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A large, usually imposing building, often used for governmental functions; the chief room in such a structure. The NIV uses hall for the main room of the Temple (1Kings 6:3,1Kings 6:5,1Kings 6:17,1 Kings 6:33 ). Other translations have house (KJV), nave (NAS, NRSV), or sanctuary (REB). Modern translations designate several of Solomon's building projects as halls. The Hall of Pillars (KJV porch of pillars) was part of the palace complex (1 Kings 7:6 ). It is unclear whether this hall was a separate building or the entrance to the House of the Forest of Lebanon or even the whole palace complex. The Hall of the Throne or Hall of Judgment (1 Kings 7:7; KJV porch) was the throne room where legal decisions were rendered. The king's hall of Esther 5:1 was, likewise, the audience chamber of the Persian king. Archeological research indicates that Ahasuerus' Hall of Pillars was 193 feet square. The hall's name stemmed from the 36 massive pillars supporting the roof.

Banqueting halls are frequently mentioned. The hall of 1 Samuel 9:22 (KJV parlour) was a chamber connected with the sanctuary where sacrificial meat was eaten. Belshazzar's banqueting hall (KJV banquet house) was the scene of the famous handwriting on the wall ( Daniel 5:10 ). This room was likely the large throne room (50 by 160 feet) which has been excavated.

KJV used the term hall to translate the Greek term aule ( Luke 22:55 ). Elsewhere KJV translated the term “palace” (for example Matthew 26:58; Mark 14:54; John 18:15 ). Modern translations use “courtyard.” KJV also used hall for the praetorium or Roman governor's headquarters (Pilate's Matthew 27:27; Mark 15:16; John 18:28; Herod's Acts 23:35 ).

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Butler, Trent C. Editor. Entry for 'Hall'. Holman Bible Dictionary. https://www.studylight.org/​dictionaries/​eng/​hbd/​h/hall.html. 1991.
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