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Strong's #197 - אֻלַם

oo-lawm', oo-lawm'
Root Word (Etymology)
from (H481) (in the sense of tying)
Parts of Speech
masculine noun
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1) porch

1a) in Solomon’s temple

1b) in Solomon’s palace

1c) in temple of Ezekiel’s vision

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 3485 ‑ ναός (nah‑os');  4133 ‑ πλήν (plane);  
Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (34)
1 Kings 10
1 Chronicles 1
2 Chronicles 5
Ezekiel 17
Joel 1
NAS (34)
1 Kings 10
1 Chronicles 1
2 Chronicles 5
Ezekiel 17
Joel 1
BSB (0)
BSB (34)
1 Kings 10
1 Chronicles 1
2 Chronicles 5
Ezekiel 17
Joel 1
ESV (32)
1 Kings 9
1 Chronicles 1
2 Chronicles 5
Ezekiel 17
WEB (34)
1 Kings 10
1 Chronicles 1
2 Chronicles 5
Ezekiel 17
Joel 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1266) ml (למ LM) AC: Bind CO: Staff AB: ?: The pictograph l is a picture of a shepherd staff, the m is a picture of water representing might. Combined these mean "staff of might". The shepherd always carried his staff for guiding, leading and protecting the flock. The flock was bound to the shepherd, as the staff was a sign of his authority over the sheep. The yoke was a staff laid across the shoulders of two oxen. The oxen were then tied to the yokes at the neck, binding the two together for plowing or pulling a cart. A people bound together. A wound bound with bandages.

A) ml (למ LM) AC: ? CO: Toward AB: ?: A moving toward someone or something.

im) mlt (תלמ TLM) - Furrow: Made by oxen plowing a field. KJV (5): furrow, ridge - Strongs: H8525 (תֶּלֶם)

q m) fml (למו LMW) - Toward: [The more ancient form is probably ml, the short form "l " is used as a prefix meaning "to" or "for"; See also la] KJV (4): for, at, to, upon - Strongs: H3926 (לְמוֹ)

C) mla (אלמ ALM) AC: Bind CO: Sheaf AB: ?

V) mla (אלמ ALM) - Bind: To tie something, also the tying of the tongue, silence. KJV (9): (vf: Niphal, Piel) dumb, silent, binding - Strongs: H481 (אָלַם)

Nm) mla (אלמ ALM) - Silent: KJV (1): congregation - Strongs: H482 (אֵלֶם)

dm) mfla (אלומ ALWM) - Sheaf: A sheaf of grain that is bound. KJV (5): sheaf - Strongs: H485 (אָלֻם)

df1) emfla (אלומה ALWMH) - Sheaf: A sheaf of grain that is bound. KJV (5): sheaf - Strongs: H485 (אָלֻם)

em) mlia (אילמ AYLM) - Silent: KJV (6): dumb - Strongs: H483 (אִלֵּם)

jm) nfmla (אלמונ ALMWN) - Widowhood: As bound in grief. KJV (1): forsaken - Strongs: H489 (אַלְמֹן)

mm) nmla (אלמנ ALMN) - Forsaken: As bound in grief. KJV (1): forsaken - Strongs: H488 (אַלְמָן)

mf1) enmla (אלמנה ALMNH) - Widow: As bound in grief. KJV (55): widow, desolate - Strongs: H490 (אַלְמָנָה)

mf3) tfnmla (אלמנות ALMNWT) - Widow: As bound in grief. KJV (4): widow, widowhood - Strongs: H491 (אַלְמָנוּת)

om) mlfa (אולמ AWLM) - Porch: In the sense of tying. KJV (34): porch - Strongs: H197 (אֻלַם)

jfm) infmla (אלמוני ALMWNY) - Such: An unidentified person or place as bound up in uncertainty. KJV (3): such, one - Strongs: H492 (אַלְמֹנִי)

D) mal (לאמ LAM) AC: ? CO: People AB: ?: A group of people bound together.

cm) mfal (לאומ LAWM) - People: KJV (35): people, nation, folk - Strongs: H3816 (לְאוֹם)

F) mle (הלמ HLM) AC: Strike CO: Hammer AB: ?

