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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Revelation 10

Verses 1-11

The Little Book

Between the sixth and seventh trumpets, as between the sixth and seventh seals, is an episode consisting of two visions. The first vision is related in this c.

Another mighty angel (cp. Revelation 5:2), depicted as clothed with God’s power and mercy, which he is commissioned to minister, comes from heaven (Revelation 10:1), holding a little book open in his hand. The book is different from that of Revelation 5, and contains a special revelation for St. John to make: cp. Revelation 10:11 (Revelation 10:2). Seven thunders utter their voices, apparently signifying that there will be a cycle of judgments not included in the seals, trumpets, and bowls (Revelation 10:3), but these St. John is forbidden by the herald angel (cp. Revelation 1:10) to record: cp. Daniel 12:4; (Revelation 10:4). The angel of Revelation 10:1 (Revelation 10:5) now declares (cp. Daniel 12:7) that the ’little time’ of Revelation 6:11 shall be brought to an end (Revelation 10:6) in the days of the seventh trumpet, when God’s eternal purpose of salvation, the revelation of which had gladdened the prophets of both dispensations (cp. Daniel 9:6, Daniel 9:10; Zechariah 1:6; Romans 1:1), shall be fulfilled (Revelation 10:7). At the command of the herald-angel, St. John takes the book (Revelation 10:8), and eats it. It is sweet in his mouth, but bitter in his belly (op. Psalms 119:103; Ezekiel 2:8.; Ezekiel 3:1.), signifying that it is sweet to him to receive God’s revelation, but that its wrath and judgment fill him with sorrow (Revelation 10:9.). The two angels bid him announce the contents of this new revelation, which are, probably, to be found in Revelation 12 f. (Revelation 10:11).

3. Seven] RV ’the seven.’

7. Shall begin] RV ’is about.’ Mystery] cp. Romans 16:25. As he hath declared] RV ’according to the good tidings which he declared.’

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