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Third, Thirdly

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1: τρίτος
(Strong's #5154 — Adjective — tritos — tree'-tos )

is used (a) as a noun, e.g., Luke 20:12,31; in Revelation 8:7-12; 9:15,18 , "the third part," lit., "the third;" (b) as an adverb, with the article, "the third time," e.g., Mark 14:41; John 21:17 (twice); without the article, lit., "a third time," e.g., John 21:14; 2 Corinthians 12:14; 13:1; in enumerations, in Matthew 26:44 , with ek, "from," lit., "from the third time" (the ek indicates the point of departure, especially in a succession of events, cp. John 9:24; 2 Peter 2:8 ); absolutely, in the accusative neuter, in 1 Corinthians 12:28 , "thirdly;" (c) as an adjective (its primary use), e.g., in the phrase "the third heaven," 2 Corinthians 12:2 [cp. HEAVEN, A, No. 1 (c), PARADISE]; in the phrase "the third hour," Matthew 20:3; Mark 15:25; Acts 2:15 ("... of the day"); Acts 23:23 ("... of the night"); in a phrase with hemera, "a day," "on the third day" (i.e., "the next day but one"), e.g., Matthew 16:21; Luke 24:46; Acts 10:40; in this connection the idiom "three days and three nights," Matthew 12:40 , is explained by ref. to 1 Samuel 30:12,13 , and Esther 4:16; 5:1; in Mark 9:31; 10:34 , the RV, "after three days," follows the texts which have this phrase, the AV, "the third day," those which have the same phrase as in Matthew 16:21 , etc.

Note: For "third story," Acts 20:9 , RV, see STORY.

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