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1: σπεῖρα

(Strong's #4686 — Noun Feminine — speira — spi'-rah )

primarily "anything round," and so "whatever might be wrapped round a thing, a twisted rope," came to mean "a body of men at arms," and was the equivalent of the Roman manipulus. It was also used for a larger body of men, a cohort, about 600 infantry, commanded by a tribune. It is confined to its military sense. See, e.g., Matthew 27:27 , and corresponding passages.

2: δεσμός

(Strong's #1199 — Noun Masculine — desmos — des-mon', des-mos' )

"a band, fetter, anything for tying" (from deo, "to bind, fasten with chains, etc."), is sometimes translated "band," sometimes "bond;" "bands," in Luke 8:29; Acts 16:26; 22:30 , AV only. In the case of the deaf man who had an impediment in his speech, whom the Lord took aside, Mark 7:35 , the AV says "the string of his tongue was loosed;" the RV, more literally, "the bond of his tongue." See BOND , CHAIN , STRING.

3: σύνδεσμος

(Strong's #4886 — Noun Masculine — sundesmos — soon'-des-mos )

an intensive form of No. 2, denoting "that which binds firmly together," is used metaphorically of the joints and bands of the mystic body of Christ, Colossians 2:19; otherwise in the following phrases, "the bond of iniquity," Acts 8:23; "the bond of peace," Ephesians 4:3; "the bond of perfectness," Colossians 3:14 . See BOND.

4: ζευκτηρία

(Strong's #2202 — Noun Feminine — zeukteria — dzyook-tay-ree'-ah )

"a bond" (connected with zugos, "a yoke"), is found once, of the rudder band of a ship, Acts 27:40 .

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