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Romans 9

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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In chapter nine Paul discusses the condition of the Jews in view of their rejection of Christ and the Gospel. He emphasizes that their condition does not mean that:

A. Their salvation is impossible. (Too late)

B. They have ample opportunity to obey. (Lots of time.)

Verses 1-5

1-2 Paul has sorrow for fellow Jews. Heavy heart.

3 Willing to be lost for others. Would you?

4 Special blessings of the Jews:

1. Adopted as God's special people.

2. Were given a special law.

3. Under special covenants.

4. Had special promises of salvation, protection.

5 5. Christ came in the flesh as a Jew.

Verses 6-8

6 God's Word has not failed, not lack power.


1. Not all born a Jew are faithful to God.

2. Faith, not birth, is the key.

APPLY: To the church -

1. "Not all on a church role are Christians."

2. We fail to fellowship some who might be right with God.

3. We fellowhip some who are not right with God.

7 Not automatic - Seed of Abraham is not =

1. Blood line.

2. Genealogy

Seed of Abraham = THOSE WHO HAVE FAITH.

8 Children of flesh <> children of God

Children of God = children of promise

Children of God = children through Christ


Verses 9-12

9 God made a promise. It was kept.

Sarah shall have a son. She had Isaac.

10 Same is true of Rebecca. She had Jacob.

11 God had a plan.

Foreknowledge of God said:

1. Before they were born.

2. Before they had done good or evil.

3. Before they had done any works.

God choose, elected, according to His purpose:

12 Elder (Esau) shall serve younger (Jacob).

Verses 13-21

13 God loved Jacob.

God "hated" Esau.


1. Nothing to de with their eternal salvation.

2. Not hate in sense of "despise, bad feelings"

3. Vine, p. 538, "Relative preference for one thing over another" See Mat_6:24 ; Luk_14:26

14 Is God unrighteous? NO!

Is God unfair? unjust? playing favorites? NO!

15 God is God!

Mercy to those He chooses.

Compassion on those He chooses.

16 IT IS NOT UP TO US TO DECIDE! We are not smarter than God. ( Jer_10:23 ; Isa_55:8-11 )

We are JUST:

1. Servants

2. Runners

We are NOT: the Boss, in charge, the ruler, Lord

17 Look at the example of Pharaoh.

1. God raised him up, put him on the throne.

2. God knew that through this God's power would be demonstrated to all, Israel and Egypt.

3. God's name would be known throughout the earth.

18 Mercy given where mercy was needed.

Whom He will (wanted, decided) He hardened.


1. Plagues 2. Pharoah 3. God

4. Egyptians 5. Moses 6. Israel

19 We have no right to question God.

See Jer_10:23 ; Isa_55:8-11 .

To question God implies, that we are smarter, know more about the matter, are wiser than God.

Who will find fault with God?

Who will resist His will? (Can you change God's plan?)

20 Who am I (or you) to reply against God?

Who designed whom?

Who is in charge: the thing formed or the designer?

21 Who is in charge in the pottery shop? Clay or Potter?

Take a lump of clay - I can make it into a beautiful vase that will be a work of art; OR; I can make a plain old bean pot.

Verses 22-24

22 "What if ...?"

1. God wants to show His wrath, anger?

2. God wants to show His power?

3. God wants to be long-suffering with wickedness?

23 4. God wants to show His riches and glory?

5. God want to show mercy?

24 6. God wants to call us? bless us? save us?

7. God wants to be patient with us?

8. God wants to save Gentiles (blacks, poor)?

Verses 25-28

25 Quote from Hos_2:23 . God can adopt anyone He wants to adopt. Those which are not His people, can be made the people of God.

God can love whom He wants to love.

26 The prophecy will be fulfilled ( Hos_1:10 )

Those who are not God's people, can be called God's people and made children of God.

27 Isaiah taught this: ( Isa_10:22 )

1. Israel will be like sand on a beach in number.

2. Only a remnant will be saved.

28 The Lord can stop the work, cut it short, when He sees that it is best. God can end this world anytime He is ready.

Verse 29

29 God is Lord of Sabaoth (hosts, armies)

NOT: Sabbath = seventh day of the week

When God decides to "quit us" = Sodom and Gomorrah

Verses 30-33

30 Gentiles -

1. Did not always follow God's laws

2. Have been offered righteousness

3. Obtained righteousness through faith

31 Israel -

1. Followed God's laws

2. Has not obtained righteousness

32 WHY?

1. Did not seek to believe (have faith)

2. Tried to obtain by "works of the law"

3. Works became a "stumbling stone"

33 In Zion there is a stumbling stone, rock of offense

Whosoever -

1. Believes on Him (Christ)

a. Mat_21:42

b. 1Pe_2:6-8

2. Shall not be ashamed.

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