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Entry for Strong's #734 - אֹרַח

Word Origin
from (0732)
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) way, path

1a) path, road

1b) the path, way, passing of life (figuratively)

1c) way of living (figuratively)

1d) traveller, wayfarer (metonymy)

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 2945 ‑ κύκλῳ (koo'‑klo);  1763 ‑ ἐνιαυτός (en‑ee‑ow‑tos');  2041 ‑ ἔργον (er'‑gon);  2064 ‑ ἔρχομαι (er'‑khom‑ahee);  3598 ‑ ὁδός (hod‑os');  5147 ‑ τρίβος (tree'‑bos);  1134 ‑ γυναικεῖος (goo‑nahee‑ki'‑os);  
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Verse Results
KJV (58) NAS (58) HCS (57)
Genesis 2
Judges 1
Job 11
Psalms 15
Proverbs 19
Isaiah 8
Joel 1
Micah 1
Genesis 2
Judges 1
Job 11
Psalms 15
Proverbs 19
Isaiah 7
Joel 1
Micah 1
Genesis 2
Judges 2
Job 11
Psalms 14
Proverbs 19
Isaiah 7
Joel 1
Micah 1
n-cbp 1
n-cbpc 10
n-cbpcX1cs 2
n-cbs 11
n-cbsc 8
n-cbp 1
n-cbpc 13
n-cbpcX1cs 2
n-cbs 16
n-cbsc 12
n-cbp 1
n-cbpc 13
n-cbpcX1cs 2
n-cbs 16
n-cbsc 12

Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1445) hr (רהה RHh) AC: Travel CO: Path AB: ?: The pictograph r is a picture of the head of a man, the h is a picture of wall that separates the inside from the outside. Combined these mean "man outside". The responsibilities of the nomad outside of the tent include the feeding, watering and caring for the livestock. Livestock are healthier and more productive when on a routine, therefore the man follows a routine or "a prescribed path" each day when caring for his livestock. (eng: reek)

A) hr (רהה RHh) AC: ? CO: Shovel AB: ?: The winds which follows a prescribed path each season.

Nf2) thr (רההת RHhT) - Shovel: A shovel used for winnowing grain in the wind. KJV (1): shovel - Strongs: H7371 (רַחַת)

C) hra (ארהה ARHh) AC: Travel CO: Caravan AB: ?: One who follows a prescribed path to arrive at a specific destination.

V) hra (ארהה ARHh) - Travel: KJV (5): (vf: Paal) wayfaring, go - Strongs: H732 (אָרַח)

Nf1) ehra (ארההה ARHhH) - Caravan: A traveling company that follows a prescribed path. KJV (2): company - Strongs: H736 (אֹרְחָה)

df1) ehfra (ארוההה ARWHhH) - Allowance: An allotted amount of food. KJV (6): allowance, diet, dinner, victuals - Strongs: H737 (אֲרֻחָה)

gm) hrfa (אורהה AWRHh) - Path: The road one travels. KJV (58): way, path, highway, manner, race, rank, traveler, troop - Strongs: H734 (אֹרַח)

gf1) ehrfa (אורההה AWRHhH) - Path: The road one travels. [Aramaic only] KJV (2): way - Strongs: H735 (אֹרַח)

H) ehr (רההה RHhH) AC: ? CO: Millstone AB: ?: The ancient hand mill consisted of two round stones, called millstones, the top was turned on top of the other to grind the grain. This top stone always followed the same path on top of the other.

Nm) ehr (רההה RHhH) - Millstone: KJV (5): millstone, mill, nether - Strongs: H7347 (רֵחַיִם)

J) hfr (רוהה RWHh) AC: Refresh CO: Wind AB: ?: The Hebrew nomads were very familiar with the wind patterns as they would follow a prescribed path indicating the coming season. From this word comes the idea of breath as it is the wind of man which also follows a prescribed path of inhaling and exhaling.

