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Omer, St., Audomarus

a French ascetic, was born about 595 at Orval, or Goldenthar, near Constance. He was of a wealthy family, but after the death of his mother he induced his father to give all his goods to the poor, and to retire with him into the convent of Luxeuil. There his talents and his zeal attracted the attention of his superior, and by the advice of St. Achaire, bishop of Noyon and Tournay, king Dagobert I appointed Omer bishop of Trrouenne in 637. The diocese had been much neglected for over eighty years; but Omer, with the assistance of Bertin, Mummolin, and Ebertran, all three monks of Luxeuil, succeeded in bringing about a thorough reform among the people. Having obtained the gift of the estate of Sithiu, on the Aa, from the owner, Adroald, Omer built a church on it, which he dedicated in 648 to St. Martin, and beside it a convent, of which he made Mummolin abbot. After the latter had been made bishop of Noyon and Tournai, Omer appointed in his place Bertin, who afterwards. gave the convent the name of St. Omer, and it was soon surrounded by the city bearing the same name. Omer died at Terouenne Sept. 9, 668. He was buried in the church he had built. The Romish Church commemorates him Sept. 9. See Acta Sanctorunm, Sept. 9; Mabillon, Annales Ordinis S. Benedicti, ix saec.; Baillet, Vies des Saints, vol. iii; Breviarium Paris-iense; Friance pontificale; Longue.val, Histoire de l'Eglise Gallic. Vol. iv.

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