V) mle (הלמ HLM) - Strike: To hit or beat in order to break or smash. KJV (9): (vf: Paal) smite, break, beat - Strongs: H1986 (הָלַם)

Nf3) tfmle (הלמות HLMWT) - Hammer: As used for striking. KJV (1): hammer - Strongs: H1989 (הַלְמוּת)

adf1) emflem (מהלומה MHLWMH) - Strike: KJV (2): stroke, stripe - Strongs: H4112 (מַהֲלֻמּוֹת)

G) mel (להמ LHM) AC: Strike CO: ? AB: ?: Bound with bandages.

V) mel (להמ LHM) - Wound: KJV (2): (vf: Hitpael) wound - Strongs: H3859 (לָהַם)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 I. אוּלָם noun masculine 1 Kings 7:8 porch (compare אֵילָם) — ׳א absolute 1 Kings 6:3 +; אֻלָם Ezekiel 40:48,49; construct אוּלָם 1 Kings 7:6 +; אֻלָם Ezekiel 40:7 + (margin אֻלָּם 1 Kings 7:7,12,21); plural construct אֻלַמֵּי Ezekiel 41:15 (Co singular with suffix; in Ezekiel Co reads everywhere אילם see אֵילָם below) — porch (only Kings Chronicles Ezekiel & Joel).

1 in Soloman's temple 1 Kings 7:19; 2 Chronicles 29:7, יהוה׳א 2 Chronicles 29:17; 2 Chronicles 8:12 (altar in front of); יהוה׳א 2 Chronicles 15:8 (id.), compare בֵּין הָאוּלָם וּבֵין הַמִּזְבֵּחַ Ezekiel 8:16 & Joel 2:17; הַהֵיכָל׳א 1 Kings 7:21; הַבַּיִת׳א 1 Kings 7:12; ׳תַּבְנִית הָא 1 Chronicles 28:11.

2 in Solomon's palace 1 Kings 7:8 (twice in verse); הָעַמּוּדִים׳א 1 Kings 7:6 compare 1 Kings 7:6; הַכִּסֵּא׳א 1 Kings 7:7 = הַמִּשְׁמָּט׳א 1 Kings 7:7.

3 in temple of Ezekiel's vision, particularly הַשַּׁעַר׳א Ezekiel 40:7,8 (strike out Co see ᵐ5ᵑ6 ᵑ9):; Ezekiel 44:3; Ezekiel 46:2,8; הַבַּיִת׳א Ezekiel 40:48 compare Ezekiel 40:48; Ezekiel 40:49; Ezekiel 41:25,26; אֻלַמֵּי הֶחָצֵר Ezekiel 41:25 Co singular ואילמו החיצון see אֵילָם. — (III. אוּלָם, adverb.)

I. & II. אוּלָם noun masculine &

proper name, masculine see below II. אול.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
List of Word Forms
אֻלָ֔ם אֻלָ֣ם אֻלָ֤ם אֻלָ֥ם אוּלָ֤ם אוּלָ֥ם אוּלָ֨ם אולם אלם בָּֽאוּלָ֑ם באולם הָֽאוּלָ֑ם הָֽאוּלָם֙ הָאֻלָ֞ם הָאוּלָ֖ם הָאוּלָ֗ם הָאוּלָֽם׃ הָאוּלָם֙ הָאוּלָם֩ האולם האולם׃ האלם וְאֻֽלַמֵּ֖י וְאֻלָ֥ם וְאוּלָ֤ם וְאוּלָם֙ וְהָאוּלָ֗ם וְהָאוּלָ֡ם וּבְאֻלָ֣ם וּלְאֻלָ֥ם ואולם ואלם ואלמי ובאלם והאולם ולאלם כָּאוּלָ֖ם כאולם לְאֻלָ֖ם לְאֻלָ֣ם לְאוּלָ֣ם לָֽאוּלָ֔ם לאולם לאלם ’u·lām ’ū·lām ’ulām ’ūlām bā’ūlām bā·’ū·lām bauLam hā’ulām hā’ūlām hā·’u·lām hā·’ū·lām hauLam kā’ūlām kā·’ū·lām kauLam lā’ūlām lā·’ū·lām lauLam lə’ulām lə’ūlām lə·’u·lām lə·’ū·lām leuLam ū·ḇə·’u·lām ū·lə·’u·lām ūḇə’ulām uLam ūlə’ulām uleuLam uveuLam vehauLam veuLam veulamMei wə’ulām wə’ūlām wə’ulammê wə·’u·lām wə·’ū·lām wə·’u·lam·mê wə·hā·’ū·lām wəhā’ūlām
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