V) hfr (רוהה RWHh) - I. Refresh:To be given a fresh wind. II. Smell:As carried on the wind. III. Spacious:To be wide with space. KJV (14): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Pual, Participle) smell, touch, understanding, accept, refresh, large - Strongs: H7304 (רָוַח), H7306 (רוּחַ)

Nf) hfr (רוהה RWHh) - Wind: Also the wind of man or god, the breath. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (380): spirit, wind, breath, side, mind, blast, vain, air, anger, cool, courage, space, enlargement - Strongs: H7305 (רֶוַח), H7307 (רוּחַ)

Nf1) ehfr (רוההה RWHhH) - Relief: A sigh of relief. KJV (2): respite, breathing - Strongs: H7309 (רְוָחָה)

L) hri (ירהה YRHh) AC: ? CO: Moon AB: ?: The moon follows a prescribed path each night from horizon to horizon.

Nm) hri (ירהה YRHh) - Moon: Also a month as a counting of time by the cycles of the moon. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (41): month, moon - Strongs: H3391 (יֶרַח), H3393 (יְרַח), H3394 (יָרֵחַ)

M) hir (ריהה RYHh) AC: ? CO: Aroma AB: ?: What is carried by the wind and smelled while breathing.

Nf) hir (ריהה RYHh) - Aroma: [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (59): savour, smell, scent - Strongs: H7381 (רֵיחַ), H7382 (רֵיחַ)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2020
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 אֹ֫רַח noun masculine Job 6:18 ( feminine Proverbs 15:19) way, path (Assyrian ur—u COT Gloss, Aramaic אֹרַח, ) — ׳א absolute Psalm 19:6 +; construct Proverbs 4:18 +; suffix אָרְחִי Job 19:8; Psalm 139:3 < Infinitive construct, and "" רִבְעִי ( Infinitive construct of II. רבע), not דרכי, compare Bae. etc.; plural absolute אֳרָחוֺת Judges 5:6 (twice in verse) construct אָרְחוֺת Job 8:13 +; suffix אָרְחֹתָ֑י Job 13:27; Job 33:11; אָרְחוֺתָם Joel 2:7; Proverbs 9:15; אָרְחֹתֵיהֶם Proverbs 2:15; also אֹרְחֹתָיו Isaiah 2:3 +; אֹרְחֹתֶיךָ Psalm 119:15 + etc.; — way, path (in Hebrew mostly poetry)

1 literal Judges 5:6 (twice in verse) Songs of Deborah (alone = highways, opposed to עֲקַלְקַלּוֺת׳א crooked ( by- paths;) compare also הֹלְכֵי נְתִיבוֺת ib.); Isaiah 33:8 ׳עֹבֵר א = wayfarer ("" מְסִלּוֺת), see also Genesis 49:17 (blessing of Jocob) ("" דֶּרֶךְ) & הֵמְיַשְּׁרִים אָרְחוֺתָם those who make straight their ways ("" עֹבְרֵי דָרֶ֑ךְ) Proverbs 9:15, ׳בּוֺא א go (tread) a path Isaiah 41:3; of course of locusts Joel 2:7 ׳לֹא יְעַבְּטוּן א they confuse not their paths ("" דְּרָכִים); יַמִּים׳א paths of the seas Psalm 8:9; רוּץ אֹרַח run along a path, figurative of sun Psalm 19:6.

2 figurative path, way, of course & fortunes of life Job 13,27 = Job 33:11; Job 19:8 ("" נְתִיבוֺת) Psalm 139:3 ("" דֶּרֶךְ) Psalm 142:4 ("" נְתִיבָה) Proverbs 3:6 ("" דֶּרֶךְ) Proverbs 4:18; Proverbs 15:19 (both "" id.) Isaiah 26:7 ("" מַעְגָּל) so דֶּרֶךְ אֹרְחֹתֶיךָ Isaiah 3:12; plain or even path מִישׁוֺר׳א Psalm 27:11; in two cases with a special reference (1) אֹרַח כַּנָּשִׁים Genesis 18:11 (J) of menstruation; (2) אֹרַח לֹא אָשׁוּב אֶהֱלֹךְ a path ( which) I shall not return, I am going Job 16:22i.e. to Sh®°ôl, compare Assyrian name of lower world irƒit lâ târat, land without return, see Jr10; Jr65.

