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Entry for Strong's #6172 - עֶרְוָה

Word Origin
from (06168)
Parts of Speech
Noun Feminine
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) nakedness, nudity, shame, pudenda

1a) pudenda (implying shameful exposure)

1b) nakedness of a thing, indecency, improper behaviour

1c) exposed, undefended (figuratively)

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 152 ‑ αἰσχύνη (ahee‑skhoo'‑nay);  602 ‑ ἀποκάλυψις (ap‑ok‑al'‑oop‑sis);  808 ‑ ἀσχημοσύνη (as‑kay‑mos‑oo'‑nay);  809 ‑ ἀσχήμων (as‑kay'‑mone);  2487 ‑ ἴχνος (ikh'‑nos);  
Frequency Lists  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (54) NAS (54) HCS (50)
Genesis 4
Exodus 2
Leviticus 20
Deuteronomy 2
1 Samuel 1
Isaiah 2
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 7
Hosea 1
Genesis 4
Exodus 2
Leviticus 20
Deuteronomy 2
1 Samuel 1
Isaiah 2
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 7
Hosea 1
Genesis 5
Exodus 2
Leviticus 29
Deuteronomy 2
Isaiah 2
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 8
Hosea 1
n-cfs 2
n-cfsc 37
n-cfs 2
n-cfsc 37
n-cfs 2
n-cfsc 37

Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1365) ro (אהר AhR) AC: Bare CO: Skin AB: ?: The pictograph o is a picture of the eye, the r is a picture of a man. Combined these mean "see a man". When the enemy is captured, he is stripped of his clothes to the skin and carefully watched.

A) ro (אהר AhR) AC: ? CO: Naked AB: ?

am ) rom (מאהר MAhR) - Nakedness: KJV (2): nakedness, proportion - Strongs: H4626 (מַעַר)

im/f) rot (תאהר TAhR) - I. Razor:For shaving hair and making the face naked. II. Sheath:For holding a blade. KJV (13): sheath, razor, penknife, scabbard, shave - Strongs: H8593 (תַּעַר)

lm) roro (אהראהר AhRAhR) - Naked: KJV (2): destitute, heath - Strongs: H6199 (עַרְעָר)

apm) mrom (מאהרמ MAhRM) - Naked: KJV (1): naked - Strongs: H4636 (מַעֲרֹם)

clm) rofro (אהרואהר AhRWAhR) - Naked: KJV (1): heath - Strongs: H6176 (עַרְעָר)

cpm) mfro (אהרומ AhRWM) - Naked: [df: Mre]KJV (16): naked - Strongs: H6174 (עָרֹם)

ecpm ) mfrio (אהירומ AhYRWM) - Naked: [df: Mrye Mre]KJV (10): naked, nakedness - Strongs: H5903 (עֵרֹם)

B) rro (אהרר AhRR) AC: ? CO: Naked AB: ?

V) rro (אהרר AhRR) - Bare: KJV (4): (vf: Paal, Pilpel) bare, raise, break - Strongs: H6209 (עָרַר)

bfm) iriro (אהרירי AhRYRY) - Barren: One who is childless. KJV (4): childless - Strongs: H6185 (עֲרִירִי)

H) ero (אהרה AhRH) AC: Uncover CO: Naked AB: ?

V) ero (אהרה AhRH) - I. Uncover:To remove the covering. II. Empty:To remove the contents of a container or destroy a city. KJV (15): (vf: Niphal, Hiphil, Hitpael, Piel, Participle) uncover, discover, empty, rase, destitute, naked, pour, spread - Strongs: H6168 (עָרָה)

Nf1) ero (אהרה AhRH) - Meadow: A place barren of trees. KJV (1): reed - Strongs: H6169 (עָרָה)

am) erom (מאהרה MAhRH) - Meadow: A place barren of trees. KJV (1): meadow - Strongs: H4629 (מַעֲרֶה)

ff1) eiro (אהריה AhRYH) - Naked: KJV (6): naked, bare - Strongs: H6181 (עֶרְיָה)

J) rfo (אהור AhWR) AC: ? CO: Skin AB: ?: The bare skin without clothing.

V) rfo (אהור AhWR) - Naked: To have the skin exposed. KJV (1): (vf: Niphal) naked - Strongs: H5783 (עוּר)

Nm) rfo (אהור AhWR) - Skin: The skin of men or animals as well as leather made from animal skins. Also the husk of a seed. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (100): skin, hide, leather, chaff - Strongs: H5784 (עוּר), H5785 (עוֹר)

am) rfom (מאהור MAhWR) - Nakedness: KJV (1): nakedness, pudendum - Strongs: H4589 (מָעוֹר)

K) fro (אהרו AhRW) AC: ? CO: Naked AB: ?: The shame of one being naked.

Nf1) efro (אהרוה AhRWH) - I. Nakedness:[Hebrew and Aramaic] II. Shame:From ones nakedness. KJV (55): nakedness, shame, unclean, uncleanness, dishonor - Strongs: H6172 (עֶרְוָה), H6173 (עַרְוָה)

M) rio (אהיר AhYR) AC: Watch CO: ? AB: ?: In the sense of seeing.

