory".

Verse 4

Because = On behalf.

Verse 5

heart. Put by Figure of speech Metonymy (of Adjunct), for "in the midst".

people = peoples.

Verse 6

Thy throne, O God. Quoted in Hebrews 1:8 , Hebrews 1:9 . Several attempts are made by certain commentators to get rid of this reference to Christ's Godhead; but not only would Hebrews 1:8 , Hebrews 1:9 have to go, but Isaiah 9:6 , and Jeremiah 23:6 ; Jeremiah 33:16 as well.

kingdom. Compare Psa 20:21 , Psa 20:24 .Luke 1:31-33 , &c.

Verse 7

wickedness = lawlessness. Hebrew. rasha'. App-44 .

anointed. Hence His name Messiah (Greek. Christ) = the anointed one.

fellows = companions.

Verse 8

All. Supply Ellipsis : "[So that] all".

myrrh, and aloes. Compare Exodus 30:23 , Exodus 30:24 .John 12:3 ; John 19:39 .

Verse 9

honourable women. Courtladies. English = maids of honour.

did = doth.

the queen. Type, Past, Hephzi-bah (2 Kings 21:1 .Isaiah 62:4; Isaiah 62:4 ); antitype, future, Israel, the bride of Messiah (Isaiah 54:5-8 ; Isa 62:45 ). Compare Revelation 19:7 .

Verse 10

consider = see plainly, or observe.

Forget also thine own people. As did Rebekah (Genesis 24:58 ), and Rachel (Genesis 31:14 ), and Asenath (Genesis 41:45 ), and Ruth ( Psa 1:16 ).

Verse 12

daughter of Tyre. Either the queen of Tyre, or the people of Tyre personified.

shall be there. Figure of speech Ellipsis (Complex), Supply both clauses, repeating the verbs thus: "the daughter of Tyre [shall entreat thy favour] with a gift; even the rich among the people shall [come] and entreat thy favour". See note on 2 Chronicles 32:23 .

Verse 13

is. The Ellipsis better supplied thus: "all glorious [sitteth enthroned] within". These Ellipses are caused by the bubbling over of the inditing heart, which is too quick for the pen.

all glorious = nothing but glory. Compare Isaiah 4:5 .

within: i.e. in the inner palace; not internally.

Verse 14

raiment of needlework = embroidered robes.

Verse 15

gladness. Hebrew, plural of majesty = with great gladness.

Verse 16

thy . . . thy. Hebrew text, these pronouns are masculine; but the Syriac reads them feminine. In this case they agree with and perfect the Structure above.

Verse 17

people = peoples, or nations.

To the chief Musician. See App-64 . Having been written for the marriage of Hezekiah, the Psalm was handed over for public use, as the glorious antitype of the marriage of Messiah in a yet future day (Revelation 19:7-9 )

for the sons, &c. See note on Title, above. This and Psalms 87:0 are the only two Psalms where the Title is given at the beginning as well as the end. These two Psalms are for a good reason thus discriminated.

upon: i.e. relating to.

Alamoth. App-65 .

Bibliographical Information
Bullinger, Ethelbert William. "Commentary on Psalms 45". "Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/bul/psalms-45.html. 1909-1922.
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