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SIDE, n. L. latus.

1. The broad and long part of surface of a thing, as distinguished from the end, which is of less extent and many be a point as the side of a plank the side of a chest the side of a house or of a ship. One side of a lens may be concave, the other convex. Side is distinguished from edge as the side of a knife or sword.
2. Margin edge verge border the exterior line of any thing, considered in length as the side of a tract of land or a field, as distinct from the end. Hence we say, the side of a river the side of a road the east and west side of the American continent.
3. The part of an animal between the back and the face and belly the part of which the ribs are situated as the right side the left side. This is quadrupeds is usually the broadest part.
4. The part between the top and bottom the slope, declivity or ascent, as of a hill or mountain as the side of mount Etna.
5. One part of a thing, or its superficies as the side of a ball or sphere.
6. Any part considered in respect to its direction or point of compass as to whichever side we direct our view. We see difficulties on every side.
7. Party faction sect any man or body of men considered as in opposition to another. One man enlists on the side of the tories another on the side of the whigs. Some persons change sides for the sake of popularity and office, and sink themselves in public estimation. And sets the passions on the side of truth.
8. Interest favor. The Lord is on my side. Ps. 118
9. Any part being in opposition or contradistinction to another In the battle, the slaughter was great on both sides. Passion invites on one side reason restrains on the other. Open justice bends on neither side.
10. Branch or a family separate line of descent as,by the father's side he is descended from a noble family by the mother's side his birth is respectable.
11. Quarter region part as from one side of heaven to the other. To take sides, to embrace the opinions of attach one's self to the interest of a party when in opposition to another. To choose side, to select parties for competition in exercises of any kind.

SIDE, a.

1. Lateral as a side post but perhaps it would be better to consider the word as compound.
2. Being on the side, or toward the side oblique indirect. The law hath no side respect to their persons. One mighty squadron with a side wind sped. So we say, a side view, a side blow.
3. Long large extensive.

SIDE, 5 1 Little used.

1. To lean on one side.
2. To embrace the opinions of one party or engage in its interest, when opposed to another party as, to side with the ministerial party. All side in parties and begin th' attack.

SIDE, 5 t.

1. To stand at the side of. Not in use.
2. To suit to pair. Not in use.

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