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LIE, water impregnated with alkaline salt, is written lye, to distinguish it from lie, a falsehood.

LIE, n.

1. A criminal falsehood a falsehood uttered for the purpose of deception an intentional violation of truth. Fiction, or a false statement or representation, not intended to deceive, mislead or injure, as in fables, parables and the like, is not a lie.

It is willful deceit that makes a lie. A man may act a lie, as by pointing his finger in a wrong direction, when a traveler inquires of him his road.

2. A fiction in a ludicrous sense.
3. False doctrine. 1 John 2 .
4. An idolatrous picture of God, or a false god. Romans 1 .
5. That which deceives and disappoints confidence.

Micah 1 .

To give the lie, to charge with falsehood. A man's actions may give the lie to his words.


1. To utter falsehood with an intention to deceive, or with an immoral design.

Thou hast not lied to men, but to God. Acts 5 .

2. To exhibit a false representation to say or do that which deceives another, when he has a right to know the truth, or when morality requires a just representation.

LIE, pret. lay pp. lain, lien, obs. The Gr. word usually signifies to speak, which is to utter or throw out sounds. Hence to lie down is to throw one's self down, and probably lie and lay are of one family, as are jacio and jacceo, in Latin.

1. To be in a horizontal position, or nearly so, and to rest on any thing lengthwise, and not on the end. Thus a person lies on a bed, and a fallen tree on the ground. A cask stands on its end, but lies on its side.
2. To rest in an inclining posture to lean as, to lie on or against a column.
3. To rest to press on.
4. To be reposited in the grave.

All the kings of the earth, even all of them, lie in glory.

Isaiah 14 .

5. To rest on a bed or couch to be prostrate as, to lie sick.

My little daughter lieth at the point of death. Mark 5 .

6. To be situated. New Haven lies in the forty second degree of north latitude. Ireland lies west of England.

Envy lies between beings equal in nature, though unequal in circumstances.

7. To be to rest to abide to remain often followed by some word denoting a particular condition as, to lie waste to lie fallow to lie open to lie hid to lie pining or grieving to lie under one's displeasure to lie at the mercy of a creditor, or at the mercy of the waves.
8. To consist.

He that thinks that diversion may not lie in hard labor, forgets the early rising of the huntsman.

9. To be sustainable in law to be capable of being maintained. An action lies against the tenant for waste.

An appeal lies in this case.

To lie at, to tease or importune. Little used.

To lie at the heart, to be fixed as an object of affection or anxious desire.

1. To lie by, to be reposited, or remaining with. He has the manuscript lying by him.
2. To rest to intermit labor. We lay by during the heat of the day.

To lie in the way, to be an obstacle or impediment. Remove the objections that lie in the way of an amicable adjustment.

To lie hard or heavy, to press to oppress to burden.

To lie on hand, to be or remain in possession to remain unsold or undisposed of.

Great quantities of wine lie on hand, or have lain long on hand.

To lie on the hands, to remain unoccupied or unemployed to be tedious. Men are sometimes at a loss to know how to employ the time that lies on their hands.

To lie on the head, to be imputed.

What he gets more of her than sharp words, let it lie on my head.

To lie in wait, to wait for in concealment to lie in ambush to watch for an opportunity to attack or seize.

To lie in one, to be in the power of to belong to.

As much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

Romans 41 .

To lie down, to lay the body on the ground or other level place also, to go to rest.

To lie in, to be in childbed to bring forth young.

To lie under, to be subject to to suffer to be oppressed by.

To lie on or upon, to be a matter of obligation or duty. It lies on the plaintiff to maintain his action.

1. To lie with, to lodge or sleep with also, to have carnal knowledge of.
2. To belong to. It lies with you to make amends.

To lie over, to remain unpaid, after the time when payment is due as a note in bank.

To lie to, to be stationary, as a ship.

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