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Mark 11

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verses 1-7

TITLE : The Lord Needs It TEXT : Mar_11:1-7 PROPOSITION : God expects us to use the gifts that we have in the proper way. QUESTION : How? KEY WORD : Ways READING : Same

1. We all have talents, gifts, to be used for God.

2. What does Jesus need from me?

3.“Need” = use, business, necessity, need, want

4. What do I have that Jesus needs?

5. Eph_4:11-15 tells us how to use these gifts.

God gives gifts. 11

1. Temporary - Apostles, Prophets

2. Permanent - Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers

He gives the purpose. 12

1. Perfecting the saints

2. Work of ministry

3. Edifying of the body of Christ

He limits the duration. 13

1. Till we are united

2. Till we have the knowledge

3. Till we measure up to the stature of Christ

He issues a warning. 14

1. Don't be children

2. Don't be tossed to and fro

3. Don't be carried about with every wind of doctrine

4. Don't be deceived by craftiness and cunning deceit

God explains the motivation. 15

1. Speak the truth - Plainly, Simply, Clearly

2. In Love - with kindness, compassion, consideration

3. Help them to grow up into Christ

4. Assist them to obey the head, ruler, Lord, Master.


1. Bloom where you are planted.

2. Do what you can with what you have where you are.

3. God does not ask you to do beyond your ability.

Verses 8-11

TITLE: Hosanna TEXT: Mar_11:8-11 PROPOSITION: Jerusalem recognized Jesus as one who could save them. QUESTION: How? KEY WORD: Demands READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. This event occurred on what is often called Palm Sunday. 2. Triumphal entry into Jerusalem 3. Laid garments on pathway; cut palm branches 4. They cried, Hosanna; Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord. 5. Hosanna = Greek transliteration of Hebrew word ? Save now, Save, I pray. 6. Save = save, deliver, protect, heal, make whole 7. Today ? word is used to mean ? praise, honor, glory, worship, halleluiah! 8. In NT ? 6 times in 5 passages ? means save me, same me now 9. We often misunderstand how this works. What is necessary for salvation?

Act_2:38 There 1 John_8:24 e Hebrews 11:6 2 desire for salvation

Act_17:30 1. Luke_13:337:25 ? He is able to save to th Mat_10:32-33 th Rom_10:9-21 Joh_5:6 ? to 1Pe_3:21 t Act_22:16 you desire to be made whole? 3. Heb_11:6 ? salvation is to those who diligently seek him 4. Not talking about a mourners bench ? just genuine desire for salvation Have you cried for salvation?

Joh_12:27 Conclusion : My Psalms 6:4; 7:1; 55:16 2 g less than Jesus blood an Matthew 14:30 3 . I dare not trust the sweetest frame but wholly lean on Jesus name. As we sing the invitation song ? What do you DESIRE from God?

Verses 12-26

รท Mar_11:12-26


TITLE: Nothing But Leaves TEXT: Mar_11:12-26 PROPOSITION: Many talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. QUESTION: What? KEY WORD: Applications READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. Jesus was hungry. He saw leaves. He expected fruit. 2. Quote from McGarvey. (See below) 3. Study this passage with three applications. A. Jesus B. Jews C. Christians today Jesus Sought and Seeks

1. Jesus - fig tree should had figs - fruit 2. Jews - God's chosen - should show fruit 3. Christians - saved by God's grace - should show fruit

A. Joh_15:1-5 ? abide in vine, bear much fruit B. Rom_7:4 ? that we should bring forth fruit to God Jesus Found and Finds

1. Jesus - nothing but leaves - outward display only 2. Jews - outward display - no inward results 3. Christians - leaves A. Speak where Bible speaks 1Pe_4:11 Requires study Act_17:11 2Ti_2:15 B. Lord's Supper ? partakes but not remember, not discern C. Teach but do not practice what they teach C. Worship in spirit and truth Joh_4:24 Attend ? but they don't worship Give - not as prospered Sing ? but without spirit, without understanding, listen to others sing Pray - lack faith, life filled with doubt Communion ? partakes but does not remember Christ, discern, examine Jesus Did and Will Do

Mat_25:1-46 The fact that if was not yet fig-time made it worse for this tree. On this kind of fig tree the fruit forms before the leaves, and should be full grown when the leaves appear: so this tree, by putting on its foliage before the time for figs, was proclaiming itself superior to all the other fig trees. This made it a striking symbol of the hypocrite, who, not content with appearing to be as good as other people, usually puts on the appearance of being a great deal better. A Commentary on Matthew and Mark , J. W. McGarvey, p. 335-6


TITLE: How to Grow Faith TEXT: Mar_11:22 PROPOSITION: Faith in God must grow and become stronger. QUESTION: How? KEY WORD: Methods SCRIPTURE READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. Faith is essential. Heb_11:6 ; Joh_8:24 ; and many more. 2. How do we get faith? Romans 10:17 3 . How do we KEEP the faith? 2Ti_4:7 I have kept the faith 4. How do we GROW faith? This is the more difficult question. 5. Here are some methods to increase your faith. Read your Bible

1. Rom_10:17 ? Faith comes by hearing the Word (read, listen to sermon tapes) 2. With a sense of anticipation 3. Regularly ? daily 4. With a desire to make personal application. What is God saying to me? Pray

1. Believing that God WILL hear and respond to you. 2. As we see answers to prayer, that builds our existing faith even stronger. 3. Remove all doubt. Exercise the faith you already have

1. To gain muscles ? use what you got. 2. Faith is TRUST. Do you trust God? 3. Act on that trust. 4. What are you looking to and trusting God for today? Read or listen to the testimonies of other believers

1. Heb_11:1-40 ? Heroes of faith encourage us 2. Joh_20:30-31 These are written that you might believe 3. Read Fox?s Book of Martyrs. 4. Study the persecution of the early church. Obey God's word

Jam_2:18 Accept adversity

1. The trials, problems, and pressures of life are a "tool" that God uses for our spiritual growth and faith development. (This is not an easy one) 2. 1Pe_1:7 ? faith is refined (made pure) in the fiery trials Fellowship

1. 1Jn_1:7 ? Walk in the light, fellowship with Jesus 2. Surround yourself with other Christians. 3. Attend church regularly. 4. Be around strong Christians. Something will rub off on you. Accountability

1. State your faith PUBLICLY. 2. This will help you to stay on the right track and be in obedience to God in yourself and by helping someone else-which will keep your eyes open to God's will and His working in your life.

