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Priesthood, Priest's Office

A — 1: ἱεράτευμα
(Strong's #2406 — Noun Neuter — hierateuma — hee-er-at'-yoo-mah )

denotes "a priesthood" (akin to hierateuo, see below), "a body of priests," consisting of all believers, the whole church (not a special order from among them), called "a holy priesthood," 1 Peter 2:5; "a royal priesthood," 1 Peter 2:9; the former term is associated with offering spiritual sacrifices, the latter with the royal dignity of showing forth the Lord's excellencies (RV). In the Sept., Exodus 19:6; 23:22 .

A — 2: ἱερωσύνη
(Strong's #2420 — Noun Feminine — hierosune — hee-er-o-soo'-nay )

"a priesthood," signifies the office, quality, rank and ministry of "a priest," Hebrews 7:11,12,24 , where the contrasts between the Levitical "priesthood" and that of Christ are set forth. In the Sept., 1 Chronicles 29:22 .

A — 3: ἱερατεία
(Strong's #2405 — Noun Feminine — hierateia — hee-e-at-i'-ah )

"a priesthood," denotes the priest's office, Luke 1:9; Hebrews 7:5 , RV, "priest's office."

B — 1: ἱερατεύω
(Strong's #2407 — Verb — hierateuo — hee-er-at-yoo'-o )

signifies "to officiate as a priest," Luke 1:8 , "he executed the priest's office."

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