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Romans 11

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verse 1

1 See 10:21 - Israel is a disobedient people

Has God cast them away? NO! Do you want proof that God still accepts Jews? Here it is - I am a Jew.

NOTE: Study the terms: Israelite, seed of Abraham, Jew, tribe of Benjamin, Hebrew, Judah and Israel

Verses 2-4

2 God has not cast us away.

Take the case of Elijah - makes intercession to God against Israel -

NOTE: "Wot ye not" What does this mean?

3 Israel has killed all the prophets - I am the only one left.

NOTE: Discuss "intercession" - meaning - good and bad

Good - pray for the sick, elders, church, preacher

Bad - seek harm to your enemies, revenge

4 How did God answer them? God has 7,000 who have not worshipped Baal.

Verse 5

5 This is the "remnant" - small part that remains

According to election - God decided to save those that remain faithful to Him. This is the remenant.

Of Grace - God could have judged all on the basis of the majority. He did this at Sodom. He choose to show grace to Israel

Verse 6

6 Here is your choice:

Grace - Works -

Then not of works Then not of grace

If works - can't be grace If grace - can't be works

Grace is grace - not works Work is work - not grace

Verses 7-8

7 Israel did not obtain what it sought after - salvation

The elect (remnant) did obtain it.

The rest were blinded.

8 They have a "spirit of slumber"

Eyes - don't see Ears - don't hear

Still that way "to this day"

Verses 9-10

9 David said ( Psa_69:22 )

Let their table be a Snare a net

Trap the jaws

Stumbling block the bait

Recompense the pain

10 Psa_69:23 (continued)

Eyes darkened

Bow backs always

Verses 11-12

11 Have they stumbled and fallen? NO! Why then? Answer: Through their fall salvation is come to the Gentiles - This in turn provoked Israel to jealousy.

NOTE: Jealousy is good (sometimes). God is a jealous God. Like anger - it is not the emotion that is wrong - but how one reacts to those feelings.


Verses 13-18

13 I am talking to Gentiles - because I am the apostle to the Gentiles. I am filling my appointed office.

14 If I can provoke some Jews into returning to God and being saved (they are my kinsmen in the flesh) that would be the icing on the cake.

15 Casting them away = salvation to the Gentiles

Receiving them back = resurrection from the dead

16 If the first fruit is good - the rest will be good.

If the root is strong - the branches will be strong.

17 Some branches (Jews) were broken off. Wild branches (gentiles) were grafted in. The source of your nourishment is the root (Jews).

18 Do not boast to the other branches. You (gentiles) are not bearing the root. The root is bearing you.

Verses 19-22

19 Do not say, "You were cut off. I was grafted in."

20 It is true that:

A. They were cut off because of unbelief.

B. You were grafted in because of your faith.

Do not be high-minded. Learn to fear.


If God would cut off the natural branches that did not believe, He could cut you Gentiles off for the same reason.

22 God is both Good and Severe.

On those who fall - God is severe. On those who believe - God is good -- IF -- you continue. You can be cut off.

Verses 23-24

23 What about the Jews? Is ther hope for them? YES! If they do not remain in unbelief, they can be grafted back into the tree. God can do that.

24 All of this illustration is contrary to nature. In nature we take a wild rose root system and graft in a hybrid tea on top. The wild supports the tame.

In this illustration, the tame root system supports the wild branches AND these wild branches produce good fruit.

If God can graft in Gentiles, contrary to nature, He can graft back in the Jews, according to nature.

Verse 25

25 Mystery = that which is not clear or understood.

Ignorance leads to conceit and blindness. This is what happened to Israel. It could happen to the Gentiles.

"Until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in." See Luk_21:24 ; Rev_7:9 ; Dan_9:26-27 ; Dan_12:7

Verse 26

26 So = adverb, describe the manner, the "how"

All Israel = All people who are descended from Abraham

Shall be saved = If they are saved, this is the way.

Luscombe's translation: It is in this manner that all (Jew or Gentile) will be saved. God has one plan of salvation for all men. It is the same for Jew and Gentiles.

Come out of Zion = Israel, Jerusalem (Jerusalem is built on Mt. Zion)

The Deliverer = Christ

MIssion = turn Jacob (Israel) from ungodliness

Verses 27-29

27 This is God's covenant (contract, agreement, will promise) -- God will take away their sins.

28 The gospel (good news about Jesus) and the Jew became enemies.

The election of Jews makes them your friends and relatives, (you have the same Father, God).

29 God gives without being sorry and needing to repent.

Verses 30-32

30 Once you, Gentiles, did not believe. Now you have mercy and salvation because of the unbelief of the Jews.

31 Now the Jews, who do not believe, are in need of mercy just like the gentiles once did. The Jew can obtain mercy in the same way that gentiles can obtain mercy.

32 God has concluded that:

A. All are guilty of unbelief.

B. All are in need of His mercy.

C. All should be saved in the same way. (v. 26)

Verses 33-34

33 God riches of wisdom, knowledge and judgment are great, unsearchable, beyond our ability to know or understand.

34 What human being can understand the mind of God? Who has served as God's advisor and counselor?

Verses 35-36

35 To whom does God owe a debt? Did you first give to God and now He must return the favor? NO! Does God offer to save us because it is His way of repaying a debt?

36 OF HIM - He is the source, point of origin.

THROUGH HIM - He is the power, designer, one with wisdom and knowledge.

TO HIM - All things belong to God because:

A. He designed, built, created, made them.

B. He pre-existed all things.

C. Immenent domain - the power of His office.

D. He bought, purchased, has bill of sale.


A. Rom_8:38-39

B. 1Co_3:21-23

C. Rev_4:11


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