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1: μακράν

(Strong's #3112 — Adverb — makran — mak-ran' )

from makros, "far," Matthew 8:20 (AV, "a good way;" RV, "afar"), "a long way off," is used with eis, "unto," in Acts 2:39 , "afar off." With the article, in Ephesians 2:13,17 , it signifies "the (ones) far off." See FAR and WAY.

2: μακρόθεν

(Strong's #3113 — Adverb — makrothen — mak-roth'-en )

also from makros, signifies "afar off, from far," Matthew 26:58; 27:55 , etc. It is used with apo, "from," in Mark 5:6; 14:54; 15:40 , etc.; outside the Synoptists, three times, Revelation 18:10,15,17 .

3: πόρρωθεν

(Strong's #4207 — Adverb — porrothen — por'-rho-then )

"afar off," from porro, "at a distance, a great way off," is found in Luke 17:12 and Hebrews 11:13 .

Note: In 2 Peter 1:9 , muopazo, "to be short-sighted," is translated "cannot see afar off" (AV); RV, "seeing only what is near."

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