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1: ὀπή

(Strong's #3692 — Noun Feminine — ope — op-ay' )

perhaps from ops, "sight," denotes "a hole, an opening," such as a fissure in a rock, Hebrews 11:38 . In James 3:11 , the RV has "opening," of the orifice of a fountain (AV, "place"). See PLACE.

2: σπήλαιον

(Strong's #4693 — Noun Neuter — spelaion — spay'-lah-yon )

"a grotto, cavern, den" (Lat., spelunca), "cave," John 11:38 , is said of the grave of Lazarus; in the RV in Hebrews 11:38; Revelation 6:15 (AV, "dens"); in the Lord's rebuke concerning the defilement of the Temple, Matthew 21:13; Mark 11:17; Luke 19:46 , "den" is used.

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Vines, W. E., M. A. Entry for 'Cave'. Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words. 1940.

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