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Revelation 10

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Church Victorious! Chapters 811 (Luke 18:7)

In this section of chapters, we again return to the First Coming of Christ. The Seals [of persecution] bring Trumpets [warning of Judgment] which bring Bowls [of judgment poured out]. Chapter 8 is God’s pledge of destruction on unbelievers. It shows God’s vengeance through the ages of time – by the medium of natural disasters. The first four Trumpets are sent by God as a warning! Notice that the Seals, Trumpets, Bowls of Wrath, and similar symbols, refer to Principles – of man’s conduct and God’s discipline – that are at work throughout history. The events symbolized by the Trumpets may be seen any day of the year in any part of the earth. Therefore, Trumpets are simultaneous with Seals.

Verses 1-3


Then I saw another mighty angel. To announce the third and final horror (the Final Judgment), another angel appears. The symbolism shows he is to be closely associated with Christ (see Revelation 1:7; Revelation 4:3; Revelation 1:17; Revelation 1:15). Note that John does not worship this angel as he does Christ. Cloud: authority, judgment. Rainbow: mercy and promise for God’s people. Sun: God’s power and holiness. Fire: fierce destruction. A small scroll: the Gospel – the Good News of what Jesus has done. He stands on the sea and land and shouts! What he has to say concerns the whole Universe and must be heard by everyone.

The seven thunders answered back. Thunder is God’s voice (see Psalms 29:1-5).

Verse 4


Keep secret what the seven thunders said. There are things at work in both the present and the future which are not revealed to us. Seven is the Divine number, and these seven thunders are God’s instruments working out his Plan.

Verses 5-6


Then the angel. He acts as God’s agent. There will be no more delay! The Final Judgment is ready to come! God’s secret Plan (1 Corinthians 2:9-10) will reach its total completeness in the Final Judgment. Then will God’s people be given their final reward and inheritance, just as God promised. [Note that the “apparent delay” in Revelation 10:8 to Revelation 11:13 is not “time on the clock,” but describes our present world from the viewpoint of the work of the church.

Verse 8


Go and take the open scroll. John is told to take the scroll, which is the Good News about Jesus. Notice that it is open, not sealed. Its message is for all peoples.

Verse 9


It will turn sour in your stomach. The Gospel (Good News) is a thing of beauty and “sweet as honey.” But the “sour taste” of persecution follows it.

Verse 10


But after I had swallowed it. Not only must John (and each Christian) understand and digest the message of the Good News; he (and we) must live it and experience it (Ephesians 2:10). But this very persecution brings new opportunities to speak for Christ (Luke 21:12-19).

Verse 11


Once again. Not “to,” but “about.” John is old, perhaps one hundred years old, as he receives this vision. There is more for John to record, so that all down the stream of history, believers will “hear” John speak God’s message [Read the “Key” to Revelation in the introduction,]

Bitter Persecution. John now speaks about the “sour” experiences which come to the church of Christ when the “sweet” Gospel is preached.

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