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Jeremiah 19

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Verses 1-15

    1. Intro:
      1. In ch.18 we had a vessel in the making; now we have a vessel hardened beyond changing! Fit only to be smashed!
      2. In ch.18 – He went down to the Potters house & watched a vessel in the making; ch.19 he takes a completed vessel & breaks it down at the garbage sight.
      3. Worse than being “unworkable” is when it has “set up”.
    2. Vs.2 – What a fitting place – at the gate of broken pottery, the rubbish gate; the dung gate, located at the so. end of the city.
      1. Where they practiced their Idolatry, where is symbolic of Ghenna.
    3. Vs.9 A terrible prediction – During the Babylonian siege, food became so scarce that people became cannibals, even eating their own children.
    4. Vs.15 - “stiff necks” – They didn’t have doubts about God, but pure 100% “unbelief”.
      1. “Doubt is can't believe; unbelief is won't believe. Doubt is honesty; unbelief is obstinacy. Doubt is looking for light; unbelief is content with darkness.” (John Drummond (1851-1897))
  2. End:
    1. He is the Potter, he controls the wheel, he molds the clay. Trials are the furnaces (as we know the vessel is no good w/o going thru the furnace.)
    2. When the time was right, God left His potters wheel & climbed into the clay!
    3. Is.64:8 “But now, O LORD, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter; And all we are the work of Your hand.”
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