3 figurative way, of mode of living, or of character Job 34:11 ("" מֹּעַל) Psalm 119:9. Specifically:

a. ways of ׳י, his mode of action Psalm 25:10;

b. of man's righteousness, called ways of ׳י Psalm 25:4 ("" דְּרָכִים) Psalm 44:19; Psalm 119:15 ("" מִּקּוּדִים) Isaiah 2:3 = Micah 4:2 ("" דְּרָכִים) compare מִשְׁמָּטֶיךָ׳א Isaiah 26:8; also way of justice, uprightness, etc. מִשְׁמָּט׳א Proverbs 2:8 ("" דֶּרֶח) Proverbs 17:23; Isaiah 40:14 ("" דֶּרֶח), ישֶׁר׳א Proverbs 2:13 ("" id.), צְדָקָה׳א Proverbs 8:20 ("" נְתִיבוֺת), Proverbs 12:28 ("" דֶּרֶךְ נְתִיבָה); so אֹרַה alone Isaiah 30:11 ("" דֶּרֶךְ) Proverbs 15:10; note especially אֹרַח חַיִּים, path of life, in righteousness & enjoyment of God Psalm 16:11; Proverbs 2:19; Proverbs 5:5; Proverbs 15:24 (opposed to שְׁאוֺל), also לְחַיִּים׳א Proverbs 10:17 (on these compare Str Proverbs 14:32);

c. of wickedness, מָּרִיץ׳א way, path of the violent Psalm 17:4, compare also Proverbs 22:25; רְשָׁעְים׳א Proverbs 4:14 ("" דֶּרֶךְ), בֹּצֵעַ׳א Proverbs 1:19; followed by abstract שָׁ֑קֶר׳א Psalm 119:104, so Psalm 119:128 ("" מִּקּוּדִים), also with adjective רָע׳א Psalm 119:101 compare Proverbs 2:15 (עִקְּשִׁים crooked) called עלָוֺם׳הָא Job 22:15; note also אֵידָם׳א their destructive ways, i.e. ways that cause destruction Job 30:12 (compare Job 19:12).

4 by meton. traveler, wayfarer Job 31:32 (compare חֵלֶךְ 2 Samuel 12:4) & in plural caravans 2 Samuel 6:18,19 but read perhaps לָאֹרֵחַ 2 Samuel 31:32, אֹרְחוֺת 2 Samuel 6:18,19.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

אֹרַח pl. אֳרָחוֹת constr. אָרְחוֹת with suff. אָרְתֹתַי, אָרְחֹתֶיךָ, אָרְחֹתָם, instead of which there are often found in MSS. and printed editions אֹרְחֹתַי, אֹרְחֹתֶיךָ, אֹרְחֹתָם (see J. H. Mich. on Job 13:27) comm. (m. Proverbs 2:15, comp. Job 6:18, 19 Judges 5:19. Proverbs 15:19), a poetical word, way, path, i.q. דֶּרֶךְ. (Ch. אֹרַח, Syr. ܐܘܽܪܚܐܳ, Sam. Dan 8:1-27 id.). Genesis 49:17; Judges 5:6 Psal. 19:6 אָרְחוֹת יַמִּים “paths of the seas,” Psalms 8:9 compare ὑγρὰ κέλευθα, Hom. Il. ά, 312; אֹרַח חַיִּים “the way to life or happiness,” Proverbs 5:6. Hence

(a) metaph. course of living and acting, i.q. דֶּרֶךְ. אֹרַח שֶׁקֶר “way of lying,” i.e. false and fraudulent conduct, Psalms 119:104 אָרְתוֹת יְהֹוָה “mode of action pleasing to God,” Psalms 25:4, 119:15 Isaiah 2:3. The metaphor of a path is often retained, as Proverbs 4:14, 8:20.

