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Daniel 10

Haydock's Catholic Bible CommentaryHaydock's Catholic Commentary

Verse 1

Third. This concurs with the first of Darius. Cyrus then reigned in Persia, and the king is here often mentioned, as the vision happened near it, on the banks of the Tigris. Only twenty-one days had elapsed since the former. --- Strength. Hebrew: "warfare," or determinate time. (Job vii. 1.) This shall surely take place, but not soon. (Calmet) --- For. Protestant: "and had understanding," &c. (Haydock) --- He was informed of the meaning, or strove to know what the preceding vision denoted. (Calmet) --- Pharao and Baltassar were not prophets, as they did not comprehend what they saw. For understanding is requisite, in order that a vision may be prophetical. (St. Thomas Aquinas, [Summa Theologiae] ii. 2. q. 175 a. 2; Worthington)

Verse 2

Weeks. Marsham says twenty-one years. But it means only so many days. He began to mourn on the third of Nisan, and continued fasting (verse 4) it seems even on the sabbaths, and on the feast of Passover, till the 24th. (Calmet) --- He was grieved that the people did not make use of the leave granted by Cyrus; (Theod.) or because the Samaritans had prevailed at court to have the temple forbidden; (Usher, A. 3470 [in the year of the world 3470], and 1 Esdras i. 14.) or rather because he could not fully understand the former visions. (Chap. ix. 30. and xii. 9. &c.) (Calmet)

Verse 5

Linen. Hebrew: baddim. --- Finest. Hebrew: uphaz, (Haydock) from Phasis or Ophir.

Verse 6

Chrysolite. Hebrew: "Tharsis." This precious stone was perhaps greenish.

Verse 10

Hand; the Holy Ghost, or rather the angel Gabriel.

Verse 11

Desires most amiable. (Calmet) --- This new title is given to comfort the prophet. (Worthington)

Verse 13

The prince, &c. That is, the angel guardian of Persia: who, according to his office, seeking the spiritual good of the Persians, was desirous that many of the Jews should remain among them. (Challoner) --- St. Jerome, &c. explain it of the angel guardian. (Worthington) --- Each country has an archangel over it, as individuals have an angel. Others assert that this was an evil angel; for how could a good one oppose so long the will of God? Yet this argument may be retorted, as evil spirits themselves must comply. It seems, therefore, that Cyrus was exhorted by the good angels to invade the Chaldeans, and thus to liberate God’s people. He was afraid of the hazardous attempt, and free-will may resist the inspirations of God. --- One, or "prince." (Calmet) --- Michael, and the guardian of Daniel, joined their prayers for the liberation of the Jews. (verse 20.) (Worthington)

Verse 14

Days. It will not soon take place; or, I have many things to tell.

Verse 20

To thee? He awakens his attention (verse 14.) (Calmet) and gratitude. (Haydock) --- Prince, angel guardian; or Alexander, who would one day rout the Persians. (Chap. xi. 2.) (Calmet)

Verse 21

Of truth, in the former sealed visions. (Calmet) --- Your prince. The guardian general of the Church of God, (Challoner) as he was of the synagogue. (Calmet)

Verse 27


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