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Expositor's Dictionary of Texts

Revelation 10

Verses 1-11

Revelation 10:7

Compare Savonarola's outburst, with a similar oxymoron, in his Advent addresses to the Florentines in 1494. After a scathing exposure of Rome's iniquities, he cries: 'Hasten the chastisement and the scourge, that we may quickly return to Thee.... The only hope that now remains to us, is that the sword of God may soon smite the earth.'

Reference. X. 8. A. Whyte, Christian World Pulpit, vol. xliii. p. 403.

Revelation 10:10

Although Divine inspiration must certainly have been sweet to those ancient prophets, yet the irksomeness of that truth which they brought was so unpleasant unto them, that everywhere they call it a burden. Yea, that mysterious book of revelation, which the great evangelist was bid to eat, as it had been some eye-brightening electuary of knowledge and foresight, though it were sweet in his mouth, and in the learning, it was bitter in his belly, bitter in the denouncing. Nor was this hid from the wise poet Sophocles, who in that place of his tragedy where Teiresias is called to resolve King Œdipus in a matter which he knew would be grievous, brings him in bemoaning his lot, that he knew more than other men.... But when God commands to take the trumpet, and blow a dolorous or a jarring blast, it lies not in man's will what he shall say, or what he shall conceal.


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