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Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words

Bid, Bidden, Bade, Bid Again

1: καλέω
(Strong's #2564 — Verb — kaleo — kal-eh'-o )

"to call," often means "to bid," in the sense of "invite," e.g., Matthew 22:3,4,8,9; Luke 14:7-10,13 , RV; Revelation 19:9 , RV. See CALL , NAME , SURNAME.

2: κελεύω
(Strong's #2753 — Verb — keleuo — kel-yoo'-o )

"to command," is translated "bid" in Matthew 14:28 , only. See COMMAND , No. 5. Compare the synonym entello, "to command."

3: λέγω
(Strong's #3004 — Verb — eipon — leg'-o )

used as the aorist tense of lego, "to speak, to say," sometimes has the meaning of "commanding, or bidding," and is translated "bid," or "bade," e.g., in Matthew 16:22; 23:3; Luke 10:40; 9:54 , AV, "command," RV, "bid;" Acts 11:12; "bidding," Acts 22:24 , RV. See SAY , SPEAK.

4: ἀντικαλέω
(Strong's #479 — Verb — antikaleo — an-tee-kal-eh'-o )

"to bid again, invite in turn," is found in Luke 14:12 .

Notes: (1) Lego, "to say," is translated "bid" and "biddeth" in the AV of 2 John 1:10,11; RV, "give (him no greeting)," "giveth (him greeting)". See GREETING.

(2) In Matthew 1:24 , prostasso, "to command," is translated "had bidden," AV; RV, "commanded." See COMMAND.

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