Verses 27-33

TITLE: By what Authority? TEXT: Mar_11:27-33 PROPOSITION: Authority is an important foundation for our faith. QUESTION: Where? KEY WORD: Sources READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. Jesus was challenged in his “source” of authority.

2. Many today challenge our sources of authority.

3. Where does authority come from?

Sources of Authority:

1. Coup - Usurped, taken by force, hostile take over

2. Delegated - Some higher authority grants you some power

3. Appointed - Requested to do a work, ambassador

4. Legal - The law grants powers to people

1. Police, judge, prosecutors

2. Minister - right to perform weddings

3. Grant of power - power of attorney

5. Civil - Constitutional authority

1. Elected - Senator, President, Mayor, etc.

2. Citizens - vote, drive a car, travel

6. Divine - unlimited, eternal, omnipotent

1. Deity - Trinity - all power

2. Bible - the Word of God

Types of Authority:

1. Commands

1. Direct commands

2. Some commands are not binding - build ark, bring my cloak and parchments

2. Example

1. This is a good way to do it

2. This is a bad way to do it

3. Some examples are not binding - Lord's Supper in upper room

3. Necessary Inference

1. Every text has inferences

2. Things left unsaid, but we can “read between the lines”

3. Necessary = an absolute required conclusion

4. Example s:

1. Necessary - Man came out of building. Infers man entered the building.

2. Not necessary - Boy threw baseball glove at his brother

1. Could imply he was angry at his brother OR

2. It could imply he was sharing his glove with his brother OR

3. He could be returning a borrowed glove to his brother.

5. Not necessary inference - Boy threw the ball. I = Boy was angry with his brother.

6. Biblical example - Giving each Sunday ( 1Co_16:1-2 )

Conclusion :

1. Jesus and the Bible are our sources of authority.

2. Obey them.


TITLE: 4 Stages of Forgiving TEXT: Mar_11:25-26 PROPOSITION: Forgiveness is a part of praying. QUESTION: How? KEY WORD: Stages SCRIPTURE READING: INTRODUCTION:

1. This outline is a logical study developed from the book, Forgive & Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don't Deserve, by Lewis B. Smedes; Harper and Row, 1984.


We Hurt

1. Personal Pain.

2. Unfair Pain.

1. People hurt us because they think we deserve it.

2. People hurt us compulsively.

3. People hurt us with the spillover of their problems.

1. Children hurt in a divorce.

2. People caught in the crossfire.

4. People hurt us with their good intentions.

5. People hurt us by their mistakes.

3. Shallow Pain.

1. Annoyances.

2. Slights.

3. Disappointments.

4. Coming in Second.

4. Deep Pain.

1. Betrayal.

2. Brutality.

We Hate

1. Passive hate - Avoid, no contact, not speak to them.

2. Aggressive hate - Harm them, gossip, tell others of their wrong

3. Some things that make hate hard to cure.

1. It is people, not merely evil, that we hate.

2. We most often aim our hatred at people who live within the circle of our committed love.

3. We hate the people we blame.

4. Holy Hatred. "Righteous Indignation"

We Heal Ourselves

1. "Forgiveness has begun when you recall those who hurt you and feel the power to wish them well."

2. "We cannot pry the wrongdoer loose from the wrong; we can only release the person from our memory of the wrong."

We Come Together - Re-establish happiness or friendship

1. They must truly understand the reality of what they did to hurt you.

2. They must be truthful with the feelings you have.

3. They must be truthful in listening to you.

4. They ought to be truthful about your future together.

Some nice things forgiving is NOT

1. Forgiving is not forgetting.

2. Excusing is not forgiving.

3. Forgiving is not the same as smothering conflict.

4. Accepting people is not forgiving them.

5. We accept people because of the good people they are.

6. We forgive people because of the bad things they did.

7. We accept people - Socially, Professionally, Personally,

8. Forgiving is not tolerance.

PART 2 - FORGIVING PEOPLE WHO ARE HARD TO FORGIVE "It is hard to forgive people we cannot see, or touch, or maybe even know. It is also hard to forgive people who do not care whether we forgive them or not. It is hard to forgive people because they seem too evil to be forgiven. And it may be hardest of all to forgive ourselves." Forgiving the invisible people A. The person who died or can't be located. B. The invisible ghost behind the organization.

1. "Organizations have little grace. They can knock you down, drag you across a bed of nails, throw your remains into the street, and, just before you hit the pavement, hand you a ten dollar plaque with your name on it to show the company's gratitude."

2. You end up hating an impersonal organization.

C. People badly out of focus. (Never "get the picture" of who wronged us.) Forgiving people who do not care - will not repent Repenting is a four-storied mountain. A. The level of perception. B. The level of feeling. C. The level of confession. D. The level of promise. Forgiving ourselves

1. The first thing we need is honesty.

2. You need a clear head to make way for your forgiving heart.

3. Self-esteem is not the same as self-forgiveness.

4. You also need courage.

5. You need to be concrete.

6. You need to confirm your outrageous acts of self-forgiveness with a reckless act of love.

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