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Exodus 12:42 (c) The ungodly live in the dark. Paul came to turn men from darkness to light. This darkness in Egypt was just a type and a picture of those who live without the light of life, then are suddenly cut off and taken to the outer dark. When the plague of darkness fell upon Egypt, there was light in all the houses of the Israelites. Those who reject the light of life dwell here and hereafter in darkness.

Leviticus 6:9 (c) This represents the night of need. The sinner is living in the dark and so the sacrifice is constantly being offered for him in order that he may be saved any time that he will came to the altar to find the Saviour. There is no time in the sinner's life when he may not come and find the Saviour ready to save him.

Job 35:10 (c) This describes the terrible dark times which Job experienced when he lost all his possessions and only GOD remained. He sang in the midst of his poverty and boils.

Psalm 16:7 (c) This type represents the dark times in David's life when the shadows fell across his path, and he was constantly in fear for his life.

Psalm 30:5 (c) This probably represents the whole period of this life as contrasted with the time of the coming of the Lord which is the morning hour. It also represents the dark times of some specific sorrow. The Lord gives deliverance and joy follows.

Psalm 42:8 (c) This represents a time of perplexity in which victory is given while the difficulty still remains.

Isaiah 21:12 (b) The night which is mentioned no doubt refers to the long night of eternity which is called the "outer dark" in the New Testament. In hell none of the light of GOD may be seen. The sinner asks about the night. He hardly ever asks, "Is there a Heaven?" His inquiry is about hell. The answer in this verse reminds the inquirer of the fact that there is a morning coming, a morning without clouds. It is the time when our precious Lord rules and reigns, and all sin and wickedness has been put away. The saved man enters into the morning time of blessing, while the unsaved man enters into the night of sorrow and suffering.

Jeremiah 14:8 (b) Israel is going through a time of darkness and despair while scattered over the earth. Some day this night will be past, and CHRIST, the Sun of Righteousness, will resume His place on the earth, but not as a lowly shepherd, but as the mighty King who will bring light and life to the nation of Israel.

Hosea 7:6 (b) We may learn from this that those in Israel who should have been producing blessing and profit for the nation were not doing so. The leaders were failing in their task as helpers of GOD's people.

John 13:30 (c) It is always night for those who turn their backs on CHRIST, go out of His presence to deny Him, and take their place among the enemies of GOD, and those who wickedly oppose CHRIST JESUS. (See also John 11:10).

1 Thessalonians 5:5 (a) This is one of the many ways in which the Lord assures us that those who are His children saved by grace, and brought into His marvelous light, do not belong to the kingdom of darkness, nor do they accept the theology of those who are in the dark.

Revelation 21:25 (a) In Heaven where the Lord is the light, there are no times of darkness, no seasons of sorrow or perplexity, no hidden times when the sun goes down and sin comes up. Those who go to Heaven dwell in the light constantly, and there are never any shadows there.

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