Nm) rio (אהיר AhYR) - Watcher: [Aramaic only] KJV (3): watcher - Strongs: H5894 (עִיר)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2019
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 עֶרְוָה54 noun feminine nakedness, pudenda; — absolute ׳ע Exodus 28:42; Leviticus 18:6; usually construct עֶרְוַת Genesis 9:22 +, suffix עֶרְוָ˜תְךָ Exodus 20:23 (Ginsb), Leviticus 18:10; עֶרְוָתֵךְ Isaiah 47:3 +; ת֯וֺ Leviticus 20:17, תָ֯הּ Leviticus 18:7 +; suffix 3 feminine plural עֶרְוָתָן Leviticus 18:9; Leviticus 18:10; —

1 pudenda, of man ׳רָאָה ע implying shameful exposure Genesis 9:22,23 (J); mostly of woman: figurative of Jerusalem (with רָאָה) Lamentations 1:3; Ezekiel 16:37; usually with ׃ נלה literal ׳תִּגָּלֶה ע i.e. be exposed to view Exodus 20:23 (Ginsb; van d. H. Exodus 20:26; E), Song of Solomon , as shameful punishment, figurative of Egypt Isaiah 20:4 (gloss according to Du Che Di-Kit), Babylonian Isaiah 47:3, of Jerusalem Ezekiel 16:37; Ezekiel 23:10,29 (עֶרְוַת זְנוּנַיִךְ; all three object of active verb); chiefly euphemism for cohabitation, ׳גִּלָּה ע Leviticus 18:6 + (see גלה Pi`el 1 a; figurative of Jerusalem (verb passive) Ezekiel 16:36; ׳רָאָה ע in same meaning Leviticus 20:17 (twice in verse) (H; of both sexes); ׳ע also Leviticus 18:8,10,16 (H); ׳כִּסָּה ע cover nakedness Genesis 9:23 (J), Exodus 28:42 (P; ׳בְּשַׂר ע), Hosea 2:11 (figurative of Israel), Ezekiel 16:8 (of Jerusalem); reviling words are אִמֶּ֑ךָ׳לְבשֶׁת ע 1 Samuel 20:30 (compare Doughty Arab. Deserta i. 269).

2 עֶרְוַת דָּבָר nakedness of a thing, i.e. probably indecency, improper behaviour Deuteronomy 23:15; Deuteronomy 24:1 (see Dr).

3 figurative הָאָרֶץ׳ע Genesis 42:9,12 (E), i.e. its exposed, undefended parts (Arabic ).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

עֶרְוָה f. (from the root עָרָה)

(1)  nakedness, Hosea 2:11 metaph. עֶרְוַת חָאָרֶץ the nakedness of the land; i.e. a part of the land unfortified, easy of access; Arabic عَوْرَةُ (τεῖχος ἐγυμνώθη, Hom. Il. xii. 399), Genesis 42:9, 12 Genesis 42:12.

(2) pudenda; especially when naked, Genesis 9:22, 23 1 Samuel 20:30. עֶרְוַת אָבִיו the nakedness of one’s father; i.e. the nakedness of one’s father’s wife, Leviticus 20:11 compare Leviticus 18:8, 16 Leviticus 18:16.

(3) shame, filthiness. עֶרְוַת דָּבָר anything unclean (excrement), Deuteronomy 23:15, (any defect found in a woman) Deuteronomy 24:1 also ignominy, dishonour. Isaiah 20:4, עֶרְוַת מִצְרַיִם “the dishonour of Egypt.”

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List of Word Forms
וְעֶרְוַ֥ת וְעֶרְוַ֨ת וערות עֶרְוַ֣ת עֶרְוַ֤ת עֶרְוַ֥ת עֶרְוַ֧ת עֶרְוַ֨ת עֶרְוַת־ עֶרְוָ֑ה עֶרְוָתְךָ֖ עֶרְוָתֵ֑ךְ עֶרְוָתֵ֔ךְ עֶרְוָתֵֽךְ׃ עֶרְוָתֵךְ֙ עֶרְוָתָ֑הּ עֶרְוָתָ֑ן עֶרְוָתָ֔הּ עֶרְוָתָ֛הּ עֶרְוָתָ֜הּ עֶרְוָתָֽהּ׃ עֶרְוָתָֽן׃ עֶרְוָתָהּ֒ עֶרְוָתָהּ֙ עֶרְוָתוֹ֙ ערוה ערות ערות־ ערותה ערותה׃ ערותו ערותך ערותך׃ ערותן ערותן׃ ‘er·wā·ṯāh ‘er·wā·ṯān ‘er·wā·ṯə·ḵā ‘er·wā·ṯêḵ ‘er·wā·ṯōw ‘er·wāh ‘er·waṯ ‘er·waṯ- ‘erwāh ‘erwaṯ ‘erwaṯ- ‘erwāṯāh ‘erwāṯān ‘erwāṯêḵ ‘erwāṯəḵā ‘erwāṯōw erVah erVat ervaTah ervaTan ervaTech ervateCha ervaTo veerVat wə‘erwaṯ wə·‘er·waṯ
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