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Strong's #8128 - שֵׁן

Root Word (Etymology)
corresponding to (H8127)
Parts of Speech
masculine/feminine noun
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1) tooth

Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (3)
Daniel 3
NAS (3)
Daniel 3
CSB (3)
Daniel 3
BSB (3)
Daniel 3
ESV (3)
Daniel 3
WEB (3)
Daniel 3
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1474) ns (סהנ ShN) AC: Sharp CO: Teeth AB: ?: The pictograph s is a picture of the teeth, the n is a picture of a seed representing continuance. Combined these mean "teeth continue". The two front teeth are sharp and used for cutting foods by pressing down. (eng: shine - from the whiteness of the teeth)

A) ns (סהנ ShN) AC: ? CO: Teeth AB: ?

Nm/f ) ns (סהנ ShN) - Teeth: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (58): teeth, tooth, ivory, sharp, crag, forefront - Strongs: H8127 (שֵׁן), H8128 (שֵׁן)

Nf1) ens (סהנה ShNH) - I. Y [df: ans] II. Sleep:[Unknown connection to rootHebrew and Aramaic] KJV (906): year, sleep - Strongs: H8141 (שָׁנָה), H8142 (שֵׁנָא), H8139 (שְׁנָה), H8140 (שְׁנָה)

fm) ins (סהני ShNY) - Scarlet: The color of the gums. KJV (42): scarlet, crimson - Strongs: H8144 (שָׁנִי)

B) nns (סהננ ShNN) AC: Sharp CO: ? AB: ?: From the sharpness of the front teeth.

V) nns (סהננ ShNN) - Sharpen: KJV (9): (vf: Paal, Piel) sharp, whet, sharpen, prick, teach - Strongs: H8150 (שָׁנַן)

bf1) enins (סהנינה ShNYNH) - Piercing: KJV (4): byword, taunt - Strongs: H8148 (שְׁנִינָה)

D) nas (סהאנ ShAN) AC: Rest CO: ? AB: ?: [Unknown connection to root;]

V) nas (סהאנ ShAN) - Rest: To be in a state of rest. KJV (5): (vf: Piel) ease, quiet, rest - Strongs: H7599 (שָׁאַן)

mm) nnas (סהאננ ShANN) - Rest: KJV (10): ease, quiet, tumult - Strongs: H7600 (שַׁאֲנָן)

E) ans (סהנא ShNA) AC: ? CO: Two AB: ?: As a second thing.

V) ans (סהנא ShNA) - Change: To exchange one thing for another. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (24): (vf: Paal, Pual, Piel, Participle) change, diverse, alter - Strongs: H8132 (שָׁנָא), H8133 (שְׁנָה)

emm) nanis (סהינאנ ShYNAN) - Twice: KJV (1): angel - Strongs: H8136 (שִׁנְאָן)

H) ens (סהנה ShNH) AC: ? CO: Two AB: ?: A repeating of the first or what was before.

V) ens (סהנה ShNH) - I. Change:To exchange one thing for another. II. Repeat:To do something a second time. KJV (23): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hitpael, Piel) change, second, again, diverse, alter, disguise, double, pervert, prefer, repeat - Strongs: H8138 (שָׁנָה)

Nm/f) ens (סהנה ShNH) - I. Two:In the sense of the changing seasons. [Hebrew and Aramaic; Written in the plural form mitsor nintin the Aramaic] [df: Myts]II. Sleep:[Unknown connection to rootHebrew and Aramaic] KJV (772): two, both, second, twain, twice, double - Strongs: H8147 (שְׁתַּיִם), H8578 (תִּנְיָן), H8648 (תַּרְתֵּין)

fm/f) ins (סהני ShNY) - Second: KJV (156): second, other, time, again, another, more, either - Strongs: H8145 (שֵׁנִי)

hm) ensm (מסהנה MShNH) - I. Double: II. Second:KJV (35): second, double, next, college, copy, twice, fatling - Strongs: H4932 (מִשְׁנֶה)

sf3) tfnins (סהנינות ShNYNWT) - Again: A second time. [Aramaic only] KJV (1): again - Strongs: H8579 (תִּנְיָנוּת)

L) nsi (יסהנ YShN) AC: ? CO: Previous AB: ?: What was before the second.

V) nsi (יסהנ YShN) - Sleep: [Unknown connection to root;] KJV (19): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Piel) sleep, remain, old - Strongs: H3462 (יָשֵׁן)

Nm) nsi (יסהנ YShN) - I. Previous: II. Sleep:[Unknown connection to root] KJV (16): old, sleep - Strongs: H3463 (יָשֵׁן), H3465 (יָשָׁן)

Nf2) tnsi (יסהנת YShNT) - Sleep: [Unknown connection to root;] [df: tns] KJV (1): sleep - Strongs: H8153 (שְׁנָת)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 [שְׁנָא] verb change (see Biblical Hebrew I. שׁנה); —

Pe`al Perfect 3 masculine plural שְׁנוֺ Daniel 3:27, suffix שְׁנוֺ֫הִי Daniel 5:6 (read probably שְׁנוֺעֲלוֺהִ); Imperfect 3 masculine singular יִשְׁנֵא Daniel 7:24,3feminine singular תִּשְׁנֵא Daniel 6:18; Daniel 7:23; Participle active feminine singular שַׁנְיָא Daniel 7:19; masculine plural שָׁנַ֫יִן Daniel 5:9, feminine plural שָֽׁנְיָן Daniel 7:3; — intransitive change, be changed: of garment, by fire Daniel 3:27, brightness (זִיו) of face Daniel 5:6; Daniel 5:9, purpose Daniel 6:18; be different from (מִן) Daniel 7:3; Daniel 7:19; Daniel 7:23; Daniel 7:24.

