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2 Chronicles 31

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-21

Reign of Hezekiah (continued)

This chapter gives an account of Hezekiah’s reorganisation of the Temple service.

2. Appointed the courses] The succession (see 1 Chronicles 23-26) had been suspended during the idolatry of the previous reigns, and required to be rearranged. The tents of the Lord] The phrase is borrowed from the conditions that prevailed in the wilderness.

3. The king’s portion, etc.] The king set an example to his subjects by providing for the Sacrifices named, for which see Numbers 28, 29, whilst the people were required to support the priests (according to Numbers 18).

6. That dwelt in the cities of Judah] The provincial population, as distinguished from the inhabitants of the capital. The tithe of holy things] The words tithe of have been accidentally repeated from the preceding; they are omitted in 2 Chronicles 31:12.

11. Chambers] i.e. some of the side chambers that surrounded the Temple.

14. Toward the east] RV ’at the east gate’: cp. 1 Chronicles 26:17.

15. To give to their brethren] The general sense of 2 Chronicles 31:15-18 is that the officers named in 2 Chronicles 31:15 distributed to all the priests who dwelt in the priestly cities a share of the people’s offerings, those alone being excluded from sharing, who, whilst in their courses at Jerusalem, were supported at the Temple itself: these, including priests, Levites and their families, are referred to in 2 Chronicles 31:16-18.

16. Beside] i.e. excepting. Genealogy] i.e. list.

19. Also of the sons of Aaron, etc.] The meaning is that the six persons named in 2 Chronicles 31:15 furnished support to the priests and Levites who dwelt outside the cities, as well as to those who dwelt within them.

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