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Strong's #1654 - ἐλεημοσύνη

Root Word (Etymology)
from (G1656)
Parts of Speech
feminine noun
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  1. mercy, pity
    1. esp. as exhibited in giving alms, charity
  2. the benefaction itself, a donation to the poor, alms
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 571 ‑ אֱמֶת (eh'‑meth);  2617 ‑ חֶסֶד (kheh'‑sed);  6664 ‑ צֶדֶק (tseh'‑dek);  6666 ‑ צְדָקָה (tsed‑aw‑kaw');  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (14)
Matthew 4
Luke 2
Acts 8
NAS (11)
Matthew 1
Luke 2
Acts 8
HCS (12)
Matthew 3
Luke 1
Acts 8
BSB (13)
Matthew 3
Luke 2
Acts 8
ESV (10)
Luke 2
Acts 8
WEB (13)
Matthew 4
Luke 1
Acts 8
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

ἐλε-ημοσύνη, ἡ,

1. pity, mercy, Call. Del. 152.

2. charity, alms, LXX Tobit 4:7,.Matthew 6:2, D.L. 5.17.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

ἐλεημοσύνη, ἐλεημοσύνης, (ἐλεήμων), the Sept. for חֶסֶד and צְדָקָה (see δικαιοσύνη, 1 b.);

1. mercy, pity (Callimachus () in Del. 152; Isaiah 38:18; Sir. 17:22 (), etc.), especially as exhibited in giving alms, charity: Matthew 6:4; ποιεῖν ἐλεημοσύνην, to practise the virtue of mercy or beneficence, to show one's compassion (A. V. do alms) (cf. the similar phrases δικαιοσύνην, ἀλήθειαν, etc. ποιεῖν), Matthew 6:1 Rec., 2, 3, (Sir. 7:10; Tobit 4:7 Tobit 12:8, etc.; for חֶסֶד עָשָׂה, Genesis 47:29); ἐλεημοσύνας, acts of beneficence, benefactions (cf. Winers Grammar, 176 (166); Buttmann, 77 (67)), Acts 10:2; εἰς τινα, Acts 24:17. Hence,

2. the benefaction itself, a donation to the poor, alms (the German Almosen (and the English alms) being (alike) a corruption of the Greek word): ἐλεημοσύνην διδόναι (((Diogenes Laërtius 5, 17)), Luke 11:41; Luke 12:33; αἰτεῖν, Acts 3:2; λαμβάνειν, Acts 3:3; πρός τήν ἐλεημοσύνην for (the purpose of asking) alms, Acts 3:10; plural, Acts 9:36; Acts 10:4, 31.

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006, 2011 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights rserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

ἐλεημοσύνη , -ης ,

(< ἐλεέω ),

[in LXX chiefly for H2617, H6666;]

1. mercy, pity.

2. almsgiving, alms (like the German Almosen, a corruption of the Greek word ): Matthew 6:4; ποιεῖν ἐ ., Matthew 6:2-3, Acts 9:36; Acts 10:2; Acts 24:17; . διδόναι , Luke 11:41 (cf. Matthew 23:36; Dalman, Words, 62 f.) 12:33; αἰτεῖν , Acts 3:2; λαβεῖν , Acts 3:3; πρὸς (in order to ask) ., Acts 3:10; pl., Acts 10:4; Acts 10:31 (Cremer, 711).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

In the Christian P Gen I. 51.26 the writer, after petitioning a certain Amminaeus to use his influence in preventing a widow’s only son from being taken on military service, continues—καὶ ὁ θ (εὸ)ς ἀποδιδῖ (l. ἀποδιδοῖ) σ [ο ]ι πρὸς τὴν ἐ [λ ]εημωσύνην σου. McNeile’s statement (ad. Matthew 6:2) that the word is not used specifically for ";almsgiving"; earlier than B. Sira will require modification if the early date ascribed to Tobit, in which the word is very frequent, is accepted (cf. Oxford Apocrypha i. p. 183 ff.). The word survives in this sense in MGr.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
List of Word Forms
ελεημοσυναι ελεημοσύναι ἐλεημοσύναι ελεημοσύναις ελεημοσυνας ελεημοσύνας ἐλεημοσύνας ελεημοσυνη ελεημοσύνη ἐλεημοσύνη ελεημοσυνην ελεημοσύνην ἐλεημοσύνην ελεημοσύνης ελεημοσυνων ελεημοσυνών ἐλεημοσυνῶν eleemosunai eleēmosunai eleemosunas eleēmosunas eleemosune eleēmosunē eleemosunen eleēmosunēn eleemosunon eleēmosunōn eleemosynai eleemosýnai eleēmosynai eleēmosýnai eleemosynas eleemosýnas eleēmosynas eleēmosýnas eleemosyne eleemosýne eleēmosynē eleēmosýnē eleemosynen eleemosýnen eleēmosynēn eleēmosýnēn eleemosynon eleemosynôn eleēmosynōn eleēmosynō̂n
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