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1 Corinthians 16

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Verse 1

Collection ; for the relief of poor saints at Jerusalem. 1 Corinthians 16:3 . Faithful ministers of the gospel will, if practicable, induce their hearers liberally to contribute for the benefit of the needy; and regular, systematic beneficence will, in the end, be much more abundant than that which is merely occasional, and much more useful, both to givers and receivers.

Verse 2

Upon the first day of the week ; the day set apart and observed by the apostles and Christians as the Lord’s day, the Christian Sabbath.

Lay by him in store ; at home.

That there be no gatherings ; that their gifts might be ready when the apostle should come. As the first day of the week is the Lord’s day, and from his resurrection has been observed by his people as sacred to his worship, it is a proper time for them to consider his goodness, and contribute, or lay by in store, as he has prospered them, for the supply of the wants of their fellow-men.

Verse 3

By-letters ; this may mean letters from the brethren at Corinth, or letters by Paul, commending the messengers to his friends at Jerusalem.

Verse 5

When I shall pass through Macedonia ; rather, when I have passed through Macedonia. This was an alteration of his original plan, which he had in some way made known to them, and for this some in Corinth charged him with changeableness of purpose. 2 Corinthians 1:15-17 .

Verse 7

By the way ; on his way to Macedonia, according to his first plan. See above. Such a visit would not only have been brief, but would have brought him to Corinth before the present epistle could have had time to produce its intended effects. See 2Co 1:23 ; 2 Corinthians 2:1-3 .

Tarry a while ; on his return. In forming plans for future action, we should ever remember our dependence on God, seek to understand his will, and commit ourselves in well-doing to his merciful guidance and disposal.

Verse 8

Pentecost ; this feast was celebrated in June, fifty days after the Passover, which was in April. Acts 2:1 .

Verse 9

A great door and effectual ; a great opportunity for successfully preaching the gospel.

Many adversaries ; opposers of Paul and his preaching. This made it necessary that he should remain for the present at Ephesus, where he wrote to the Corinthians this epistle.

Verse 10

Without fear ; occasioned by opposition or neglect on your part.

He worketh ; is a wise and faithful minister.

Verse 11

Conduct him forth in peace ; when he has finished his work among you, and is prepared to leave Corinth.

With the brethren ; whom he expected to come from Corinth to Ephesus. Compare Acts 19:21-22 .

Verse 12

Christian brethren, and even pious and faithful ministers of the gospel, may differ in judgment about the best way of doing good; and while they exercise the right of private judgment as to their own duty, they should cheerfully concede the same privilege to others.

Verse 13

Watch ; against temptation.

Stand fast ; in the faith and practice of the gospel.

Like men ; act in a manly and not a puerile manner.

Be strong ; in the grace which is in Christ Jesus.

Verse 14

Charity ; love to God and men.

Verse 15

House ; family.

First - fruits ; the first persons who were converted in Achaia by the ministry of Paul.

Verse 16

Submit yourselves ; treat them with respect, and be suitably influenced by them.

Verse 17

Coming of Stephanas ; he had come to Ephesus, but his family remained at Corinth. Verse 1 Corinthians 16:15 .

That which was lacking on your part ; in ministering to my comfort. That which, by reason of my separation from you, you could not bestow, they have given by their personal presence.

Verse 18

Acknowledge ye them ; as friends of Christ, and worthy of imitation.

Verse 19

The church-in their house ; the Christians who worshipped there. The meeting and conference of Christians from different and distant places may be the means not only of their own comfort, but of their increased usefulness to one another, and to their fellow-men.

Verse 21

The salutation of-Paul ; he employed the hand of another in writing the previous part of the epistle, but this and what follows he wrote with his own hand.

Verse 22

Anathema ; accursed, that is, of God.

Maran - atha ; the Lord cometh, namely, to judgment. This addition to the anathema contains a solemn intimation of the time when it will be fulfilled.

Was written from Philippi ; the superscriptions to the epistles are not a part of the inspired Scriptures, but were added at a later period, and contain errors. From verse 1Co 16:8 of this chapter it appears that Paul wrote this epistle from Ephesus.

Verse 24

When called to administer reproof, or to proclaim the fearful doom of the incorrigibly wicked, while we should endeavor to do it with fidelity, we should also do it with affection, and in all suitable ways show that it springs not from enmity or indifference, but from love; and that it is our earnest desire that even our greatest opposers may so conduct, that the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ shall be with them now and for ever. Amen.

Bibliographical Information
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