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Judges 14:14 (c) The lion is the eater and the honey is the meat. It is a lovely picture of the sweet, precious and delightful food which we find in the Lord JESUS CHRIST as we partake of Him for the blessing of our souls.

Psalm 42:3 (a) There are those who feed upon their sorrows. Their griefs are never comforted, and their conversation is continually about the troubles they have had. They are never satisfied unless they weep over former losses.

Psalm 69:21 (a) When our Saviour was hanging on the Cross hungry, thirsty and torn with grief and sorrow, they gave Him the bitter gall instead of the comfort and the water that He so much needed.

Proverbs 23:6 (a) The wicked seem to have every kind of blessing that the heart desires. Often these riches have been obtained by dishonest means and methods. The Lord wants us to be satisfied with that which He provides, and which we obtained by honest efforts. Let us not crave to have that which the devil gives.

Daniel 1:3 (c) The rich food which came from the king's table had been offered first to an idol. Daniel would have none of that which was highly esteemed among men, and especially among royalty. It was defiled food. Let us remember that the finest that the world can give is not the portion of GOD's people.

John 4:12, John 4:34 (a) Our Lord indicates by this type that the will of GOD satisfied the longings of the heart of the Son of GOD, and that he flourished and grew on the service of His Father. We too should feed on the will, the words and the work of GOD.

John 6:27 (a) The Lord is using this figure to indicate worldly gain and worldly goods upon which men feed for satisfaction. Rather He offers us the blessings of the Christian life as food for our souls and hearts.

John 6:55 (a) This passage refers definitely to a very intimate association with CHRIST wherein He Himself in His own person becomes priceless and precious to our hearts' affections. The mother says to her baby, "I could eat you up!" It is a figure which indicates that the heart, soul and life are wrapped up in the Son of GOD.

1 Corinthians 8:13 (a) It is quite evident that Paul uses this figure to show that he would not do anything which his own soul desired, if the doing of it would hurt the heart and the feelings of one of GOD's dear children.

Hebrews 5:12 (a) The word in this passage is used to illustrate the deep truths of the Word of GOD. Those Christians had to receive the simplest kind of teaching because they had not learned to think through the doctrines and the philosophies of the Word of GOD.

Hebrews 13:9 (a) The heart is not to be influenced by human arguments, man-made theories, and various religious devices. GOD wants our souls to be strong and healthy because we are resting upon the facts of the Scriptures, and not on the fancies of men.

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Watson, Walter. Entry for 'Meat'. Wilson's Dictoinary of Bible Types. 1957.

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