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Get, Got, Gotten

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* (a) In the sense of acquiring:

1: εὑρίσκω
(Strong's #2147 — Verb — heurisko — hyoo-ris'-ko )

"to find," is translated "get" in Luke 9:12 , of victuals. See FIND.

2: κτάομαι
(Strong's #2932 — Verb — ktaomai — ktah'-om-ahee )

"to acquire, procure for oneself, gain," is rendered "get" in the RV of Matthew 10:9 and AV marg. (AV, text, "provide"); in Luke 18:12 (for AV, "possess"). See OBTAIN , POSSESS , PROVIDE , PURCHASE.

3: κερδαίνω
(Strong's #2770 — Verb — kerdaino — ker-dah'ee-no )

"to gain," is rendered "have gotten" in Acts 27:21 , RV (of injury and loss); the word is there used metaphorically, however, of avoiding, or saving oneself from. For the meaning, "to get gain," James 4:13 , see GAIN.

Notes: (1) For pleonekteo; "to get an advantage of" (AV, in 2 Corinthians 2:11 ; RV, "an advantage may be gained over,"), see ADVANTAGE. (2) In Revelation 15:2 , AV, nikao, "to conquer, prevail over," is translated "had gotten the victory" (RV, "come victorious"). (3) In Revelation 3:17 , RV, plouteo, "to become rich," is rendered "I have gotten riches."

(b) In the sense of going:

4: ἔξειμι
(Strong's #1826 — Verb — exeimi — ex'-i-mee )

"to go or come out," is used in Acts 27:43 of "getting" to land. See DEPART , GO , No. 23.

5: ὑπάγω
(Strong's #5217 — Verb — hupago — hoop-ag'-o )

"to go away, withdraw," is rendered "get," "get ... hence," in Matthew 4:10 ; 16:23 ; Mark 8:33 ; some mss. have it in Luke 4:8 . See DEPART , GO , No. 8.

6: ἐξέρχομαι
(Strong's #1831 — Verb — exerchomai — ex-er'-khom-ahee )

"to come or go out," is translated "get ... out" in Luke 13:31 ; Acts 7:3 ; 22:18 . See COME , No. 3, GO (Notes).

7: καταβαίνω
(Strong's #2597 — Verb — katabaino — kat-ab-ah'ee-no )

"to descend," is translated "get ... down," in Acts 10:20 . See COME , No. 19.

8: ἐμβαίνω
(Strong's #1684 — Verb — embaino — em-ba'hee-no )

"to enter," is translated "they got into" in John 6:24 (of boats), RV [AV, "took (shipping)."]. See COME , No. 21.

9: ἀποβαίνω
(Strong's #576 — Verb — apobaino — ap-ob-ah'ee-no )

"to go from," is translated "they got out" in John 21:9 , RV (AV, "were come to"). See COME , 21 (Note).

Note: In Acts 21:1 , AV, apospao, "to withdraw or part from," is rendered "we had gotten (from)," RV, "had parted (from)." After the scene described at the end of ch. 20, it may well have the force of "being reft away" (or tearing themselves away) from them. Cp. the same verb in Luke 22:41 ("He was reft away from them"). See DRAW , PART , WITHDRAW.

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Vines, W. E., M. A. Entry for 'Get, Got, Gotten'. Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words. 1940.

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