Pa`el Perfect 3 masculine plural שַׁנִּי (K§ 47 e), and Beisp. 3) Dan Daniel 3:28; Imperfect 3 masculine plural יְשַׁנּוֺן Daniel 4:13; Passive participle feminine singular מְשַׁנְיָא (Baer) Daniel 7:7; — transitive change Daniel 4:13 (לִבְבֵהּ מִןאֲֿנָשָׁא); = frustrate word of king Daniel 3:28; passive participle intransitive different Daniel 7:7 (מִן).

Ithpa`al Perfect 3 masculine plural אִשְׁתַּנּוֺ Daniel 3:19 Kt (K§ 47, Belsp. 4; נִַּ֯ו GGA 1884,1019 Str§ 23 d M24 *), > 3 masculine singular אִשְׁתַּנִּי Qr; Imperfect 3 masculine singular יִשְׁתַּנֵּא Daniel 2:9,3masculine plural נּ֑וֺ- (ן omitted in pause, K§ 26,1, but modus apocop. GGA 1884,1018, as יֵאבַ֫דוּ Jeremiah 10:11, יְהֲלוּךְ Daniel 5:10; see also Cooke166) Daniel 5:10, נוֺן- Daniel 7:28; — be changed: of זִיו Dan Daniel 5:10; Daniel 7:28 (see

Pe`al; עַל person); צְלֵם אַנְמּוֺהִי Daniel 3:19 ( id.); of time, conditions Daniel 2:9.

Haph`el Imperfect 3 masculine singular יְהַשְׁנֵא Ezra 6:11; Infinitive לְהַשְׁנָיָה Ezra 6:12 +; Participle active מְהַשְׁנֵא Daniel 2:21; — transitive change, alter, times, etc. (see

Ithpa`al) Dan Daniel 2:21; Daniel 7:25; accusative omitted Daniel 6:9; Daniel 6:16; Daniel 6:12; frustrate edict (see Pa`el) Daniel 6:11.

[שֵׁן] noun [feminine] tooth; — dual (of rows of teeth) absolute שִׁנַּ֫יִן Daniel 7:7; — suffix שניה Kt (K§ 53,2. b)), שִׁנַּהּ Qr, Daniel 7:5; Daniel 7:19 (all of beasts in vision).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

שֵׁן followed by Makk. שֶׁן, with suffix שִׁנּוֹ comm. (m. signif. No. 2, 1 Samuel 14:5, f. Proverbs 25:19)

(1)  a tooth. (Arab. سِنُّ id. There is indeed in Hebrew the root שָׁנַן, to which this word might be referred; but I prefer to regard it as a primitive, since a tooth is called in very many languages by the syllable den (dent), zen, as the Sanscr. danta, Zend. dentâno, Pers. دندان, Gr. ὀδούς for ὀδόνς, Lat. den-s, Goth. tunthus, Fris. tan.) Exodus 21:24, 27 Exodus 21:27. Specially the tooth of an elephant, ivory (more fully שֶׁנְהַבִּים, which see), 1 Kings 10:18; Song of Solomon 5:14. בָּתֵּי שֵׁן palaces of ivory, i.e. with walls covered with ivory, Amos 3:15; Psalms 45:9.-Dual שִׁנַּיִם teeth (prop. the double row of teeth), Genesis 49:12; Amos 4:6 also, for the pl. שְׁלשׁ שִׁנַּיִם three teeth, 1 Samuel 2:13. Job 13:14, אֶשָּׂא בְשָׂרִי בְשִׁנַּי “I carry my flesh (i.e. my life) in my teeth,” i.e. I expose it to the greatest danger, as any thing held in the teeth may easily drop; comp. a similar proverbial phrase, Judges 12:3, remarked on above, under כַּף No. 1, b.

(2) a sharp rock, from the resemblance to a tooth, 1 Samuel 14:4; Job 39:28. Syr. ܫܶܢ̈ܬܳܐܳ crags. Hence

[Shen], pr.n. of a place, prob. of a rock, 1 Samuel 7:12.

[שֵׁן Ch. i.q. Heb. No. 1, Daniel 7:5,, 19.]

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List of Word Forms
וְשִׁנַּ֨יִן ושנין שִׁנַּ֑הּ שִׁנַּ֤הּ שנה shinNah šin·nah šinnah veshinNayin wə·šin·na·yin wəšinnayin
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