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Mark 12

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verses 1-3

TITLE: Jesus the Rock TEXT: Mar_12:1-13 PROPOSITION: Christ is the Rock of our salvation. QUESTION: Which? KEY WORD: Types READING: Mar_12:10-13 INTRODUCTION:

1. Jesus teaches a parable that the hearers understood - too well.

2. The application of this parable is also clear.

3. Jesus is the rock being rejected by the Jews.

Jesus is the Rock:

Wilderness Rock - 1Co_10:4 - Water of Life from the rock in the wilderness Rejected Rock - Act_4:11-12 - Rejected by builders, salvation in no other name Offensive Rock - Rom_9:33 - Rock of offence, stumbling stone (also 1Pe_2:8 ) Solid Rock - Mat_7:24 - Wise man build house on rock, not on sand Church Rock - Mat_16:18 - I will build my church Living Rock - 1Pe_2:4 - chosen of God, precious Chief Corner Rock - 1Pe_2:6 - main stone which holds an arch together Precious Rock - 1Pe_2:7 - jewel, valuable, beautiful

Verses 12-14

TITLE: Teaching the Truth TEXT: Mar_12:12-14 PROPOSITION: All the people knew that Jesus was teaching the truth. QUESTION: How? KEY WORD: Successes SCRIPTURE READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. These people were trying to “butter up” Jesus for their question.

2. They recognized Jesus as one who spoke the truth.

3. How can we have more success in our teaching efforts?

One Doctrine

1. Paul taught the same in every church ( 1Co_16:1 ; 1Co_4:17 )

2. Jud_1:3 - the faith (system of belief) once (and for all time) delivered to the saints

3. Eph_4:5 - There is one faith

Two Encouragements

1. We make mistakes - try to walk in the example of Jesus.

2. Our teaching will not return void ( Isa_55:11 )

Three Admonitions

1. You are teaching God's creatures

2. You are teaching for God

3. There are people who want to be taught

Four Instructions

1. Show others the benefits of studying the Bible

1. Deeper faith in God

2. Understanding how to live here

3. Hope for eternity

2. Develop relationships with people and help them learn to love you

3. Get the people's attention - practical applications to life

4. Care about what you teach people - zeal, excitement, passion - Jer_20:9 - fire in my bones

Five Lessons

1. The moral character of the teacher is extremely important.

2. Goodness is one of the most visible characteristics in a teacher's life.

3. Caution people about the evilness of sin.

4. God is looking for a different kind of heart. ( Psa_51:17 - broken and contrite)

5. When a person realizes the blessings they have in Christ, they can't be quiet.

Verses 13-17

TITLE: Whose Image is on it? TEXT: Mar_12:13-17 PROPOSITION: We must understand the important words of this text. QUESTION: Which? KEY WORD: Words SCRIPTURE READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. This chapter is a series of confrontations.

2. People are trying to trick, entrap, and ensnare Jesus.

3. They begin with “soft soap” to build him up. (v. 14)

Herodians - 13

1. Not a religious group - but a political party loyal to Herod (and thus loyal to Rome)

2. Most Jews resented the Roman rule and sought independence from Rome

3. Their question was intended to create strife between Herodians and Zealots

Lawful - 14

1. Did you ever play “Mother, may I?” game?

2. Lawful includes:

1. Jewish law

2. Will of God

3. Moral sense of right and wrong

3. Today - government waste, used to support wrong (abortions), etc.

4. Should we pay taxes? OR Do I HAVE to pay taxes?

Hypocrisy - 15

1. Jesus saw through their plans - butter up and stick the knife in

2. Hypocrite = acting a part, pretending to be someone you are not

3. Most common - pretends to be righteous, but lives sinful life

4. Here - pretending to seek information - really seeking to trap him

Image - 16

1. Images are not wrong - photos, statues, art

2. An image as an object of worship is wrong. ( Exo_20:4 )

3. Do not worship created things - worship the creator of all things.

4. We bear the image of the heavenly ( 1Co_15:49 )

5. We are made in the image of God ( Gen_1:26-27 )

6. Jesus the “express image” of the Father. ( Heb_1:3 )

7. We should be like Jesus.

Render - 17

1. Dictionary - to return, to pay back

2. To surrender, yield, give up

3. Rom_13:7 - Render to all their dues - tax, tribute, fear, honor

Verses 18-27

TITLE: You do err TEXT: Mar_12:18-27 PROPOSITION: We often make the same mistakes the Sadducees made. QUESTION: What? KEY WORD: Mistakes READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. The Pharisees and Herodians failed to trick Jesus.

2. Now the Sadducees try their hand at it.

3. Question involved the law of Levirate Marriage


1. The question assumes that marriage continues in heaven.

2. Many religious questions - make an assumption

1. I was asked about instrumental music in worship

2. Then, how do you justify tithing? (Assumed we tithed 10%)

3. Many assume the pictures in Bible storybooks are accurate.

1. John the Baptizer with a bowl of water over Jesus head

2. Jesus with long hair (think he was a Nazarite)

3. 3 wise men at the manger the night of Jesus birth

4. Bible is Bible (not rightly divide OT and NT)

1. 2Ti_2:15 - rightly dividing the Word of Truth

2. David played the harp; worship on Saturday

3. Keep the 10 Commandments

Not Know Scriptures

1. Have you not read Exo_3:6 - God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

2. God is not the god of the dead, but of the living.

3. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are alive and serving God.

