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Bible Commentaries

Edwards' Family Bible New Testament

Hebrews 3

Verse 1

Wherefore ; on account of the character and work of Christ as exhibited in the previous chapter.

Heavenly calling ; by which God called and inclined them to prepare for heaven. Habitual contemplation of the character work, teaching, example, death, resurrection, intercession, government, and glory of Christ, is a powerful means of increasing the holiness of his people, and securing their perseverance in his service.

Verse 2

Him that appointed him ; God the Father, who appointed his Son to be the author and introducer of the Christian dispensation.

Faithful in all his house ; in all God’s house, the Jewish economy, with the household of God’s covenant people contained in it. The reference is to Numbers 12:7 , where God says, "My servant Moses-is faithful in all my house."

Verse 3

This man ; Christ, as the builder of God’s house under the Christian economy.

Hath builded the house ; or, prepared the house, for the words include not only the building of the house itself, but also the ordering of the household belonging to it.

Hath more honor than the house ; than the structure itself, or any of the household pertaining to it; consequently, more honor than Moses who was not the builder of the house in which he served, but himself constituted a part of it, that is, of its household. The greatest and best of men are as much inferior to Christ as the thing made is inferior to him who made it.

Verse 4

Every house is builded by some man ; or, by some one; added to unfold still further the contrast between the house and its builder.

But he that built all things is God ; that is, but God is he that built all things. These words are added to refer the house, of which Christ is the builder and owner, to God as its ultimate author: as much as to say, Christ is indeed the builder and Lord of the Christian dispensation with its household of faith; but he has built it as the Son under the appointment of the Father, from whom all things originally proceed. Compare, for the same idea, chap Hebrews 1:2 , "By whom also he made the worlds." Christ made all things, John 1:3 ; Colossians 1:16-17 ; Hebrews 1:10-12 ; therefore Christ is God, John 1:1 ; Romans 9:15 ; 1 Timothy 3:16 ; Heb 1:8 ; 1 John 5:20 .

Verse 5

Faithful in all his house ; in all God’s house. See note to verse Hebrews 3:2 .

As a servant ; and therefore a part of the house itself. See note to verse Hebrews 3:3 .

For a testimony of those things which were to be spoken after ; or, more exactly, for a testimony of the things that should be spoken, the word "after" not belonging to the original. The meaning is, that he, as God’s faithful servant, might testify to the people the things that should be spoken through him to them.

Verse 6

As a son ; he was faithful over the household or spiritual family of which he was the rightful owner.

Whose house are we ; to which family we-Christians-belong.

The confidence ; in the sense of boldness or assurance, such as a well-grounded faith in Christ gives.

The rejoicing of the hope ; or, the glorying of the hope; that glorying in Christ and his salvation which the hope of our future inheritance in heaven gives.

Verse 7

Wherefore ; since we are the household of Christ, who is so much greater than Moses.

The Holy Ghost saith ; Psalms 95:7-10 .

To - day if ye will hear his voice ; the command of God is always to-day; for he always demands present obedience.

Verse 11

So I sware in my wrath ; Numbers 14:23 .

My rest ; the rest of Canaan, so called in Deuteronomy 12:9-10 , and which is a type of the rest of heaven. Perseverance in faith and obedience is essential to a well-grounded hope of salvation; and should any cease to believe and obey Christ, they would harden their hearts, grieve the Holy Ghost, and be in danger of destruction.

Verse 13

Exhort one another ; to be steadfast in the belief and practice of the gospel.

Verse 14

Partakers of Christ ; united to him by faith, and entitled to his favor, and the enjoyment of the rest provided by him for his people.

Verse 15

Harden not your hearts ; by refusing to hearken to Christ.

In the provocation ; when the Israelites provoked God. Numbers 14:2-11 . Great watchfulness is needful to the people of God, and the diligent use of appropriate means, in order to secure their perseverance in holiness and to prevent their final apostasy and ruin.

Verse 16

Did provoke ; displease God by disobedience.

Verse 17

Whose carcasses fell ; Numbers 26:64-65 .

Verse 18

Sware he ; Numbers 14:12-37 .

Verse 19

Could not enter in ; to the rest of Canaan, typifying the rest of heaven. The great and destructive sin which cuts off the hope of heaven and makes perdition certain, is unbelief.

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