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By way of supplement, we add the following. There are five hymns which are ascribed to him: the so-called Rhythmus de Contemptu Mundi: "O miranda vanitas! O divitiarum:" Rhythmica Oratio ad Unumn Quodlibet Membrorum Christi Patientis; addressed to the feet, knees, hands, side, breast, heart, and face of the suffering Christ. The last part ad faciem, commencing "Salve caput cruentatum," has been beautifully rendered into German by P. Gerhard, "O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden;" and from the German again into English by J. W. Alexander, "O sacred Head, once wounded." The others are: Oratio Devota ad Dominum Jesum et B. Mariam Matrenm ejus Summe Sunmitu Patris Unice: Prosa de Nativitate Domini: "Laetabundis exultet fidelis chorus:" Jubilus Rhythmicus de Nomiane Jesu: "Jesu dulcis memoria" (often rendered into German and English). These hymns are given in Mabillon's collection of St. Bernard's works (Paris, 1690), ii, 896 sq. (2d ed. 1719, ii, 909-922; new ed. 1851, 1852). For English renderings, comp. Miller, Singers and Songs of the Church, p. 28. B. P)(

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