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1 Chronicles 9

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


This chapter sums up the subject of the registry of Israel. The Levites are taken notice of. And particular mention is made of Saul and Jonathan's stock.

1 Chronicles 9:1

By all Israel being reckoned, must be meant all that were in this register. For the Reader will not, I hope, have overlooked that in the foregoing Chapters of the genealogy of Israel, there is no account of the tribes of Zebulun and of Dan. Perhaps Ezra, who seems to have been the Compiler of this account of Israel, did not find mention of either of these tribes in the book of the kings of Israel and Judah, after their return from the Babylonish captivity. I cannot account for the omission any other way. But there is a more alarming omission in the book of the Revelations, on what ground I presume not to explain. Dan is not among the number of the sealed of Israel by the angel. Revelation 7:1-8 . Let the Reader in the perusal of this verse take notice how the sacred Writer dwells upon the cause of Israel's being carried away to Babylon. It is sin which is the sad cause of every man's sorrow. Romans 5:12 .

Verses 2-34

This forms a very interesting account in the history of the church, if it be remembered that this takes up the relation in the captives of Israel being now returned from Babylon. They found their temple, the beautiful temple of Solomon, destroyed. The people, therefore, had only a moveable tabernacle to repair to. But yet the whole nation of the captives which returned set about the service of the sanctuary with earnestness; the Lord stirring up their minds to the employment; so that everyone in his separate office used diligence. Let the Reader remark, that among the first inhabitants the priests and Levites are taken notice of. Sweetly the prophet calls upon such to be foremost. Watchmen upon the walls of Zion are demanded never to hold their peace day nor night. Ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence; and give him no rest till he establish; and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth. Isaiah 62:6-7 .

Verses 35-44

It is remarkable that these verses should be again inserted in this place, since we had them before in the preceding Chapter, from verse 29 to 38 (1 Chronicles 8:29-38 ). There it finished with the register of Benjamin, and here it is introductory to what follows, in the history of Saul.

Verse 44


It is impossible to read this Chapter, and connect with it, in our remembrance, that this opens a new history of the Church after the desolation of the Babylonish captivity, but with very interesting feelings. Let the Reader figure to himself the desolated view of Jerusalem and Zion plowed as a field. The people returned to their beloved city, and finding the whole in ruins. The Prophet Jeremiah, the mournful Prophet, only in contemplation of what it would be, cried out, How doth the city sit solitary, that was full of people! How is she become as a widow that was great among the nations!

Reader! Pause over the sad picture! See what sin was capable of effecting. And if God so punished Israel, what security hath any other nation? If God spared not the natural branches, what shall a grafted instock expect in rebellion?

Blessed Jesus! thou glorious, all-prevailing Intercessor, be gracious, Lord, we beseech thee to our land. Say, Lord, concerning us, I am returned to Jerusalem in mercies. And when thou returnest to bless a land, thou comest with grace to pardon, grace to sanctify, grace to bless, grace to deliver, grace to renew, grace to heal, all our diseases. Oh, then, blessed Jesus, come with all thy quickening, reviving, comforting presence, and say unto us, Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall thy land be anymore termed Desolate; but let the nations of the earth call us the Holy People; the redeemed of the Lord. And let us be called, Sought out; a city not forsaken.

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