Not Understand the Power (ability) of God

1. In eternity we will be like the angels

2. We will not marry, nor are we given in marriage.

3. Heaven is not a place for weddings, family units, raising children

4. In heaven, we will be the family of God.

5. Today many forget about the ability of God.

1. Cremation

2. Person lost at sea, body never recovered

3. Help us out of our problems


1. You do greatly err.(27)

2. Do not repeat these mistakes in seeking the truth.

TITLE: You've got to have heart TEXT: Mar_12:28-34 PROPOSITION: We must love God will all our heart. QUESTION: Which? KEY WORD: Feelings READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. This man seems more genuine - not trying to trick Jesus.

2. What is the FIRST (highest, most important) commandment?

3. What is the heart mentioned in this verse?

Love God with your:

1. Heart - as distinguished from the other 3

2. Soul = (psyche in Greek) - real person inside, personality, “heart of hearts”

3. Mind = understanding, dreams, goals, hopes, imagination

4. Strength = power, might, ability, internal strength

Biblical Heart

1. Inner being = soul - depth of your inner most thoughts and feelings

2. Will = decide , strength - 2Co_9:7 As he purposes in his heart, let him give

3. Intellect = mind - Pro_23:7 As a man thinks in his heart, so is he

4. Emotion = heart - text Love God with your heart

Emotions of the Heart

1. Anguish - 2Co_2:4 Anguish of heart

2. Love - text - Love God with your heart

3. Fear - Deu_5:29 - That there were such a heart in them to fear Me

4. Happy, Joy - Joh_16:22 - I will see you again, your heart will rejoice

5. Sorrow - Joh_16:6 - Sorrow has filled your heart

6. Calm peace - Php_4:7 - Peace of God will guard your hearts

Who is not far from the Kingdom?

1. Those who study, seek, search

2. Those who believe

3. Those who repent

4. Those who confess

5. Those who have wandered away

6. Good, honest, moral, religious - like Cornelius ( Act_10:1-48 )

Conclusion :

1. If you will love God with your:

1. Heart - emotions

2. Soul - inner being

3. Mind - thoughts, understanding

4. Strength - will, determination

2. You will not be far from the kingdom of God

Verses 35-40

TITLE: Jesus, Son of Seven TEXT: Mar_12:35-40 PROPOSITION: Jesus is both the descendent and Lord of David. QUESTION: How? KEY WORD: Connections READING: Same INTRODUCTION:

1. The other day I got a call from a man asking if Jesus is the Son of God. I said, “Yes.” He asked, “Then why does Jesus refer to himself as the Son of Man?”

2. Answer: Jesus is BOTH .

Psa_110:1 - Study this passage and implications

1.“Jehovah said to my (David's) Lord, Sit on my right hand”

2. Three people here - Jehovah, David, and Lord

3. Is Jesus under David or over him?

4. Is Jesus the son of David or the Lord over David?

Common people heard him gladly - 37

1. Not many high, mighty, rich are called.

2. Jesus appealed not to intellectual, powerful, rich, political forces

3. Jesus appealed to the common, ordinary man on the street

Beware of the scribes

1. Walk about in robes

2. Love greetings in the marketplace

3. Chief seat in synagogue

4. Upper most place at a feast

5. Devour widow's houses

6. Make a pretense of long prayers

7. Receive greater condemnation

Jesus, Son of Seven

1. Son of Adam - all men ( Luk_3:38 )

2. Son of Abraham - Hebrew, Jew ( Mat_1:1 )

3. Son of David - Tribe of Judah, King ( Mat_1:1 )

4. Son of Joseph (supposed) - human, legal heir ( Luk_3:23 )

5. Son of Mary - virgin birth ( Mar_6:3 Is this not the son of Mary?)

6. Son of man - obey the Father ( Joh_3:14 Son of Man must be lifted up)

7. Son of God - deity ( Mat_16:16 Peter's confession)

Verses 41-44

(This is done near the close of the service as a follow-up to the sermon.)

1. Pass out cards - 4X6 card with “Present” and “Future” and a box under each word.

2. Instructions

1. Do not write your name on this card

2. One card per giver

3. Notice the word “Present” and the box under it.

4. Get a pen, pencil, writing stick

5. Write in the box below the word “Present” your current WEEKLY contribution. NOTE : Some give monthly or twice a month - figure out the average for a weekly amount. This will keep the cards uniform.

6. Put your thumb over this box.

UNDER YOUR THUMB IS: Support - for mission work, care for elderly and orphans, help the needy Programs of this church - Medical missions, VBS, Bears, Bible classes, visitation, the work and dedication of our elders, and deacons, physical needs (utilities, phone), improvements (carpet, PA system), repairs (furnace, roof, etc.) Worship - Appreciation for the blessings from God, Love for Jesus, how much you love God CAN YOU GIVE MORE? Could the number be raised? .50, $1, $5, $10, $100, any amount Will you make a decision that you will increase your weekly contribution by some amount? I am not asking for a giant jump (unless that is needed). When your increase is combined with others - the result will be a great help.

1. Write the new amount in the second box - under the word “Future” NOTE : Do not write the increase. Write the total amount you plan to give from now on.

2. Fold this card ONCE so the two boxes face each other and the numbers you wrote are inside.

3. Pass these cards to the center aisle to be collected.

4. These cards will be given to the elders for tabulation

2. Have young men collect cards.

Bibliographical Information
Luscombe, Manly. "Commentary on Mark 12". Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NT. https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/mlc/mark-12.html. 2021.
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