Bible Commentaries

1 Chronicles 9

Verses 1-44

In this chapter the genealogies are completed, that is to say, they here reach the latest point in their history, and refer to the dwellers in Jerusalem after the return from captivity. They are lists of the heads of the families of Judah, Benjamin, the priests, and the Levites.

Immediately following these lists we have an account of the porters and their duties, together with those of the Levites and the priests. In the opening verses of the chapter we are told the reason for Judah being carried away into captivity, and all that follows tells the story of how, under the direction of "very able 'men for the service of the house of God" (verse 1 Chronicles 9:13), an attempt was made to restore the order and worship which had been lost in the captivity.

The chronicler is now about to proceed to the story of the central epoch in this whole history, namely the reign of David. He here repeats with greater detail the important genealogy of Saul as a prelude to the story of his death, which prepares the way for the accession and reign of David.