(b) mode, manner; Genesis 18:11, חָדַל לִהְיוֹת לְשָׂרָח אֹרָח בַּנָּשִׁים “it ceased to be with Sarah after the manner of women,” an euphemism for the menses. Comp. Genesis 31:35.

(c) any one’s way, for his condition and lot (Germ. wie es ihm geht); Job 8:13; Proverbs 1:19.

(d) poet. way is used for traveller, or travellers, Job 31:32. Pl. אָרְחוֹת תֵּמָא “travellers of Tema,” bands of the Temaites, Job 6:19.

אֹרַח pl. אָרְחָן Ch. id., Daniel 4:34, 5:23.

These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available
List of Word Forms
אֳרָח֑וֹת אֳרָח֖וֹת אָ֭רְחוֹת אָרְח֑וֹ אָרְח֣וֹת אָרְח֥וֹת אָרְחִ֣י אָרְחֶֽךָ׃ אָרְחֹתֵיהֶ֣ם אָרְחֹתָֽי׃ אָרְחוֹתָ֑י אֹ֑רַח אֹ֖רְחוֹתֶ֣יךָ אֹ֖רַח אֹ֣רַח אֹ֤רַח אֹ֥רַח אֹ֧רַח אֹ֬רַח אֹֽרְחֹתֶ֖יךָ אֹֽרְחֹתֶֽיךָ׃ אֹֽרְחֹתָ֑יו אֹֽרְחוֹתָֽם׃ אֹֽרַח׃ אֹרְחֹתֶֽיךָ׃ אֹרְחוֹתָֽם׃ ארח ארח׃ ארחו ארחות ארחותי ארחותיך ארחותם׃ ארחי ארחך׃ ארחתי׃ ארחתיהם ארחתיו ארחתיך ארחתיך׃ בְּאֹ֣רַח בְּאֹֽרְחֹתָ֑יו בְּאֹֽרַח־ בְּאֹרְחֹתָ֑יו בארח בארח־ בארחתיו הַאֹ֣רַח הארח וְאָרְח֖וֹת וְאֹ֖רַח וְאֹ֣רַח וּֽכְאֹ֥רַח וארח וארחות וכארח לָאֹ֥רַח לארח ’ā·rə·ḥe·ḵā ’ā·rə·ḥî ’ā·rə·ḥō·ṯāy ’ā·rə·ḥō·ṯê·hem ’ā·rə·ḥō·w·ṯāy ’ā·rə·ḥō·wṯ ’ā·rə·ḥōw ’ārəḥeḵā ’ārəḥî ’ārəḥōṯāy ’ārəḥōṯêhem ’ārəḥōw ’ārəḥōwṯ ’ārəḥōwṯāy ’o·rā·ḥō·wṯ ’ō·raḥ ’ō·rə·ḥō·ṯāw ’ō·rə·ḥō·ṯe·ḵā ’ō·rə·ḥō·w·ṯām ’ō·rə·ḥō·w·ṯe·ḵā ’ōraḥ ’orāḥōwṯ ’ōrəḥōṯāw ’ōrəḥōṯeḵā ’ōrəḥōwṯām ’ōrəḥōwṯeḵā areChecha areChi areCho areChot arechoTai arechoteiHem bə’ōraḥ bə’ōraḥ- bə’ōrəḥōṯāw bə·’ō·raḥ bə·’ō·raḥ- bə·’ō·rə·ḥō·ṯāw beOrach beorechoTav ha’ōraḥ ha·’ō·raḥ haOrach lā’ōraḥ lā·’ō·raḥ laOrach Orach oraChot OrechoTam orechoTav orechoTeicha ū·ḵə·’ō·raḥ ucheOrach ūḵə’ōraḥ veareChot veOrach wə’ārəḥōwṯ wə’ōraḥ wə·’ā·rə·ḥō·wṯ wə·’ō·raḥ
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