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Olives, Olive Tree

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1: ἐλαία

(Strong's #1636 — Noun Feminine — elaia — el-ah'-yah )

denotes (a) "an olive tree," Romans 11:17,24; Revelation 11:4 (plural); the Mount of Olives was so called from the numerous olive trees there, and indicates the importance attached to such; the Mount is mentioned in the NT in connection only with the Lord's life on earth, Matthew 21:1; 24:3; 26:30; Mark 11:1; 13:3; 14:26; Luke 19:37; 22:39; John 8:1; (b) "an olive," James 3:12 , RV (AV, "olive berries").

2: ἐλαιών

(Strong's #1638 — Noun Masculine — elaion — el-ah-yone' )

"an olive grove" or "olive garden," the ending -- on, as in this class of noun, here indicates "a place set with trees of the kind designated by the primitive" (Thayer); hence it is applied to the Mount of Olives, Luke 19:29; 21:37; Acts 1:12 ("Olivet"): in the first two of these and in Mark 11:1 , some mss. have the form of the noun as in No. 1.

3: καλλιέλαιος

(Strong's #2565 — Noun Feminine — kallielaios — kal-le-el'-ah-yos )

"the garden olive" (from kallos, "beauty," and No. 1), occurs in Romans 11:24 , "a good olive tree."

4: ἀγριέλαιος

(Strong's #65 — Adjective — agrielaios — ag-ree-el'-ah-yos )

an adjective (from agrios, "growing in the fields, wild," and No. 1), denoting "of the wild olive," is used as a noun in Romans 11:17,24 , "a wild olive tree" (RV, in the latter verse).

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