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Revelation 22

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Verse 1

Pure. Omit.

Clear [λαμπρον] . See on Luke 23:11. Rev., bright.

Verse 2

In the midst of the street thereof. Some connect these words with the preceding. So Rev.

On either side [εντευθεν και εντευθεν] . For the latter ejnteuqen read ejkeiqen, as render, as Rev., on this side and on that.

Tree [ξυλον] . See on Luke 23:31, and Revelation 2:7.

Twelve manner of fruits [καρπους δωδεκα] . Lit., twelve fruits. Some render crops or harvests of fruit. On these two verses compare Ezekiel 47:1-12; Joel 3:18; Zechariah 14:8.

Verse 3

Shall serve [λατρευσουσιν] . See on Luke 1:74. Rev., do Him service. The word originally means to serve for hire. In the New Testament, of the worship or service of God in the use of the rites intended for His worship. It came to be used by the Jews in a very special sense, to denote the service rendered to Jehovah by the Israelites as His peculiar people. See Romans 9:4; Acts 26:7; Hebrews 9:1, Hebrews 9:6. Hence the significant application of the term to Christian service by Paul in Philippians 3:3.

Verse 4

See His face. Compare 1 John 3:2; Matthew 5:8; Exodus 33:20; Psalms 17:15.

Verse 5

No night there [εκει] . Substitute eti any more. Rev., there shall be night no more.

Verse 6

The Lord God [κυριος ο θεος] . Rather, as Rev., the Lord, the God. Of the holy prophets [των αγιων προφητων] . For aJgiwn holy substitute pneumatwn spirits, and render, as Rev., the God of the spirits of the prophets.

Be done [γεγεσθαι] . Better, as Rev., come to pass.

Verse 7

Keepeth [τηρων] . A favorite word with John, occurring in his writings more frequently than in all the rest of the New Testament together. See on reserved 1 Peter 1:4.

Book [βιβλιου] . Diminutive, properly a little book or scroll. See on writing, Matthew 19:7; bill, Mark 10:2; book, Luke 4:17.

Verse 8

I John saw [εγω ιωαννης ο βλεπων] . The A. V. overlooks the article with the participle - the one seeing. Hence Rev., correctly, I John am he that heard and saw.

Had heard and seen [ηκουσα και εβλεψα] . Aorist tense. There is no need of rendering it as a pluperfect. Rev., rightly, I heard and saw. The appeal to hearing and seeing is common to all John's writings. See John 1:14; John 19:35; John 21:14; 1 John 1:1, 1 John 1:2; John 4:14.

Verse 9

See thou do it not [ορα μη] . Lit., see not.

Thy brethren the prophets. The spiritual brotherhood of John with the prophets is exhibited in Revelation.

Verse 10

Seal [σφραγισης] . Rev., seal up. This word occurs eighteen times in Revelation and twice in the Gospel, and only five times elsewhere in the New Testament. It means to confirm or attest (John 3:33); to close up for security (Matthew 27:66; Revelation 20:3); to hide or keep secret (Revelation 10:4; Revelation 22:10); to mark a person or thing (Revelation 7:3; Ephesians 1:13; Ephesians 4:30) Time [καιρος] . See on Matthew 12:1.

Verse 11

Unjust [αδικων] . Rev., better, unrighteous.

Let him be unjust [αδικησατω] . The verb means to do wickedly. Hence Rev., correctly, let him do unrighteousness.

He which is filthy [ο ρυπων] . Only here in the New Testament. On the kindred noun rJupov filth, see on 1 Peter 3:21. Ruparia filthiness occurs only in James 1:21; and the adjective rJuparov filthy only in James 2:2. Let him be filthy [ρυπωσατω] . The best texts read rJupanqhtw let him be made filthy. So Rev.

Let him be righteous [δικαιωθητω] . Read dikaiosunhn poihsatw let him do righteousness. So Rev.

Let him be holy [αγιασθητω] . Rev., giving literally the force of the passive voice, let him be made holy.

Verse 12

My reward is with me [ο μισθος μου μετ εμου] . Misqov reward is strictly wages. Compare Isaiah 40:10; Isaiah 61:11. See on 2 Peter 2:13. To give [αποδουναι] . Lit., to give back or in return for, thus appropriate to misqov reward. Hence Rev., better, render. See on give an account, Luke 16:2; and gave, Acts 4:33.

Shall be [εσται] . Read ejstin is.

Verse 14

That do His commandments [οι ποιουντες τας εντολας αυτου] . Read oiJ plunontev tav stolav aujtwn they that wash their robes. Compare ch. 7 14.

That they may have right to the tree of life [ινα εσται η εξουσια αυτων επι το ξυλον της ζωης] . Lit., in order that theirs shall be authority over the tree of life. For ejxousia right, authority, see on John 1:12. Epi may be the preposition of direction : "may have right to come to" (so Rev.) or may be rendered over.

Verse 15

Dogs [οι κυνες] . The A. V. omits the article "the dogs." Compare Philippians 3:2. This was the term of reproach with which the Judaizers stigmatized the Gentiles as impure. In the Mosaic law the word is used to denounce the moral profligacies of heathen worship (Deuteronomy 23:18). Compare Matthew 14:26. Here the word is used of those whose moral impurity excludes them from the New Jerusalem. "As a term of reproach, the word on the lips of a Jew, signified chiefly impurity; of a Greek, impudence. The herds of dogs which prowl about Eastern cities, without a home and without an owner, feeding on the refuse and filth of the streets, quarreling among themselves, and attacking the passer - by, explain both applications of the image" (Lightfoot, on Philippians 3:2). Sorcerers. See on ch. Revelation 9:21, and compare ch. 21 8.

Whoremongers [πορνοι] . Rev., better, fornicators.

Maketh [ποιων] . Or doeth. Compare doeth the truth, John 3:21; 1 John 1:6. See on John 3:21.

Verse 16

The root. Compare Isaiah 11:1, Isaiah 11:10. See on Nazarene, Matthew 2:23. The morning - star. See on ch. Revelation 2:28.

Verse 17

The Spirit. In the Church.

The Bride. The Church.

Heareth. The voice of the Spirit and the Bride.

Verse 19

The Book of Life. Read tou xulou the tree. So Rev.

Verse 20

Even so [ναι] . Omit.

Verse 21

Our Lord [ημων] . Omit.

With you all [μετα παντων υμων] . The readings differ. Some read meta pantwn with all, omitting you. Others, meta twn aJgiwn with the saints.

Bibliographical Information
Vincent, Marvin R. DD. "Commentary on Revelation 22". "Vincent's Word Studies in the New Testament". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/vnt/revelation-22.html. Charles Schribner's Sons. New York, USA. 1887.
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