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Strong's #6150 - עָרַב

a primitive root [identical with (H6148) through the idea of covering with a texture]
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1) to become evening, grow dark

1a) (Qal) to become evening, grow dark

1b) (Hiphil) to spend the evening, do at evening

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KJV (3)
Judges 1
1 Samuel 1
Isaiah 1
NAS (4)
Judges 1
1 Samuel 1
Isaiah 2
HCS (3)
Judges 1
1 Samuel 1
Isaiah 1
BSB (3)
Judges 1
1 Samuel 1
Isaiah 1
ESV (3)
Judges 1
1 Samuel 1
Isaiah 1
WEB (3)
Judges 1
1 Samuel 1
Isaiah 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

2907) brg (גהרב GhRB) AC: Dark CO: Raven AB: ?: [from: bg]

V) brg (גהרב GhRB) - Dark: To be dark as the evening sky. KJV (3): (vf: Paal, Hiphil) evening, darkened - Strongs: H6150 (עָרַב)

Nm) brg (גהרב GhRB) - I. Dark:The dark of the evening or dark skinned people. II. Willow:From its shade and dark covering. KJV (142): even, evening, night, mingled, people, eventide, arabia, day - Strongs: H6153 (עֶרֶב), H6155 (עֲרָבָה)

Nf1) ebrg (גהרבה GhRBH) - Desert: As a dark place. KJV (61): plain, desert, wilderness, arbah, champaign, evening, heaven - Strongs: H6160 (עֲרָבָה)

gm) brfg (גהורב GhWRB) - Raven: As black in color. KJV (10): raven - Strongs: H6158 (עוֹרֵב)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 [עָרַב] verb denominative become evening; grow dark (?); —

Qal. Infinitive construct רָפָה הַיּוֺם לַעֲרוֺב Judges 19:9, but read probably נָטָה הַיּוֺם לַעֶרֶבᵐ5 L GFM; Perfect 3 feminine singular figurative עָֽרְבָה Isaiah 24:11 all joy has grown dark, but read עָֽבְרָה has passed away Lo Gr Perles Anal. 91 Che Hpt and others

Hiph`il Infinitive absolute הַשְׁכֵּםוְהַעֲרֵב 1 Samuel 17:16 doing it at morning and at evening.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition


(1) pr. to mix, like the Ch. and Syr. (kindred to אָרַב to interweave), see Hithp., also to weave, whence עֵרֶב No. I, woof.

(2) to exchange articles of traffic, hence to traffic, to barter, Ezekiel 27:9, 27 Ezekiel 27:27 whence מַעֲרָב.

(3) to become surety for any one, followed by an acc. of pers. (pr. to interchange with him, to succeed in his place); e.g.

(a) to be surety for the life of another, Genesis 43:9, 44:32. Job 17:3, עָרְבֵנִי עִמָּךְ “be surety for me with thee,” i.e. in the cause which I have with thee. Isaiah 38:14, עָרְבֵנִי “be surety for me (O Lord),” i.e. take me under thy protection. Psalms 119:122.

(b) to be surety, to be liable for another’s, debt, Proverbs 11:15, 20:16 27:13 followed by לְ Proverbs 6:1 and לִפְנֵי Proverbs 17:18. (Syr. ܥܪܒܰ id.; Arab. عِرَابُ a vessel).

Derivatives, עֲרֻבָּה, תַּעֲרֻבָּה.

(4) to pledge, to give in pledge, followed by an acc. of the thing. (Arab. عرب Conj. II., IV., to give a pledge). Nehemiah 5:3. Metaph. עָרַב אֵת לִבּוֹ to pledge one’s life, i.e. to expose it to most imminent danger, Jeremiah 30:21. But this may also be rendered, to be surety for his life; compare No. 3.

Derivative, עֵרָבוֹן.

(5) Med. E and fut. A, intrans. to be sweet, pleasant (perhaps well mixed, compare No. 1), followed by לְ of pers., e.g. sleep, Proverbs 3:24, sacrifices, gifts, Jeremiah 6:20 followed by עַל Psalms 104:34. Ezekiel 16:37, אֲשֶׁר עָרַבְתְּ עֲלֵיהֶם “whom thou hast pleased.” Compare adj. עָרֵב sweet.

(6) From the notion of sweetness is perhaps derived the signification of sucking (comp. מָצַץ, מַצָּה), whence עָרֹב a dog-fly, from its sucking the blood of men and animals; compare Arab. عرب which in the Kamûs (page 125, line 11) is explained اكل to eat.


(1) to mingle oneself, followed by בְּ, in any thing, Proverbs 14:10.

(2) to intermingle with any one in fellowship (fich mit jemandem einlaffen), specially to be familiar with, followed by בְּ Psalms 106:35 followed by לְ Proverbs 20:19 followed by עִם Proverbs 24:21 to enter into marriage, followed by בְּ Ezra 9:2 to enter into combat, followed by אֵת with any one, Isaiah 36:8; 2 Kings 18:23.

For the derived nouns see under the several significations.


עָרַב to set, as the sun (Syr. and Eth ዐረበ፡ id. Arab. غرب to depart far away, to wander). Hence, to draw towards evening, Judges 19:9. Metaph. Isaiah 24:11, עָֽרְבָה כָּל־שִׂמְחָה “all joy has set.”

Hiphil, to do at evening. Inf. הַעֲרֵב doing (so) at evening; adv. at evening (compare הַשְׁכֵּם in the morning), 1 Samuel 17:16.

Derivatives, עֵרֶב No. II, עֶרֶב No. I, מַעֲרֶב No. II.


עָרַב i.q. חָרַב, Eth. (transp.) ዐበረ፡ to be arid, sterile, dry. Hence עֲרָבָה, and pr.n. עֲרַב Arabia.


עָרַב i.q. Arab. عرب to be whitish, whitening, whence مُغْرَبُ whitish, a man with white eyelashes, غَرَبُ whiteness of the eyelashes, silver, also willow. Hence Heb. עֶרֶב willow, so called from its whitish leaves. [In Thes. this is joined with No. II.]

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List of Word Forms
וְהַעֲרֵ֑ב והערב לַעֲרֹ֗ב לערב עָֽרְבָה֙ ערבה ‘ā·rə·ḇāh ‘ārəḇāh areVah la‘ărōḇ la·‘ă·rōḇ laaRo vehaaRev wə·ha·‘ă·rêḇ wəha‘ărêḇ
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