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1: προκόπτω

(Strong's #4298 — Verb — prokopto — prok-op'-to )

lit., "to strike forward, cut forward a way," i.e., to make progress, is translated "advanced" in Luke 2:52 , RV, of the Lord Jesus (AV, "increased"); in Galatians 1:14 "advanced," of Paul's former progress in the Jews' religion (AV, "profited"); in Romans 13:12 , "is far spent," of the "advanced" state of the "night" of the world's spiritual darkness; in 2 Timothy 2:16 , "will proceed further," of profane babblings; in 2 Timothy 3:9 , "shall proceed no further," of the limit Divinely to be put to the doings of evil men; in 2 Timothy 3:13 , of the progress of evil men and impostors, "shall wax," lit., "shall advance to the worse." See INCREASE , PROCEED , PROFIT , SPENT , WAX.

Note: The corresponding noun prokope is found in Philippians 1:12,25 , "progress" (AV, "furtherance"); 1 Timothy 4:15 , "progress" (AV, "profiting," an inadequate meaning).

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