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Isaiah 47

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-15

    1. The fall of Babylon is a prominent theme in Scripture.
      1. Starting w/Tower of Babel(Gen.11; built in Babylonia)
      2. End in Rev.17,18.
      3. Babylon is a picture of worldly pride & ambition.
    2. EATING HUMBLE PIE! (1-3)
    3. A song of triumph…Babylon’s fall. (defeated by Persians 539bc)
    4. (1) Another one bites the dust! – In humiliation & disgrace.
    5. (2) The nation is seen as a slave, turning the large millstone in grinding grain.
    6. (2,3) She will be reduced to a ½ naked slave girl toiling as a slave. (Shepherd’s Notes; Isaiah pg.71.)
      1. A virgin daughter(1) only because she had never been defeated.
    7. NO COMPASSION! (4-7)
    8. (4) Wonderful names of God!
    9. (5) No longer to be called Lady/Queen of Kingdoms.
      1. Sometimes are estimates are different from Gods!
      2. At the heart of this beautiful city was emptiness.
        1. Las Vegas Strip has many lights & is beautiful on the outside…but is dark on the inside.
    10. (6) God was angry w/Israel; disciplined them by sending them to Babylon; But they showed them “no mercy”.
      1. Biblical truth…those who show no mercy, don’t receive any.
      2. James 2:13 “For judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.”
    11. (7) They failed to think of the consequences.
    12. LIVING FOR PLEASURE! (8-9)
    13. (8) Dwell securely – She thought she’d never be defeated.
      1. Babylon: A walled city, 14 m. square, surrounded by a moat, outer walls 87’ thick, 350’ high.
      2. But…Her feet were firmly planted in the air!
    14. Pictured as a wife & mother, Babylon would suddenly become a widow & childless.
    15. (9) Witchcraft & demonic forces would not help them.
    16. Those sitting in prosperity & luxury never conceive of the possibility there could be an end to all of it.
    18. (10) Pride was their downfall. It took upon itself deity!
      1. Referring to Ex. with Moses; & NT with Jesus’ “I am” statements!
      2. This was for God & God alone! – Is.43:11
    19. (11) Now trouble would suddenly come upon them!
      1. And its story is in Dan.5 (see 1-4)
        1. 539bc. Belshazzar holds a great drinking feast for 1000 not-so Nobles. – He desecrated the vessels from Sol’s Temple. – They drank in praise of their pagan gods.
    20. (12-15) The Lord taunts Babylon, inviting its astrologers to help the people. - Barbara Bush said she was told that because both she and her husband are Geminis, "we probably should never have gotten married." She doesn't know what to do about it now after 43 YEARS! [So much for the merits of astrology!]
    21. (14) Babylon would be destroyed, burned up like little sparkler!
    22. (15) They as fast as the prodigals “friends” did!
    23. Q: Are you learning the practices of Babylon?
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