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Romans 10

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verses 1-3

1 Paul wants (fleshly) Israel to be saved.

2 They have the zeal.

They lack the knowledge.

3 They are:

Ignorant of God's righteousness

Seeking to establish their own righteousness

Not submitting to God's righteousness

Verses 4-11

4 Christ is the end (purpose, object, grand conclusion) of the law of Moses to all who believe.

5 Moses described righteousness of the law:

He that keeps the commandments (requirements);

Will live by (place his trust in) them.

6 Contrast with the righteousness of faith:

NOTE: Justification is personified, a mode of speech quite common with Paul. Here is the meaning:

"Who will go to heaven and bring Christ back?" -- Do you need Christ present to believe in him? Are you demanding what is impossible conditions for your faith? "Go up to heaven, if Christ is there, bring him back and we will believe on him."

7 "Who will go down into the deep and return Christ from the dead?" -- They are saying, "If you will go into the realm of Hades and bring Christ back from the dead, we will believe."

8 If neither of the above is correct; WHAT DOES JUSTIFICATION BY BELIEF SAY?

What justification by faith requires is easy.

Nigh - near, easy, simple to accomplish

The word of faith = the doctrine of belief

9 Confess --

Jesus is Lord, the Son of God

With the mouth

Originate in the heart

Results -- you shall be saved.

10 With Heart We believe Unto righteousness

With Mouth We confess Unto salvation

11 What does the Bible say?

Whosoever believes on him --

Shall not be ashamed

See: Mat_10:32-33 confess vs. deny

Verse 12

12 No difference in how we are saved.

Jew Gentile Black Poor

Arab American White Rich

Jesus is the same Lord for all ( Heb_13:8 )

Verse 13

13 Call =

A. Say the name?

B. Hear in a vision the name?

C. Accept the offer of the name?

NOTE: Mat_7:21 "Not everyone that says"

Shall be saved.

Verses 14-15

14 Follow the "logic chain"

Must call to be saved

Can't call till they believe

Can't believe till they hear

Can't hear till a preacher (teacher) tells them

15 Can't preach till they are sent


Verse 16

16 Not all have obeyed the gospel.

Discuss the term: "Obeyed the gospel"

Proof: Not all believed our report.

Verses 17-21

17 How do we get faith?

A. Hearing the word of God.

B. Study, meditate, learn the word of God.

NOTE: Faith also comes from putting that learned to the test in our lives.

18 BUT: Haven't they heard? YES!

Col_1:23 unto every creature under heaven

Act_1:8 unto the uttermost parts of the earth

Rom_1:8 spoken of thorughout the world

19 QUESTION: Didn't Israel know? (understand)

A. Moses - God brought in Gentiles to make Jews jealous and angry.

20 B. Isaiah - God had perished form the minds of the gentiles; but, God was found in them.

They found God - but were not searching.

They learned God - but did not ask about Him.

21 God says, "I kept making offers - BUT:

A. They were disobedient.

B. They were gainsaying (speaking against).

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