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Revelation 22

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

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Verses 1-21

  1. INTRO:
    1. We’re still on a whirlwind tour of the New City Jer.
      1. Our Tour guide à (21:9)
      2. Last chapter we were outside the city looking in…”Let’s step inside!”
      3. Stepping inside we find a beautiful garden! (From a beautiful garden to a beautiful garden!)
  2. THE INSIDE! (1-5)
  3. The River (1)
    1. Ez.47 speaks of one coming from the throne of God (prob. Mill.)
    2. Ps.23:2b “He leads me beside still waters!”
  4. The Tree (2)
    1. The Tree of life” - In Genesis An angel prevented Adam from coming near it - Here free access is granted!
    2. It is not implied that there is any disease in the New Jer. - But the tree is put forth to show the perpetual health & life of the inhabitants!
  5. The Lord (3-5)
    1. vs.3 - “No more Curse” - Started in Gen.3.
      1. The O.T. ended w/a curse also! (Mal. 4:6 “And he will turn The hearts of the fathers to the children, And the hearts of the children to their fathers, Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.”)
    2. vs.4 - “They shall see His face!” - It doesn’t get better than this folks!
      1. Here I believe John learned from His master, “you save the best wine for last!”
      2. We won’t just hear Him, but SEE Him!
      3. I can describe a favorite camping spot to you, but if I take you there & let you see it….big difference!
      4. He’ll still have the “marks” in His body, but I don’t picture them grotesque. {Father w/bee in car; caught & let go - A sign of love!}
      5. Oh, to stare in His face! {I love to stare in Kelly’s face}
  6. THE WORD! (6-21)
    1. If you weren’t going to speak for a couple thousand years what would be your final words?
  7. Its Accuracy! (6)
    1. These Words are Faithful & True” - “In the original, autographed manuscripts, every jot & tittle, every word, every letter, was God-Breathed!
    2. His words are accurate & the truth it contains have been transmitted. Recorded, arranged, & preserved exactly as God had in mind.
  8. Its Authority! (7-9)
    1. vs.7 - Jesus breaks in here & speaks for Himself about His precious Word
      1. Keeps” - guards, to watch over, to preserve intact!
    2. vs.8 - John’s knees buckle hearing this!
    3. vs.9 - The Angel shows the importance of the words of the book, & leads John right back to it!
  9. Its Accessibility! (10)
    1. Daniel was told to seal one of his visions(12:4-9)
    2. He’s told not to “Veil the Unveiling!”
    3. We are told we CAN understand the things of this book(1:3).
      1. Only 1 verse in 10:4 was held back from us!
  10. Its Accountability! (11-17)
    1. vs.11 - (?) Were these words used to stir men to a realization of their conduct in continuing to reject the warnings of God?
      1. These words speak of permanency of character - “Hot or Cold”!
    2. Some note this verse is sandwiched between the 2 “Coming quickly” passages meaning, “when He comes you’ll be as you are!” No time to change your character!
      1. Decision determines character & character determines Destiny!
    3. Is it worth it to live a godly life? Yes! Jesus is returning, & He has His rewards w/Him!
      1. Heaven is more than a Destination; it is a Motivation!
      2. Read - #12 (Ill unl)
    4. Is it worth it to live an ungodly life? No! Jesus is returning, & He’ll have His reward for you!
      1. “Our hearts, like muffled drums, keep beating funeral marches to the graves.”
    5. vs.14,15 - Contrast: those that “do” the word…enter the city! Those who reject His word are excluded from the City!
      1. Dogs” - Sorry dog lovers. Symbol of scrawny scavengers & were unclean.
    6. vs.16 - Picture the Root & the Fruit of the tree (& David is the trunk)
      1. Jesus gave David life(Diety); David gave Him life(humanity)!
    7. Not only a star, but the Bright & Morning star! The one that shouts “IT’S DAY!”
    8. vs.17 - “Come”(3 x’s) - This 1st rang out in Gen.7:1 when God told Noah "Come into the ark, you and all your household, because I have seen that you are righteous before Me in this generation.”
      1. A call to come out of the place of wrath, & into the place of protection!
    9. You’ll either hear: “Come” or “Depart”! {Q: Which word will you hear when your name is called?}
    10. Thirst” - Severe water shortage in the Middle-East & Africa rt. Now (holding a “World Water Forum” in Morocco)
    11. The rich man in hell wanted just a single drop to ease his torment of thirst!
      1. When he was alive on earth he could have had eternal access to the River of Life!
    12. Freely” - Let’s look at His terms: He wants no Payments…no Preparation! (Wow!)
      1. Nothing in my hands I bring!…only to the cross I cling!”
  11. Its Altering! (18,19)
    1. Speaking to the copyist? Or the hearer?
    2. I think of the “Jesus Seminar” people(judging which of Jesus words written are valid…Look out!)
    3. Is this limited to Rev.? (also found in Deut.4:2; 12:32 & Prov.30:6 “Do not add to His words, Lest He rebuke you, and you be found a liar.”)
      1. We might do this in our interpreting…(handle the bible w/care)!
      2. We might do this by…not doing the things therein!
  12. Its Amens! (20,21)
    1. vs.20 - “Quickly” - When it happens there will be no delay…Swift!!!
      1. 3 times in this chapter! (7,12,20)
    2. vs.21 - “Amen” - Amen bookends! (1:6,7)
    3. Grace” - Isn’t it fitting His last word to us is GRACE!
      1. Quote - Amazing Grace!
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