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BAND, n.See Bind and Bend.

1. A fillet a cord a tie a chain any narrow ligament with which a thing is bound, tied or fastened, or by which a number of things are confined together.
2. In architecture, any flat low member of molding, broad but not deep, called also fascia, face or plinth.
3. Figuratively, any chain any means of restraint that which draws or confines.
4. Means of union or connection between persons as, Hymen's bands.
5. Any thing bound round or encircling another.
6. Something worn about the neck as the bands of clergymen.
7. A company of soldiers the body of men united under one flag or ensign. Also, indefinitely, a troop, a body of armed men.

2 Kings 6

8. A company of persons united in any common design as a band of brothers.
9. A slip of canvas, sewed across a sail to strengthen it.

The band of pensioners in England, is a company of 120 gentlemen, who receive a yearly allowance of f100st., for attending the king on solemn occasions.

The bands of a saddle are two pieces of iron nailed upon the bows, to hold them in their proper situation.

BAND, To bind together to bind over with a band.

2. To unite in a troop, company or confederacy.

BAND, To unite to associate to confederate for some common purpose. Acts 23

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