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Ackermann, Peter Fourer

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature

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a Roman Catholic theologian of Germany, born Nov. 17, 1771, at Vienna; died Sept. 9, 1831, at Klosterneuburg. He was ordinary professor of Old- Testament language, literature. and theology at Vienna, and choir master of the monastery or cathedral of Klosterneuburg. He was the author of an Introductio in libros sacros V. T. usibus academidis accommodata (Vien. 1825), and an Archeologia, biblica breviter exposita (Vienna, 1826), both of which works are not much more than revised editions of Jahn expurgated, so as to rescue them from the Roman Index, into which they had been put by Pius VII. His commentary on the Minor Prophets, Prophetoe Minores perpetua annotatione illustrati (Vienna, 1830), has some value, on account of the extracts it gives from older writers of the Roman Catholic Church.

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